TMNT S01E17: Dimension X…… and Olympics!

Yerp, they're inflitratin' now!
The plot thickens even further now……

Because the power cell that’s used to power up Shellraiser and open the portal to the Krang’s world has been stolen, the Turtles are trying to get it back by any means possible. Also, isn’t it about time that they found out where the Krang is hiding?

TMNT 17 (1) TMNT 17 (2) TMNT 17 (3) TMNT 17 (4)

Honestly I never thought that this episode’s a direct sequel to the previous episode, because the previous one is more like a filler. But even though it’s a filler, the climax establishes a plot that’s the main focus of this episode. The episode begins with the Turtles using their go-karts to chase the Krang, although they failed miserably due to Donnie’s so-called Krang App. Man, apps this days…….. Oh, one thing that I want to note, the chase scene involves some pedestrians. I’m glad that they put some people in there, because so far TMNT looks like it takes place on a ghostown version of NYC.

Because they apparently failed to regain the power cell numerous times, Leo decides to seek out Leatherhead’s help, in which Donnie absolutely disagrees because of his previous experience with Leatherhead which involved Donnie getting grabbed in the face by Leatherhead. Hah, Donnie is extremely phobia of Leatherhead huh?

Speaking of Leatherhead, he lives in his own sewer, and apparently the subway car is actually one of his safehouses. That makes sense as why the Turtles would use it as Shellraiser. As expected, when they encountered a sleeping Leatherhead, waking him causes Leatherhead to berserk around, and much to my amusement, he grabs Donnie’s face again! Poor, poor Donatello!!!

TMNT 17 (5) TMNT 17 (6) TMNT 17 (7) TMNT 17 (8)

But Leatherhead managed to snap out of it. The Turtles tells him the truth about the power cell, but before that, Donnie steps further back in order to avoid getting grabbed in the face again. Because the truth will make Leatherhead go mad all over again. And it did! And Donnie got grabbed in the face, AGAIN! This is the running gag that I liked the most in the series, too bad we won’t see them for a long time because of the event that will come.

Leatherhead tells the Turtles that all he know about the Krang is a symbol that Donnie had seen before. Apparently, the symbol itself reminds Michelangelo and Splinter about the Olympic games, to which I found to be very hilarious. It’s hilarious because even Splinter thought that it was an Olympic symbol.

After having trouble of figuring about the symbol’s origin, Splinter tells Donnie to calm his mind by breathing slowly. Much to Splinter and my surprise, Donnie managed to figure out the symbol’s origin before he could even exhale the oxygen! This shows that Donnie’s IQ is way, way AWESOME.

TMNT 17 (9) TMNT 17 (10) TMNT 17 (11) TMNT 17 (12)

The symbol on the Krang stuff is similar to a certain building in NYC, the TCRI, which stands for Techno-Cosmic Research Institute. For those of you who don’t know, TCRI is a recurring element in TMNT, as it’s shown to be a normal building but in actuality, it’s a base for extraterrestrial beings and houses loads of mutagen. So in this incarnation, TCRI remains the same. Interestingly, TCRI is mentioned to be Baxter Stockman’s former workplace.

April helps the Turtles by displaying the blueprint of the said building, as well as sending the Turtles and Leatherhead covered in a delivery box. Honestly, the scene where April delivers the Turtles is like in the 2007 movie where she delivers the stone generals to the main antagonist. I know it’s different but I couldn’t help about it.

While Leatherhead takes the ambushing Krang (with April doing some cool spinning yo-yo before escaping and leave it to the heroes), the Turtles take on the elevator. The elevator fight scenes is really good, especially when the Turtles enter the elevator and take out all of the Krang. Put simply, every scene that features the Turtle’s white pupil is badass, and is sure to be one of my favorite scene of that episode.

TMNT 17 (13) TMNT 17 (14) TMNT 17 (15) TMNT 17 (16)

However, when they reached the targeted floor, the Turtles are taken out by the poison gas. The poison gas is not an attack from the Krang, but actually, it’s the Krang’s breathing source! This makes me think that everytime the Turtles takes out a Krang robot, the Krang will eject from the robot and it will die due to the absence of the poison gas. So the Turtles doesn’t need to worry about Krang getting back again. Whew, I’m glad that this theory exist after I’ve asked that question since episode 2. Even though it’s just a theory, I’m pretty sure it’s logical.

At this point we finally know the Krang’s plans on Earth. They wanted to pollute Earth so that it will turn into a toxic wasteland so that the Krang can live there. What’s surprising me is that Mikey’s the one who come up with that theory! In order to escape from their containment pod and prevent the Krang from opening the portal, the Turtles use Mikey as a battering ram to crush the pod.

The whole fight scene involving the Turtles holding their breath is pretty illogical. I mean during the pod smashing you can clearly hear Mikey grunts, not to mention laughs, which in a logical case, would exhale some air, and in turn one needs to inhale back. But hey, when you’re watching cartoon or Tokusatsu or anime, NEVER use logic, because it will hurt your brain to the point of mental breakdown.

TMNT 17 (17) TMNT 17 (18) TMNT 17 (19) TMNT 17 (20)

Even though they managed to get rid of the poison gas by smashing a window, the portal activates and summons Traag, a creature from Dimension X, Krang’s homeworld. Traag is a lava-spewing, giant rock monster that somewhat reminds me of Galactus, or I’m being delusional. As expected from a lava monster with rock-hard skin, the Turtles couldn’t defeat him, and the could only give him a minor damage by kicking with a full momentum involving all of the Turtles.

Because fighting Traag proves to be useless, the Turtles resort into blowing him up with the portal at once, so that both problems would be solved at the same time. However, the bomb proves to be ineffective, as not only Traag is undamaged, but so does the portal! Thankfully, the Turtles are helped by Leatherhead who managed to make his way to the floor. Surprisingly, Leatherhead is able to go toe-to-toe with Traag, despite the latter being larger. But here comes the sad part. The portal is unstable, and in order to prevent more things like Traag entering our world, Leatherhead grabs Traag and heads into the portal, before bidding farewell to the Turtles.

TMNT 17 (21) TMNT 17 (22) TMNT 17 (23) TMNT 17 (24)

I feel like Leatherhead’s parting is a little bit rushed, as it seemed off to me. Anyways, now that they are separated with Leatherhead, the Turtles just lost one hell of an ally. And because Leatherhead is still alive but trapped in Dimension X, I think that maybe the Krang will brainwash him and turns him evil. But hey, who knows?

Thankfully, Mikey takes a Krang USB-like thing and with it, Donnie can hack into its files. Now that they know the Krang wanted to pollute the Earth, April is confused as why they needed her father, because her father is just a psychologist. However, here’s the plot twist. Turns out the Krang weren’t after Kirby O’Neil, they were after April O’Neil.

Yeah, for now, we don’t know why or what April got to do with the Krang. I’m thinking that she’s the perfect sample of something big. I just hope that she didn’t have any evil blood in her or something. That would definitely ruin it. Overall, a great episode, and you HAVE to watch it, as the plot truly progresses in this episode.

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