Kyoryuger Brave 1: Bravest Sentai EVER!!!!! [200th Post!]

Dinosaurs, AGAIN
Dinosaurs, AGAIN

For this 200th Post of SengalBoy’s blog, Devoss Army slayed the prehistorical creatures but somehow went into deep slumber. In this present day, they returned in order to slay the humans! To counter this, a new team of heroes with the power of dinosaurs is formed: ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuger!!!!!

Kyoryu 1 (1) Kyoryu 1 (2) Kyoryu 1 (3) Kyoryu 1 (4)

The introduction of the Devoss Army is pretty good. Although not stated, I liked that their return is caused by the global warming of the present day, which is realistic and somewhat gives a message to us to stop global warming. But the thing I liked the most about this villains is that they attacked the WHOLE world, not just Japan. This gives me the impression that they could possibly be the best villain group ever, unlike Zangyack who’re an intergalactic army but only attacked Japan. Well, the involvement of the whole world being attack is thanks to Koichi Sakamoto, the head director of this series. Also, the other country scene is good, unlike Megaforce where they filmed the other country on green screen and makes people wear stereotypes of those countries.

The attack in the island of south sea caught the attention of someone named “King”. This King, who appears to be younger than what he should be, managed to hold the Zorimas, the foot soldiers of the season. When bare hands proved to be ineffective to defeat them all, a strange humanoid bird gives the King a strange looking gun. Much to my surprise, the King knows that it’s a gun and quickly uses it. After defeating the Zorimas, the bird summons a red dinosaur which attacked the King, only to reveal that the dinosaur is interested in the King and wants to battle him. If the king defeats the dinosaur, he will become a Kyoryuger. While this happens, we are shown that other people have started to take the Kyoryuger persona.

First impressions on the three characters, namely the King, the humanoid birdTorin, and the tyrannosaurus rex GabuTyra. King looks to be your typical Red Ranger of the Sentai, namely hot-blooded and always on the move. As for Torin, I liked that they used a bird as a mentor, given the fact that birds are theoretically successors to the dinosaurs. And as for the suit, I just hoped that if Kyoryuger is adapted into PR, they will make Torin’s new suit akin to Doggie Kruger’s. Finally, GabuTyra, I really liked that he’s not CGI. CGI Zords are good, but this one’s suitmation is superb, it almost looks like GabuTyra is a machine-operated puppet! Overall I’m relieved that the suit design these days are upgraded even further to make it looked animal-realistic.

Kyoryu 1 (5) Kyoryu 1 (6) Kyoryu 1 (7) Kyoryu 1 (8)

Amazingly, the King VS GabuTyra took a month to finish, giving the realistic impressions on how a man wielding an unlimited ammo gun fighting a dinosaur, to be precise, armored dinosaur. However, the way GabuTyra is defeated surprises me, as the King allows himself to be eaten, and then attacks GabuTyra from inside! However, as impressive as the move is, GabuTyra didn’t accept the King as a Kyoryuger. Could it be that he thinks the King is cheating?

Meanwhile, on the Devoss Army, we get to see the members of these new villains. The first one is Hundred-Faced High Priestess Chaos, the head of the group. Even though he’s the leader, I got a feeling that he’s not the final villain of the series. Well, it’s too early too judge! The second one is Raging Knight DoGold, who represents anger. Third is Sorrowful Knight Aigallon, who represents sadness. Fourth is Joyful Knight Canderella, who represents happiness. Last but not least is Funfilled Spy Luckyuro, the right-hand woman for Canderilla. I liked how the Knights represents emotions, showing that this series will focus on emotions, likeKamen Rider Wizard did with despair and hope. Also, the fact that I don’t think Chaos is the final enemy is because he said the Devoss’ heart is still frozen, meaning that Devoss itself is the final enemy. So basically the big bad of this series is like nMa of MagiRanger. Well, too early to judge.

Back to King, Torin explains about Devoss and that there are other Kyoryugers have returned to Japan, briefly showing their civilian identities. Also, I’d like to note that this series also explains that the gimmicks makes sense. In case you don’t know, the gimmick is ZyuDenChi aka Beast Batteries. When we first heard that the gimmick is batteries, I think that it’s somewhat stupid (Because the stupidest gimmick goes to Astro Switches). Thankfully, they explained that this gimmick makes sense. How? GabuTyra is powered up by ZyuDenChi, and without it GabuTyra cannot assume full power. Basically, GabuTyra is an electronic toy, and to make it functional, you need to put ZyuDenChi, a battery, to activate it. Well played Bandai, well played.

Kyoryu 1 (9) Kyoryu 1 (10) Kyoryu 1 (11) Kyoryu 1 (12)

While following Torin, the King ends up in a family restaurant called Tiger Boy (direct reference to Zyuranger’s Tiger Ranger, whose name is Boi) and meets the other Kyoryugers, although this time neither any of them aware that they’re on the same team. Surprisingly, KyoryuPink who is a rich girl works as a waitress on the restaurant. This could possibly mean that she wants to be independent and she wanted to know how it feels like to gain money through hardworking.

