Kamen Rider Wizard 26: Stalkin’ Yo’ Twin~


Nitou discovered that Medusa is a high school girl, and without further ado, went to investigate it. When he is caught mistaken for harassing a student, Haruto takes over and went undercover to stalk Medusa. Question is, is that really Medusa?

Wizard 26 (1) Wizard 26 (2) Wizard 26 (3) Wizard 26 (4)

Honestly, this episode makes me go moe all over to Medusa’s actress. It’s just that her new role is just so cute, and I do respect her acting ability. Before this episode, I tend to ignore Medusa due to her being cold and calculative, but in this episode, man she just looks so cute!

As for Nitou in this episode, because the last arc are focused on him, I thought he would return to being useless again, but nope, the writers finally did something that makes Nitou useful. Nitou’s role in this episode? A failed stalker that’s mistaken for a pervert. Yep, because he’s mistaken for a pervert, expect some funny moments in this episode.

However, the funny stuff in this episode aren’t as funny as episode 24 were. It’s like they were forced on it because the next episode will be more serious than ever. For example, take a look on Shunpei, whom I really starting to hate. And for the Phantoms, obviously this episode is focused on Medusa, and it’s about time. And Sora still continues his role as a trolling Phantom. But one of his words caught my attention. He seems to question Wiseman’s motive of creating another Sabbath. Come to think of it, it makes sense. We all know that Sabbath is used to create loads of new Phantoms, but what for? Aside from destroying/ruling Earth, how will having many Phantoms will achieve it? Here’s my theory: Once a new Phantom is born, it will create a massive amount of mana, and Wiseman will absorbs the leftover mana from the Phantom’s birth and create a doomsday weapon to slay Earth. Or something like that.

Wizard 26 (5) Wizard 26 (6) Wizard 26 (7) Wizard 26 (8)

The reason Nitou becomes a pervert in this episode is because he encountered Medusa, dressed in a school uniform! Could it be that she’s pursuing a Gate by disguising herself? While this happens, old man Wajima gave Haruto a new, purple Ring. Turns out that this Ring is the Golem PlaMonster Ring. As for the Golem PlaMonster’s debut, it’s really cute. Unlike other familiars, Golem is very, very shy, and hides as soon as he’s summoned. Hopefully he can be of use in the next episode. But still, the shyness is really cute!

Back to Nitou, after some trouble of people accusing him as a pervert, Medusa attacks a group of students. Nitou transforms, and because it’s morning, he uses ‘Breakfast time’ instead if ‘Lunchtime’. Now, it’s strange that Medusa went directly to a Gate, but for now, it seems obvious because she’s currently disguised as a schoolgirl. Or so we thought. But really, Medusa attacking Gate is really strange, the closest I can think is that she’s tired of hiring lesser Phantoms to do the job, or that the Gate is special.

Wizard 26 (9) Wizard 26 (10) Wizard 26 (11) Wizard 26 (12)

The fight between Beast and Medusa is great. I see that Beast did really use some of his ‘wild’ fighting style, namely grabbing the tree and such. Well if Wizard’s fighting style is flip n’ kick, Beast also needs to have his own right? But that’s not only the thing here. We get to see more of Dice Saber’s finisher! Now that we’ve seen the finisher 4 times, I get what the finisher does. Instead of your average slash with flashy graphics, Beast opens up a portal and summons the number of animals depending on the dice. And for the projected animals, while they do have a body, but only their head is detailed, and that’s based on Beast’s Mantles. The rest of the body is translucent gold.

And here’s the best thing, we get to see more fail with the Dice Saber! While the first finisher which dealt six dolphins on Medusa isn’t enough, Beast used Falco and tried to do it again, only to get ONE falco coming out. While it’s obvious that one is weak, I got a feeling that the higher the number, the stronger the projected animals will be. I know one dice is meant to crack a joke, but seeing six dolphins are able to damage Medusa makes me think of it that way. Funny, I thought one dice would summon a large projection of the animal. One more thing, after knowing Nitou for a while now, I want to call him this: Bad Luck Nitou.

