Kyoryuger Brave 2: OH SNAP!!!! A MegaZord!!!!

AbarenOh ripoff -_-

In this episode, Daigo gets to know more about two of his teammates, KyoryuBlue and KyoryuPink. Both have problems with their private life, and can Daigo help them to achieve the MegaZord combination KyoRyuJin? Oh and DekaYellow is back, as a MILF. Yum yum~

Kyoryu 2 (1) Kyoryu 2 (2) Kyoryu 2 (3) Kyoryu 2 (4)

This episode makes me think that Kyoryuger should really start with three members rather than five. Why? It’s because of the MegaZord in this series that I’ll go through later. Anyways, the other Kyoryugers stalk at Daigo and they still can’t believe Daigo is Red. While this episode focuses on Blue and Pink, it’s more of the Blue with Pink as a subplot, as well as promoting toys. And Daigo in this episode, and perhaps the entire duration of this series basically takes the role as Gentaro Kisaragi of Sentai. No, he doesn’t make friends and say “Friendship is magic” or anything like that, but rather his role as the guy who helps the others deal with their problem, much like Gentaro does.

Now that we get to see more scenes of Blue and Pink, I want to ramble a bit about them. Blue, Nobuharu Udo is the clumsy but hardworking guy who takes care of his sister and niece. And the sister? It’s DekaYellow. Knowing that Koichi Sakamoto loves to work with her and HurricaneBlue (who reportedly will have a role in this season), I’m glad that he puts Ayumi-chan as a single mother. Funny, she just got married before the filming of Kyoryuger and now she gets to play a mom! Perhaps the reason she takes this role is because she wanted to practice her motherly skills. And honestly, she looks even more beautiful now that she plays a single mother. I wonder if Mao Ichimichi will get the same treatment too? Hehehehehehehehehe *dies*

As for Pink, Amy Yuuzuki, well I already did ramble about Sakamoto’s love on chick that loves to kick, and man she knows how to do it. Honestly, I think Koichi loves legs. But here’s the thing. Pink is meant to look like a sexy chick, like a 20-27 year old chick, but do you know how old the actress playing Amy is? 16 FREAKING YEARS OLD. Yes, this chick is younger than me, but she looks like she’s 20! I envy you, Pink…….. (Because I’ll turn 18 this November and people still thinks me as a 13 year old. Luckily I’m a bit taller than Mao Ichimichi hehehehehehe)

Kyoryu 2 (5) Kyoryu 2 (6) Kyoryu 2 (7) Kyoryu 2 (8)

Now move on to the episode, Nobu’s main problem is his family. He thinks that his family is his weakness because they might get hurt if they know he’s KyoryuBlue. Not only that, his sister Yuko (dat cute MILF DekaYellow) hates KyoryuBlue, because she thinks that Blue hurt her daughter. As for Amy, she is a rich girl that loves to do wild and dangerous things, but because of her status she must hide this fact in order to keep her manners.

Meanwhile at Devoss, we get to see how will they destroy humanity. In order to power up Devoss, each of the Chevalier must feed the Devoss human emotions. They can achieve this by selecting one of the three emotions (Anger, Happiness, and Sadness) and create a Devo Monster to cause havoc, and the victim will go emo and the emotions will be fed to Devoss. I love this method, it’s like Greeed Mezool from Kamen Rider OOO‘s way of getting Cell Medals through desire.

Now this two’s problems are bought to Daigo’s attention when all three of them attend a dinosaur expo on a museum. Nobu attends it because he wanted to bring his niece, and Amy because her father owns the museum. And Daigo, well we get to see how people tends to call him ‘King’, it’s because he always helps people when needed! Although the way he makes the dinosaur head is really cheesy. Oh, and since she’s in a supporting role, I just love how Ayumi Kinoshita acts as the supporting character, not the main character. It’s just that the way she portrayed a supporting character really makes me interested, because usually actress like her would only make guest appearances in Toku shows, and guests will often have a big role, but she’s a recurring in this one, and I loved the way she acted as a minor character.

Kyoryu 2 (9) Kyoryu 2 (10) Kyoryu 2 (11) Kyoryu 2 (12)

However, the building of the dinosaur statue is cut short because of Devo Peshango’s attack on the city, forcing Daigo to transform into KyoryuRed. As for Nobu and Amy, before they could do anything, they are occupied by others because the others don’t know that these two are Kyoryugers. As for KyoryuRed’s solo fight, there’s two, noteworthy thing that I’d like to note. First up is the transformation. Remember that it requires dancing to transform, and how I wonder what would they do if they’re in a pinch or hurry? Well they’ve answered it. And sadly, they returned into the special morphing sequence instead of real-time henshin, which I liked. Second is about the ZyuDenChi. Like real batteries, the ZyuDenChi have limited energy on it, and when it runs out the Kyoryuger must charge it back at the Spirit Base.

