Kamen Rider Wizard 24: Beast’s Oba-chan

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha?!
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha?!

In this episode, Kamen Rider Beast gets an unexpected visit from his very strict grandmother. Not only that, he and the gang found out that she’s the newest Gate! And also, Sora finally makes his move as a Phantom……

Wizard 24 (1) Wizard 24 (2) Wizard 24 (3) Wizard 24 (4)

Before we go through, I want to note that the opening sequence is updated once again. This time, during the end of the song, Wizard’s Styles are replaced by his Dragon Styles, then merging into All Dragon Style. It’s a really cool replacement.

Moving on, honestly I got one word for this episode: HILARIOUS. The jokes in this episode is really funny, and the fact that this episode also contains some really cool action scenes really wins me over. But first things first, the episode picked up where the last episode ended, where Sora shows off his Phantom form. In this episode, we get to see a clearer shot of Sora’s Phantom Gremlin form. Just like Phoenix, the design is simple yet beautiful, heck, even more beautiful than Wiseman’s Phantom form! Even though the green on the suit is metallic, but with the help of lighting it makes it look like Gremlin has an emerald-covered armor.

Because Medusa thinks that Sora is something, she didn’t trust him, and in order to win her trust Sora must prove himself to be of a service to Wiseman. Later, Rinko recently recovered and gets back on duty. Suddenly she gets a visit from an old woman. Meanwhile, after the usual new-recipe-but-prefers-plain-sugar thing between Haruto and the Hungry Doughnuts, they noticed that Nitou is waiting for someone, and the prove is that his hairstyle is different. I liked Nitou’s new hairstyle, and I thought that it was going to be his current hairstyle, but no. That hairstyle is brief.

Wizard 24 (5) Wizard 24 (6) Wizard 24 (7) Wizard 24 (8)

Nitou reveals that Rinko suddenly asks to see him, and Nitou thinks that she wants to have a date with him! Well, it kinda makes sense, since Rinko did give some heart-to-heart moment with him, so maybe he harbored a crush on her. But hell no, Rinko is Haruto’s woman (HarutoXRinko FTW!!!). However, much to Nitou’s disappointment, it wasn’t a date, but rather Rinko wants to see him because she brought Nitou’s grandmother earlier to see him!

Through Nitou’s grandmother giving information about Nitou to Rinko, we learn that Nitou is actually a rich man! By rich I don’t think they mean he’s an extremely wealthy man, just that he actually has some money and a house, despite his rather homeless living style. An expected from the way they interacted upon seeing each other, Nitou is very, very scared of his grandma, because she is extremely strict on him. And because of that strictness, Nitou demands that everyone keep a secret about Nitou being Beast and will die if he didn’t eat Phantom from his granma.

In order to keep it a secret, and because he’s scared of his grandma, Nitou runs away from her, prompting Haruto and Rinko to chase after him and leaving Shunpei to take care of Nitou’s grandma! Meanwhile, Medusa visits Phantom WereTiger, whose human form is a muscular man. Yeah right. Even though he is muscular, you can clearly see that he’s fat. As always, Medusa tasked the Phantom of eliminating the newest Gate.

And the Gate is Nitou’s grandma! Because of this, Shunpei contacted Haruto (with Rinko calming Nitou whose comically hugs a tree) to inform that Nitou’s grandma is the newest Gate. Hearing this, Nitou is very, very shocked. Thankfully, the two managed to arrive before WereTiger attacked Nitou’s grandma. But because he doesn’t want his grandma to know his secret, Nitou runs away while Haruto transforms and fight WereTiger.

Wizard 24 (9) Wizard 24 (10) Wizard 24 (11) Wizard 24 (12)

And here comes the hilarious part of the episode. First off, I wanna talk about WereTiger. Unlike Beelzebub who has spacial ability, or Gnome who’s able to bury underground, WereTiger’s main and only point is his brute strength. That’s all. He barely have any special ability. Moving on, Wizard alone cannot handle WereTiger’s immense strength, forcing Nitou to hide and transform into Beast. The fact that he hides is a reference to his predecessor Kamen Rider Meteor, although Beast’s is more comedic.

Beast arrived to take care of some Ghouls. As Nitou’s grandma watching and wondering who he is, Beast suddenly acted feminine and declares himself as theMagical Girl Beast. This has got to be the punchline of the whole thing. I rolled on the floor just because of this scene. Honestly, even when he fights WereTiger, Beast acted like a woman, even focusing a shot on his ass that’s meant to look like a woman’s booty! Well, I think the booty shot was actually a woman wearing Beast’s suit, because it would be awkward to show a guy’s ass, except if you think Kenji Tominaga is the suit actor.

And to make it funnier, Beast actually got into the character that bothers Wizard! Really Beast, you are a great actor LOL. Because of the appearance of two mages, and apparently WereTiger is a pussycat that he retreated, Sora watches from above, and knowing that the Gate is Beast’s grandmother, he would start scheming all over again.

