TMNT S01E16: Casey Jones? NOT!!!!

And finally.......... the debut of this tank!!!
And finally………. the debut of this tank!!!

In this episode, the Turtles encounter a wannabe vigilante who’s ‘fighting’ the Purple Dragons, while also protecting themselves from the Krang who seeks to reclaim the stolen power cell that the Turtles obtained from Leatherhead!

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This episode acts as a sequel to the 12th episode “Leatherhead”, because it features the Turtles using the stolen Krang power cell to power up Donnie’s new creation: The Shellraiser!!! Apparently the power cell source is infinite, as I thought they were previously destroyed. And then Donnie, being a super genius, turns Leatherhead’s old subway car into the Turtles’ main tank, with the Krang power cell as the power source! Speaking of Leatherhead, he does not appear in this episode, and I wonder where he went off to? Oh, and the Krang cannot trace the power cell because Donnie puts it in a lead container.

Anyways, the others are really amazed at Donnie’s new creation, and because they are teenagers, they take the tank for a joy ride. I liked how Donnie arranged the Turtles on their respective position: Donatello on the monitors, Leonardo on the steering (Because he’s the one that’s most likely hit nothing just for fun), Raphael as the Shellraiser’s shooter (Because he’s the one that likes to hit anything just for fun) and finally Michelangelo as the GPS (Because he loves to do anything just for fun, that it’s dangerous).

But the most amazing thing is that Donnie did not only build the Shellraiser, he also build a special gate for it to pass through between the subway and the surface roads! How the hell did he do that?! Even though it’s like joyriding, the Turtles are actually patrolling the street faster and they didn’t have to rely on their ninjutsu skills to remain hidden in plain sight. After all, they are driving the Shellraiser, so people won’t notice that the driver is a bunch of mutated Turtles trained in ninjutsu.

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During the patrol, they spotted the Purple Dragons trying to steal something. But before the Turtles could intervene, the PDs are stopped by a guy who dresses like the Turtles, and calls himself the Pulverizer!!! Even though his entrance is badass, I could tell that he’s a wannabe hero by the looks of his costume. Heck, the costume itself is a nod to the 1987 Turtles’ design! As expected from a wannabe hero, the Pulverizer fools around, causing the Turtles to intervene. The fights with the PDs are nothing special, although it’s fun because of the Pulverizer trying to fight them as well. And apparently, the Pulverizer knows about the Turtles! How did he know?

After the beating, the Turtles went back to the sewer, only to accidentally drag the Pulverizer along! Because they weren’t aware that they were the ones who bought him, they think the Pulverizers are a stalker. The Pulverizer tells that he knew the Turtles because he saw them months ago, by the time they fought Baxter Stockman’s StockmanPod. I’m glad that they took a random previous episode as a flashback, rather than some random scenes like the Turtles fighting Foot Clans that we’ve never seen. One more thing, you can clearly see that MetalHead is reassembled in the background.

Because of MetalHead‘s design, the Pulverizer spots some Krang items that the Turtles possessed to be the similar to the things that the Purple Dragons are trying to steal from. Knowing that the Purple Dragons would steal for someone else, they quickly deduces that Baxter Stockman wants the tech. While Leo takes others to Baxter, Donnie are forced to stay and babysit the Pulverizer while fixing the Shellraiser.

TMNT 16 (9) TMNT 16 (10) TMNT 16 (11) TMNT 16 (12)

Meanwhile, the Baxter used the stolen Krang tech to tune Xever’s artificial legs. Because it’s a Krang tech, Xever finally gets to move his legs around, and now he’s ready to join the fight again. Meanwhile, Donnie are forced to train the Pulverizer because of his sympathy to him, and because the Pulverizer’s eager to be a hero. The training scene reminds me of the Karate Kid’s training scenes, especially the background music reminds me of Fort Minor’s Remember the Name.

However, Splinter founds about the Pulverizer and tells Donnie to ditch him, because the Pulverizer is a doofus. Donnie has to train the Pulverizer because he knows that the guy is like a kid, eager to be a hero, and the very least Donnie could do to shut his mouth is to teach him some basics. Splinter agrees, although he tells Donnie that the Pulverizer is his responsibility, not Splinter’s.

Back to Baxter, the other Turtles confront him, only to be confronted by Xever. Much to my surprise, the Turtles laughed at Xever, and further to my surprise, Leo cracks a joke! Usually when he cracked a joke, it would be a pretty stupid one. However, as stupid as FishFace (That’s what Mikey calls him, but I prefer the name ‘RoboCarp’ instead) looks, he skills doesn’t. Remember that Xever’s fighting style involves kicking and especially, spin kicks? Yeah, I’m glad that they incorporated it into this one. Now that his feet is made of metal,  FishFace is now a force to be reckoned with.

TMNT 16 (13) TMNT 16 (14) TMNT 16 (15) TMNT 16 (16)

Aside from metal legs, FishFace also displays the ability to bite his target and inflicts venom on them, causing Raph to get poisoned. This is where my favorite part of the episode comes in. Donnie rushes to the scene, and because he had to mix the antidote, the Pulverizer drives the Shellraiser. But the problem is, Pulverizer only drove an ice-cream truck. The fact that the scene is my favorite is because of Donnie trying to figure out Raph’s symptoms, while mixing the antidote. Not to mentions Raph gibber during his poisoned state.

In order to fasten up their trip, Donnie made Pulverizer crash into the bulding, causing the Shellraiser to act strangely. Donnie managed to cure Raph, and use the ShellRaiser to defeat Xever. FishFace’s defeat is rather disappointing, actually. He just got hit unconscious by the cannon on the Shellraiser and that’s it. But it’s forgivable as it’s not the main focus of this episode.

The main focus, or climax of this episode is the Turtles trying to run away from the Krang. This is because earlier, the Shellraiser crashed and caused the Krang power cells’s container to leak, alerting its presence to Krang. During the chase, we get to see that the Krang now has the ability to fly, and it gives the Turtles a hard time even though Raph’s in charge of the shooting, which looked badass.

TMNT 16 (17) TMNT 16 (18) TMNT 16 (19) TMNT 16 (20)

The Turtles are forced to stop and take out the Krang. However, one of the Krang managed to sneak into the Shellraiser and steals the power cell. The Pulverizer tries to take it back, but ended up bullied by the other Krang. Donnie are forced to save him and abandon power cell, causing them to lose the opportunity to operate the Shellraiser. I know that one day they’ll get it back, because they need to power up the Shellraiser, and the tank is an important thing to the TMNT franchise.

As for the Pulverizer, the Turtles blamed him for losing the power cell, and even though he promised to train hard and become a hero that will fight alongside the Turtles, the Turtles disagrees and shoves him away. Personally, I don’t think this is the Pulverizer’s final appearance. I think that he will appear again, but only as a minor one.


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