When Red’s in a pinch because he keeps spamming the ZyuDenChi, KyoryuGreen and KyoryuBlack arrived, explaining that there’s another power up that is unique to each of the Kyoryugers. The power up is called Armed On, and to use it one must role the GabuRevolver on his/her right arm, and the suit will generate an armor on the arm, as well as giving them individual weapons. Yes, I really liked that they bring back the individual weapons, though honestly, I hated the designs of this one. Oh, and I gotta say that I really enjoyed Red’s complaining on how this Sentai sucks at gathering together.

The way they need to use Armed On to access individual weapons reminds me of Gingaman and Shinkenger, that their main weapon is the GabuRevolver and Gaburicalibur (like Shinkenger’s Shinkenmaru and Gingaman’s Starbeast Sword), and they need special access to their individual weapons which is Armed On through GabuRevolver (like Shinkenger accessing their individual weapons through Shinkenmaru) and although not shown in this episode but SPOILER, the individual weapons can form into the team’s finisher weapon (like Gingaman’s Jizaiken Kiba that can form into the team’s finisher weapon).

Now for the weapons itself, KyoryuRed’s is basically a bulkier version of GaoRed’s Lion Fang, also called GabuTyraFang. I really hate these type of weapon, although GabuTyraFang looks like a tyranno-shaped boxing glove, so I let it slide. And KyoryuGreen’s is called ZakutorSlasher, and it’s a claw. Now, KyoryuGreen is a swordsman, having a claw as his personal weapon is weird, but the way he dual wields it with Gaburicalibur is cool, and I understand that the weapon act as his secondary weapon while Gaburicalibur is his main powerhouse weapon. The same goes to KyoryuBlack, but instead of GabuRevolver, the ParasaShot is his powerhouse weapon.

Kyoryu 2 (13) Kyoryu 2 (14) Kyoryu 2 (15) Kyoryu 2 (16)

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Aigallon makes his debut battle in this episode. Now that he’s participating in battle, we can see that he’s a serious crybaby, yet he’s friggin strong. Seeing Aigallon, I can related him to ACDC from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, both is friggin strong, and both loves to cry, although Aigallon’s is more comical and toned downed than ACDC extremely funny yet scary cry.

During the battle, Devo Peshango destroys the dinosaur statue, thus putting Nobuharu’s niece into despair…… err I mean into sadness. After the battle, while recharging the ZyuDenChi, Daigo discovered that KyoryuBlue and KyoryuPink is actually Nobuharu and Amy, respectively! Amy admits that despite her looks, she really like dangerous stuff and gets very excited when she spots one, while Nobuharu berates Daigo because Nobuharu feels weak that he has his family to take care of. Even though Blue is meant to be the comic relief, this episode shows his burden and this might be the episode where he’s serious.

The next day, Nobu finds Red helping out his niece, and he explains to Nobu that he met Stegochi, KyoryuBlue’s partner. Stegochi explains that it’s because of KyoryuBlue that his niece isn’t hurt, and she actually likes KyoryuBlue, even though her hot mom doesn’t. Maybe she’ll likes him if he were Yellow, to bad there’s no Yellow here. Put simply, KyoryuBlue’s family is actually the source of his strength, not his weakness. To show it, Nobu was able to block Devo Peshango from attacking his niece because of his desire to protect the ones that he loves. As for Amy, she admits to her butler that she is strong enough to take care of things, and that her butler shouldn’t worry about her or her manners.

Kyoryu 2 (17) Kyoryu 2 (18) Kyoryu 2 (19) Kyoryu 2 (20)

Now that the two finally found courage to solve their problems, they join Daigo to transform. It is then Nobu’s niece know that her uncle is actually the Blue hero, and Gentle is  surprised that Amy is actually a superheroine. During the fight, we get to see Blue and Pink’s Armed On weapons, Blue which is StegoShield, a shield, AGAIN (AbareBlue also has a shield for his personal weapon) and Pink is DriceLance, a drill, although I really don’t understand why they added ‘lance’ aside from the pun of ‘torikera‘ and ‘ransu’ and the direct reference of Tricera Ranger/MMPR Blue’s TriceLance.

And for finishing Devo Peshango, it was nothing special. Basically KyoryuRed performed a special Zyuden Brave Finish but with GabuTyra and Stegochi’s power instead of double GabuTyra. Also, I’m starting to get tired of the name ZyuDen Brave *insert anything here* stuff. I’m starting to think that the producers are lazy in thinking a unique name. While it’s great that we get a named finisher after Go-Buster’s silence finisher, but I really hated that they didn’t go creative on this one.