The interactions of the Kyoryugers is pretty good, although the real interaction is between Red, Black and Pink, with Blue and Green being the audience. Black who is a playboy tries to flirt with Pink. The King suddenly intervenes and claims that Black should not treat Pink lightly, because Pink looks like a strong chick. While Pink herself denies it, Black’s flirting caused her to show her femme fatale-ness and caused an argument in the restaurant! And I just liked how Red says that everyone calls him ‘King’, and that the others should too, only for them to refuse it.

During the argument, the King ended up in Torin’s Spirit Base, the command center for the Kyoryugers. I don’t know why, but the base itself reminds me of the Gaia Gate from Sonic Unleashed. Meanwhile, the Devoss recruits Hyogaki, the monster who was responsible in eliminating the dinosaurs. Hmmm, if the first MOTW is the monster who wipe out the dinosaurs, I wonder what the rest might be? Oh, and this series also features the return of eyecatches, which is rather simple in my opinion (Go-Onger’s eyecatch is the best).

Kyoryu 1 (13) Kyoryu 1 (14) Kyoryu 1 (15) Kyoryu 1 (16)

Back to the King, we get to learn some of his past. Turns out that he used to travel around the world with his dad. But in the present day, he travels alone, with only a stone gem as a parting gift from his dad. I wonder what might happened to his dad in the past? Because the stone gem acted strangely, Torin suspects that the King are connected to the dinosaurs, but he still don’t get why GabuTyra won’t accept the King.

Before they could think any further, Hyogaki attacks Japan (and not the world). GabuTyra heads into the battle, even without the ZyuDenChi. Because of this, GabuTyra will lose for sure. And to continue the tradition of giant foot soldiers (SoGormin in Gokaiger and BugZords in Go-Busters), the Zorimas are able to combine and form Giant Zorimas, which is surprisingly based on the xenomorphs from Alien franchise! In case you don’t know, I have an embarrassingly intense fear of Alien VS Predator, particularly the Predators. I just hated those bounty hunters grrrrr……

Anyway, the King decided to help GabuTyra, which Torin responds that the King is braver than he might be. Great, brave is a pun in this series. Expect bad puns from me in the series’ review. During King’s fight with the Zorimas, GabuTyra protects him from Hyogaki’s attack. It’s revealed that GabuTyra didn’t want the King to get involved in the fight, but the King assured him that he’s the one who defeated GabuTyra, so he won’t get defeated easily by the Devoss fools! Also, I want to say that I wish GabuTyra, and all of the Voltasaurs have voices. It’s just that talking Zords is cute, and full of win.

Kyoryu 1 (17) Kyoryu 1 (18) Kyoryu 1 (19) Kyoryu 1 (20)

Now that GabuTyra approves him, the King began to transform into KyoryuRed. I still don’t understand why they used guns to transform. Maybe cellphones and wrist changers are too mainstream by now, so they decided to try something new. The transformation is really catchy, because it requires you to dance then shoot the gun. And the morphing call ‘Kyoryu Change’ is pretty meh to me. I know the word ‘Change’ is common to Sentai, but honestly, I prefer ‘Henshin’ instead. Kamen Riders FTW. Also, they retained the real-time transformation scenes that started in Go-Busters, which I liked very much.

As for KyoryuRed’s first fight, I have mixed feelings. First the bad ones. KyoryuRed acts pretty much like GaoRed, meaning that he’s a newbie, yet he already knows the arsenal of KyoRyugers and such. It’s just so unrealistic. I know, I know, it’s a Sentai tradition, but maybe it’s because I’m biased towards Go-Busters. Heck, I mean every Red starting from Go-Onger already knows how to fight in their Ranger forms. I mean Go-OnRed has been in the team for quite a while before the show started, so it’s understandable why he knows how to operate the Ranger power. And so does ShinkenRed because he’s been training for his whole life, and GoseiRed who’s a angel-in-training, GokaiRed who founded the Gokaigers before they even approached Earth, and RedBuster who’s the same case in ShinkenRed. See? I’m biased because of the 5-year-treatment they gave us.

Now for the pros, aside from the AWESOME Koichi Sakamoto’s directing skills, we get to see that the Kyoryugers are strong, I mean ridiculously strong. We heard that the producers wanted the team to be very strong, and here’s the result: KyoryuRed went and slash the Xenomorph-Zorima by himself, dealing serious damage on it! And to make it even more AWESOME, I liked that he and GabuTyra switched places during the fight, making this series is the second, as far as I know, Super Sentai series that have the Zord fights the small minions.

Kyoryu 1 (21) Kyoryu 1 (22) Kyoryu 1 (23) Kyoryu 1 (24)

Due to the number of Zorimas, Hyogaki claims that KyoryuRed alone cannot beat them. KyoryuRed responds by saying that he’s part of a Sentai, and I don’t know, but the way he said that makes it look like KyoryuRed’s aware that there are other Super Sentai before Kyoryugers. I don’t know. But anyways, because he’s part of a Sentai, the other members of the ZyuDen Sentai appears. Unbeknownst to them, neither of them knew that they have met each other before, in the Tiger Boy restaurant.

