Kamen Rider Wizard 25: Tough Decisions

Epic explosions is epic~
Epic explosions is epic~

With Shunpei getting caught again, Gremlin offers a trade: Shunpei’s life, or Nitou’s grandma’s life. Problem is, how can Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast defeat WereTiger and Gremlin without sacrificing either of Shunpei or Nitou’s grandma? Or perhaps, both will be sacrificed?

Wizard 25 (1) Wizard 25 (2) Wizard 25 (3) Wizard 25 (4)

My main nitpick about this episode is the execution of the flashbacks. Sure, the flashbacks contains some new scenes that helps move the story, but those flashbacks that we’ve already seen (i.e Nitou’s grandma offering herself, Wizard using the Dolphin Ring) ins’t necessary. Moving on, if the previous episode is hilarious, this episode ditched it, returning to the dark themed episode, with some hearty moments.

As we all know, Nitou’s grandma offered to be put into despair because she wanted to sacrifice herself for Nitou because of her love to her grandson. Here we get to see that point being explained further. She wanted to be turned into a Phantom, so that Nitou will eat her. Put simply, she uses her own life force to power up Nitou’s. And she claimed that she won’t hesitate because she had lived long enough, so dying doesn’t really matter to her now. Makes sense.

Meanwhile, Nitou realizes that he put Griffon PlaMonster in Shunpei’s backpack earlier, and with this, they can track Shunpei’s whereabouts and save him without needing a hostage change. The location is the abandoned bowling alley, and without further ado, Haruto and Rinko went to save Shunpei. Their search is really interesting, it’s like a detective series or some people investigating a haunted house or something.

Wizard 25 (5) Wizard 25 (6) Wizard 25 (7) Wizard 25 (8)

However, the abandoned bowling alley turns out to be Sora’s doing, as Shunpei is currently with WereTiger in his warehouse. To make matters worse, the abandoned bowling alley is Medusa’s private place! Because of this misunderstandings, Medusa and Wizard begins to fight.

Assuming Land Dragon, as expected, Land Dragon will spam the Special Ringbecause the claws are a prop not CGI, and I’m glad that they used it that way. The bowling alley fight scene is interesting, particularly when Wizard and Medusa fights in the slippery floor. Unfortunately, their fight is interrupted by Sora, who’s aware that Haruto tried to make the first move so Sora puts up a diversion to warn him to bring Nitou’s grandma. Man, Sora is one dangerous fella, yet I really liked how happy he is when his plan went smoothly. Thanks to Sora’s intervention, the fight is over when Medusa chases after Sora.

Wizard 25 (9) Wizard 25 (10) Wizard 25 (11) Wizard 25 (12)

Later, Nitou realizes that his grandma did care for him all this time, which is why she’s so strict to him. Confronting his grandma, Nitou admits that he doesn’t want to lose his beloved grandma, because if that happens he will fall into despair. However, if they sacrificed Shunpei, or to be precise, having Nitou sacrifice someone else for his grandma will be even worse.

Meanwhile, Sora is confronted by an extremely pissed Medusa, who starts to explode things everywhere. I just love to see how Sora avoids the sparks using his parkour, and further enjoyed when he laughed at it! In order to prevent Medusa from killing him, Sora states that it was just a misunderstanding, he used Medusa because he thought Medusa was able to kill Wizard. Yeah right. Thankfully Medusa didn’t do anything to him yet.

The gang tries to find a way to rescue Shunpei without sacrificing Granny. However, Nitou appears and says that he and Granny will go regardless. The next day, Nitou and Gremlin prepare to swap their hostages, but first Nitou must surrender his Driver in order to avoid cheating. After swapping, Gremlin prepares to grant Granny’s wish of falling into despair, which is to kill Nitou.

Wizard 25 (13) Wizard 25 (14) Wizard 25 Wizard 25 (16)

All of a sudden, WereTiger strokes Nitou, only for Nitou to break down into feathers. It is then revealed that Haruto is involved all along, and that he used Beast’s Rings to cast magic on himself and Nitou. Oh, I forgot to note that WereTiger did display some other things than his brute strength, which is breast cannon and a sword. Well at least that’s something.

After Haruto and Nitou says something about not giving up blablabla, they transforms into Wizard and Beast respectively. While Beast takes on WereTiger, Wizard takes on Gremlin. Now, the fight scenes in this episode are different, because they didn’t make use of Wizard’s kick n’ flip moves, but the fight scenes are still top notch. Why? Other than Beast VS WereTiger who interestingly are a duel between a lion and a tiger in a duel of strength, Wizard VS Gremlin’s fight scene in a junk bus is really cool. I don’t know why, but I just loved it especially when Gremlin used his blades to slice up the bus. It seems that Gremlin is one dangerous Phantom, maybe even more dangerous than Phoenix.

Wizard 25 (17) Wizard 25 (18) Wizard 25 (19) Wizard 25 (20)

Even when the Riders switch targets proved nothing, Wizard assumes Flame Dragon and starts to activate the Drago Timer to assume BoyBand Style. I would to ramble some things about Wizard’s mid season upgrade for a while. In case you don’t know, or rather as I would consider it, the BoyBand Style (Dragon Four-mation, but I just liked calling it BoyBand Style) IS Wizard’s mid-season upgrade, and the All Dragon Style is actually the BoyBand’s style finisher. Put simply, take Garo for example. Imagine BoyBand Style as Kouga, and All Dragon as Garo. Now you get it right? That also explains why All Dragon doesn’t need to scan his Driver again to initiate the finisher, because the form itself is the finisher! It’s just equipped with another finisher! And now it’s finisher-ception!

Anyways, Gremlin retreats like the enemy commander always did, leaving WereTiger alone to deal with five mages. Because this is a Beast-focused episode, they let him take the credit this time, and Beast showcases his long-awaited finisher, his own Kick Strike! About time. This Kick Strike, and disappointingly named only Kick Strike, is basically Decade’s Dimension Kick fused with OOO’sTaToBa Kick. Funny thing is, when first executed, I thought the kick is actually a number of side kicks with only sparks as the special effects, which disappoints me. However, I am quickly wronged when Beast starts to leap in the air.

Wizard 25 (21) Wizard 25 (22) Wizard 25 (23) Wizard 25 (24)

Now that WereTiger is defeated, with the Kamen Riders managed to save both Shunpei and Granny, Nitou is finally able to eat a huge chunk of a Phantom’s mana. Well he deserved it. As for Granny, she returns to Fukui. But Nitou decided to stay in Tokyo for a while, due to him needing to help Haruto defeating the Phantoms. He tells Granny that he will think about his future and he won’t worry about his safety, because he still has the origami that Granny makes for him years ago, and with the new lion origami, he will be safer. Oh, and the Omokagedou gang starts to fold origami too.

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