If Go-Busters features a separate monster with a MegaZord, Kyoryuger returns the monster back to the growing-into-giant stuff. And how will they achieve it? This is when Luckyuro’s role comes in. She’s in charge of enlarging the Devo Monsters, and to do it, she pulls a watering can from her purse and waters the dead monster! I really like that method, she looks like Doraemon when she pulled out the item and name it! And also, this series also explains that how the monster will revive as a giant. If Shinknger’s Gedoushou have two lives, second which results in them growing, Kyoryuger does this by explaining that all Devo Monsters are created from Devoss’ giant cell, and when Luckyuro waters them, the cell will grow back to its original cell, like a plant. Good move pulling the explanation.

Kyoryu 2 (21) Kyoryu 2 (22) Kyoryu 2 (23) Kyoryu 2 (24)

And because it’s time for Zord battle, and also because this is Blue and Pink’s episode, we get to see Stegochi and Dricera in action for the first time! First off, I wanted to comment on how Torin acts pretty much like Zordon and Gosei, by telling them that they have new powers and such. Although Torin loves to add ‘brave’ puns in his words. Haihhh…..

As for summoning the Zords, it’s unique. Each of the ZyuDenRyu resides in the place where the Kyoryugers originally beat them. GabuTyra is in a volcano in the island of south seas, Stegochi’s hidden in the North Pole (which I’m curious on how KyoryuBlue went there to defeat him) and Dricera’s my favorite. She resides in the Grand Canyon! I wonder how will the Americans react when they saw a giant pink armored dinosaur in their canyon LOL.

As for the design, because stegosaurus had been used before in AbaRanger, this one’s ability is the same as its AbaRanger counterpart although the way they executed it is different. If Stego uses its spiky plates from the side, Stegotchi uses it vertically, while doing the cool-but-bad CGI somersault in the process.

And as for Dricera, as we all aware, she is the VERY first Sentai Zord that is completely pink! Usually the use of Pink is debatable in Sentai, because most Pink Ranger’s Zord would be white or black, with pink serves as the accents of the design. This is really curious because Kyoryuger is meant to be very strong, and they have to be more manly than usual, yet they have a completely pink Zord. Regardless, because of Dricera’s unique color scheme, she easily becomes a fan favorite.

Kyoryu 2 (25) Kyoryu 2 (26) Kyoryu 2 (27) Kyoryu 2 (28)

Now for the Kamitsuki Gattai KyoRyuJin (literally Snapping Combination DinoGod, which is why the title is called “OH SNAP!”, to make a pun of the word snapping), I hated it. I don’t know, it’s just that the MegaZord is a ripoff of AbarenOh, even with a drill, although KyoRyuJin has hands rather than a tricera head and a tail. But still, I really like the music when it forms. The music is an extended version of Kyoryu Change, and it really reminds me of World Cup 2010. LOL. And honestly, you can see that during the formation, Dricera is like biting GabuTyra’s ass, or rather pegs its ass using the ZyuDenChi. Holy crap a dirty joke.

As for the finisher. Again, the writers or producers or whatever is friggin lazy. Replace ‘ZyuDen’ with ‘KyoRyuJin’ and there you go, KyoRyuJin Brave Finish. At least make it the staple name like Kamen Rider W’s Maximum Drive, and then have a unique name depending on the combination. It’s really, effing lazy. Ugggghh. And not to mention that they ripoff the roaring MegaZord from GaoRanger’s GaoKing.

Kyoryu 2 (29) Kyoryu 2 (30) Kyoryu 2 (31) Kyoryu 2 (32)

Now that the threat is over, KyoryuBlue and Pink finally decides to reveal their identity to Black and Green. I forgot that Black and Green are actually there, it’s just that they couldn’t get into the fight because it’s over. And with that, the dinosaur expo can finally begin. But instead of building another dinosaur statue, Daigo instead calls GabuTyra as a substitute! Because GabuTyra is actually a toy, meaning it only has one expressions, the expression really helps the scene. If you look at the pic above, you can see GabuTyra’s face like “Dafuq am I doing here?”

Because of Daigo’s tendency of helping people, Nobuharu and Amy finally admits that he’s a King. And surprisingly, Yuko is still unaware that her brother is actually KyoryuBlue, the guy she hated the most! Well, I guess there will be another episode where Nobuharu gets serious again. By serious I mean he’s not his usual self. And watching Nobuharu from far, KyoryuGreen comments about family. It’s obvious that the next episode will focus on KyoryuGreen, and it’ll be about his family.


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