Wizard 24 (13) Wizard 24 (14) WIzard 24 (15) Wizard 24 (16)

At the Omokagedou, they gang explain the basics to Nitou’s grandmother, and she takes it well for an old woman (and mistakes Koyomi as Magical Girl Beast). Nitou however, wants her to return to their hometown Fukui, but his grandmother refuses until Nitou agrees to come with her. Until that, she stays in Tokyo. She ended up taking Shunpei as her caretaker, and Shunepi pretty much becomes her adopted grandson. Nitou meanwhile, camps in a camping ground, which saddens me since I thought the rooftop is his permanent camping spot. But because the current spot is a camping ground, I would like to see if Nitou moves again. Most likely he will.

Anyways, Nitou tells Haruto that his grandmother is very strict on him, and always against anything that Nitou wants or does. We were then taken into a flashback of Nitou when he was young, and apparently in order to show that the boy is Nitou, the producers made him wear a similar set of clothes and hairstyle! Genius. We see that everytime Nitou does something that’s prone to danger or no danger at all, his grandma would always scold him. And because this is Nitou, I actually wished that they showed us a scene decipting Nitou’s love for mayonnaise and how his grandma reacted on it. That would be hilarious.

As Shunepi assured Nitou’s grandma that Nitou actually loves her, Nitou asks Haruto to accompany her to return to Fukui. Meanwhile, Sora confronts WereTiger and addresses him as Igawa, and it looks like that he knows other Phantom’s real names. As expected, Sora appears to help WereTiger kill Nitou’s grandma.

Wizard 24 (17) Wizard 24 (18) Wizard 24 (19) Wizard 24 (20)

The next day, Shunpei and Haruto accompany Nitou’s grandma to Fukui, but before Haruto could board it, the bus door closes and went away. Haruto’s reaction to the fleeing bus is really, really priceless! As expected by the bus’s strange behavior, it was revealed that the driver is WereTiger! Luckily, Nitou is also inside the bus, disguising himself. Now, using logic and realism, I know how the hell Nitou can afford to have or buy a suit. I mean Rinko said that he’s rich, so maybe he did have some money, it’s just that he prefers to live free and homeless while at the same time, rich as hell.

Nitou transforming into Beast in the bus is cool, probably it’s because Nitou is wearing the suit. It kinda reminds me that Barney Stinson is transforming into a Kamen Rider LOL. And because of this, Nitou’s grandma found out that Beast is not a girl, but rather her own grandson!

The bus fight scene is really, really great. I have to give credit because it’s not easy for the crew to film an action scene in such a small set, and they had to use every advantage possible, such as Beast using the metal bars to take advantage, him throwing a Ghoul off the bus, etc.

Wizard 24 (21) Wizard 24 (22) Wizard 24 (23) Wizard 24 (24)

However, Wizard managed to make the bus stop by showing off his bike, and now the fight between the Riders and the Phantoms begins! To make the episode even more interesting, they showed us Wizard and Beast using each other’s Rings. What’s more, they used it by accident! Now here’s the catch: Beast cannot use Wizard’s Rings, but Wizard can use Beast’s.

Wizard using the Dolphi Ring gives him the ability to dive through solid surfaces, similar to the Pisces Zodiarts. At first, I thought that it was just going to be a purple version of the Liquid Ring, but after watching it a few times, it’s not. But still, it’s sad that Beast cannot use Wizard’s Rings. And I love how Wizard asked Nitou if he can have the Dolphi Ring

The easiest way to explain this is that it’s because BeastDriver is an ancient artifact, it cannot read the newer Rings, while WizarDriver is the newest, it can read any Rings. Put simply, WizarDriver is like a PS3 and BeastDriver is a PS. If you try playing Assassin’s Creed on PS, it wouldn’t work. But if you try playing PaRappa the Rapper on PS3, it’ll work.

Wizard 24 (25) Wizard 24 (26) Wizard 24 (27) Wizard 24 (28)

Just as the mages are about to win (with Beast telling Haruto that he wants to defeat WereTiger because he didn’t eat any major Phantoms lately), Nitou’s grandma steps onto the battleground, and demands that WereTiger drive her into despair. This is obviously because she loved her grandson, and she’s willing to give up her life so that he can live. However, Shunpei steps in and takes the damage, rendering him unconscious. Sora then arrives and transfroms into Gremlin, and now Haruto knows that he’s the enemy. Gremlin offers a trade, which Beast will have to choose between Shunpei’s life or his grandmother’s.

Overall, a fantastically hilarious episode. It’s great that we get a focus on Nitou again after a while, especially on how he’s been pretty much useless for a month! And the Magical Girl thing is really, really hilarious, not to mention the fight scenes are impressive as usual, particularly the bus scene. Put simply, you can’t miss this episode.

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