And then we get to see KyoryuRed acting more like GaoRed. He’s the newbie, yet he’s the leader! Dafuq? Anyways because the pics above shows the roll calls, I’d like to ramble about the roll call and the suit and such. First off, I liked that they returned the long roll call which is absent in Gokaiger and Go-Busters. I understand why Gokaiger and Go-Busters’ roll calls are short, because Gokaiger are foreigners and they don’t give a crap about Sentai, and Go-Busters are a covert ops team, the don’t need flashy roll calls. And add the realistic theme to Go-Busters as well. Also, I heard that Kyoryuger’s poses are actually recycled from various poses. I don’t know about that.

And for the suits, The thing I liked the most is that they have the Hurricanger-esque sleeves, although this time colored. I really wish that KyoryuPink get the same treatment like HurricaneBlue, meaning that her legs are also covered in darker pink like her sleeves did. And still, I just can’t get over the fact that the Yellow Ranger is absent in this series. You know, I don’t really like Sentai series with 4 males and 1 female, it’s just disturbing. I know, they wanted to feature more boys than girls, but still, I think 3 males and 2 females are a good balance.

Kyoryu 1 (25) Kyoryu 1 (26) Kyoryu 1 (27) Kyoryu 1 (28)

And now the fight scenes. Thanks to Koichi Sakamoto being the main director of the series, the Rangers barely team up to fight the enemy. Instead, following Sakamoto’s formula since Power Rangers, each of the heroes split and takes on the minions themselves. First one is KyoryuBlack. As his roll call the Bullet Heroimplies, he’s specialty is to shoot, and shoot, and shoot. Oh, I forgot to tell this earlier, I thought that Black is actually a cold and no-nonsense guy, but he seems to be the cheerful type, well more of a flirty type. For KyoryuBlue, being theArmored Hero (not the chinese Tokusatsu!) we know that he’s tough, but his scene features him using the GabuRevolver combining with Gaburicalibur to formGaburuCannon, which is a shotgun, which I really liked how they executed it thanks to Koichi Sakamoto! Also because there’s Black in the team, the Blue in this series is comical. Usually in Sentai, if there’s Blue and Black, Blue will be comedic, but if there’s Green and Blue, Blue will most likely be serious, or at least Green will be comedic.

Because this series also features Green, we get to see that KyoryuGreen is actually a cool-headed guy, which sparks an interest in me. Not to mention that his fighting skills are good, given his nickname is the Slashing Hero. I just liked heroes with swords. Finally in KyoryuPink, we get to see that the GaburuCannon can also act as a machine gun, and that Pink loves to kick her enemies. The use of machine gun effects and chicks loves to kick could mean one thing: Koichi Sakamoto. In case you don’t know, Koichi loves to use female actress that loves to kick, just to show their sexy legs and such. And the machine guns is to prove that Koichi Sakamoto loves guns and explosions, earning him the title of ‘Japanese Michael Bay’. Funny thing is, he’s way better than Michael Bay. And honestly, I don’t get why Pink is dubbed as the Horned Heroine. I thought that she’s horny or something 😛

Kyoryu 1 (29) Kyoryu 1 (30) Kyoryu 1 (31) Kyoryu 1 (32)

Meanwhile, KyoryuRed handles Hyogaki, and with assistance from GabuTyra, he managed to defeat Hyogaki. I would like to note that the name of this series’ finisher is rather lame. You just need to have ‘ZyuDen Brave *insert whatever finisher associated with the weapon* ‘ and tadaa. Well, at least with Koichi Sakamoto handling, the action scenes are really neat.

Now that the monster is defeated, it’s time for the Kyoryugers to meet face-to-face. Much to my and King’s surprise, the other Kyoryugers decided to conceal their identity even among themselves, although KyoryuPink is hesitant. The fact that the heroes wanted to hide their identity from their teammates is really cool, and I would love to see how it’s pull off. King however didn’t care about it, and de-morphs anyway. He introduces himself as Daigo Kiryu, and walks away, while  the others are obviously shocked that the idiot from the restaurant is their leader. And I don’t really get what ‘my pace’ means.

Kyoryu 1 (33) Kyoryu 1 (34) Kyoryu 1 (35) Kyoryu 1 (36)

I would like to note that the ending theme spoils the 6th Kyoryuger because they said its Voltasaur’s name, PteraGordon. LOL, Ptera and Gordon. The fact that they announced its name could mean that the 6th Kyoryuger will join the ending theme as well, which is rare for a 6th Ranger.

Overall, a pretty damn good beginning. Sure it’s rushed, but like other first episodes, and especially because this one’s directed by Koichi Sakamoto, you’ll know that it’s rushed. Fortunately the 2nd episode will explain some things and not rush too much. Overall, you should watch this series, especially for fans that hated Go-Busters, because this season returns it to the former roots.


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