But because Medusa is too strong, she managed to defeat Beast and escaped. Nitou went to chase her, only to encounter her in school uniform again. And apparently Medusa is a good actor, as she doesn’t know what Nitou is talking about. Unfortunately, a policeman caught Nitou for mistaking him as a pervert, AGAIN. I loved that policeman especially his reaction when Nitou accidentally pushed him. As this happens, Haruto and Shunpei watches Nitou getting caught, while noticing Medusa in a school uniform.

Wizard 26 (13) Wizard 26 (14) Wizard 26 (15) Wizard 26 (16)

At the police station,Nitou tries to convince Rinko to release him, but much to his disappointment, Rinko pretends that she doesn’t know who he is! Bad Luck Nitou. As for Haruto, he used Dress Up into a high school kid in order to blend into the school. Funny thing is, his time in school is so long, did he even entered the classroom? Well, he quickly spots Medusa, and clearly Medusa is a good actress even went by the name Mayu. However, strangeness starts to spark when Medusa presents a keychain of a family, which has two same looking girls on it. What could this mean? And the keychain acts as her moral support. As we all know, Medusa is cruel, so she wouldn’t have a moral support. Oh and Shunpei dressed up as a schoolgirl too. Honestly, he could just dressed up as a nerd. But I loved Haruto’s reaction to him after Shunpei made him lose the girl.

Now for Medusa, she’s in the school, but now dressed as her well known attire. How the hell that she’s able to change her outfit fast? Sora is interested on why Medusa went after a Gate herself, but Medusa just ignored him. Meanwhile, Nitou tries to convince Rinko that the schoolgirl is Medusa, and Rinko went to check on it. And leaving Nitou in the cell. Bad Luck Nitou.

Wizard 26 (17) Wizard 26 (18) Wizard 26 (19) Wizard 26 (20)

Back to Haruto, he tried to gain some information from Medusa’s friends. We learn that Medusa is a new transfer student, as previously she lived in the overseas. This also raises suspicion that Medusa is indeed infiltrating the highschool. And it’s funny how Haruto poses himself as a transfer student who just arrived, further accompanied by Medusa’s friend commenting that he’s already striking a girl.

During recess (which I’m curious how the hell Haruto managed to stay that long, did he entered class or did he fooled around somewhere?), they learn even more that Medusa is again, a good actor, as she is really nice and humble with her friends. Could this mean that Medusa went into school all this time? Could it be that she wanted to live as a human? As for Rinko, she discovered that the schoolgirl is really a Phantom, but her name is Misa Inamori, and she went into a different school than Nitou claimed. Turns out, that ‘Mayu’ that Haruto is stalking is really Mayu, and she is actually Misa’s twin! Well that closes up my assumption of Medusa wanted to have a human life.

Problem is, Haruto doesn’t know about this yet. After school (Which I am again curious on Haruto skipping class), he finally confronts Mayu, thinking of her as Medusa. Mayu obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about, until the real Medusa appears and attack Mayu’s friends, one of whom is the Gate! Haruto and Mayu went after Medusa, and not only they knew that Medusa and Mayu is not the same person, but Medusa knows Mayu, as Mayu realized that Medusa is her twin sister Misa!

Wizard 26 (21) Wizard 26 (22) Wizard 26 (23) Wizard 26 (24)

The fight scene between Wizard is amazing, with the help of the Ghouls. But instead if the flip n’ kick, Wizard assumes BoyBand Style and each takes on the Ghouls while Flame Dragon takes on Medusa. Luckily Beast arrived with Rinko to provide backup, and Rinko made it clear that Medusa is Misa Inamori, Mayu’s twin sister. As for Mayu, she is confused as why Misa can turn into a monster.

Overall, a great episode with the ending really makes me can’t wait for the next episode. While the jokes are on and off in this episode, the thing I liked the most is Erina Takayama’s acting as Medusa and Mayu, separately. And by the next episode’s preview, we get to see the real Misa, so now Erina-chan has to portray three different characters with same faces! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.


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