Kamen Rider Wizard 23: Immortality Sucks!!!

This is our mid season upgrade?
This is our mid season upgrade?

Now that the Phantom Phoenix has demonstrated the ability to revive quickly without delay, Kamen Rider Wizard must find a way to stop Phoenix before he destroys the city and brings despair! However, Kamen Rider Beast is also after Phoenix’s mana to give a great meal to BeastChimera……

Wizard 23 (1) Wizard 23 (2) Wizard 23 (3) Wizard 23 (4)

Just as I expected, Beast arrived in the nick of time when Phoenix was about to kill Wizard. While he holds Phoenix, Wizard takes Rinko and run away. Even though Nitou has a role in this episode, he continues to be useless, but I don’t mind as this episode concentrates on Wizard VS Phoenix, so he would fit in the supporting role category.

But the best thing about Beast in this episode is that the epic fail in the form ofChameleo Saber Strike! When I watched the review of the Dice Saber, I thought accessing number one would give Beast a tremendous power, but instead it’s the most useless of his finishers! Not to mention that the animal summoned is a chameleon, so it would be obvious that it was an epic fail! Poor, poor Kamen Rider Verde.

And I really loved how they showed Phoenix pwning Beast offscreen and replaced it with a shot of Sora and an explosion on the back. As for Sora, after becoming the big baddie in the previous episode, his role is more minor in this episode, yet continues to amaze us with some revelations in the end which I’ll go through.

Wizard 23 (5) Wizard 23 (6) Wizard 23 (7) Wizard 23 (8)

At the hospital, a nurse tells that Rinko’s condition isn’t life-threatening, but she’s been badly hurt. Why not, she was just raped by a monster 😛 (Okay, I swear that this will be the last time I’m using that, unless there’s more episode that makes me think of that 😛 ). Haruto however, looks extremely worried liked how he was back then in episode 9. Then all of a sudden, Kizaki appears before him. Just like how he was in episode 9, Wizard is scared again and blames himself for Rinko’s raping. Much to my surprise, well half of it because Kizaki’s a jerk, Kizaki also blames Haruto. This is because Haruto boasts that “Only mages can defeat Phantom” so not only Haruto must defeat the Phantom as he’s the only one of the three that can do it (The other being Beast and Gandalf, though the latter is still unsure as we don’t know his motives as the time of writing), but Haruto must also protect the ones close to him. I don’t know why, but I’m starting to like Kizaki more. He’s turning into that likeable jerk type.

Meanwhile, Medusa reports about Phoenix to Wiseman. Instead of taking action, Wiseman just lets Phoenix do what he wants. I’m guessing it’s ‘too soon’ to show Wiseman whooping some ass. And also, either he wants to see if Phoenix can defeat Wizard this time, or they don’t want to interfere with Phoenix’s increasin power.

As for the Omokagedou, Nitou visits them and tells about Phoenix being tough. When the PlaMonsters detects Phoenix, Nitou volunteers to fight him, claiming that Rinko needs Haruto right now. However, Shunpei thinks that Nitou is aiming to eat Phoenix, as of right now, only Phoenix seems to be able to defeat him by eating his mana before it starts to regenerate. Also, I think that Beast is currently act as a substitute for Haruto, instead of backup or sidekick or rival. So much for the so called rivalry……

Wizard 23 (9) Wizard 23 (10) Wizard 23 (11) Wizard 23 (12)

Unfortunately for Beast, Phoenix sends Ghouls to deal with him, and tells him that he wants to fight Wizard at the place where they first fought. With Phoenix taking his leave, Beast has no choice but to defeat the Ghouls and eat their manas for now. This is what I meant by Beast being useless. In all episodes that didn’t focused on him, all he did is nothing but eat the Ghouls. That’s all.

Back at the hospital, Rinko wakes up and realizes that Haruto is worried about her. She finally confessed that she’s the one to blame because she persuaded Phoenix to go on a rampage. Don’t worry Rinko, I won’t blame you because you were raped by Phoenix 😛 Anyways, it may have been just me, but I noticed that the scene is like a husband worrying about his wife, and his wife confessed that she’s cheating on him. Maybe I’m just being lovesick that I tend to care about marriage life often hahahaha.

When Nitou returned to Omokagedou, he tells the group that he wants to handle Phoenix and he doesn’t want Haruto to know about it. This is mainly because he thinks he’s the only on that can defeat Phoenix once and for all. And when Haruto returned, all of them tried their best not to tell Haruto about Phoenix’s message, even though Nitou himself almost blew it.

Wizard 23 (13) Wizard 23 (14) Wizard 23 (15) Wizard 23 (16)

Later, Koyomi visits Haruto in his room, and Haruto marks that he’s feeling guilty because he blatantly called himself “the final hope” when the truth is he can’t even protect Rinko. Koyomi however assures Haruto that he is the final hope, and he shouldn’t give up because he had given hope to every people that he saved before.

This is when the epicness starts. After regaining his confidence back from Koyomi, Haruto confronts Nitou the next dawn. Nitou who was prepared to face Phoenix is shocked by Haruto’s appearance. Haruto knew about Phoenix’s plan and thanks Nitou. At first Nitou hesitates to let Haruto fight Phoenix, but seeing Haruto’s resolve not to give up, he gives Haruto another chance to defeat the Phantom. Well, at least he gets to eat some Ghouls. But the scene itself really shows the friendly rivalry between Haruto and Nitou, as they both wanted to defeat Phoenix each for their own purposes.

Wizard 23 (17) Wizard 23 (18) Wizard 23 (19) Wizard 23 (20)

Haruto went to the place where he first fought Phoenix in episode 8, and without further ado, he transforms into Wizard. Take note, this is the very first episode that Flame Style isn’t featured in the whole episode, and this is the first time Haruto transformed directly to the Dragon Styles. And a good way to start an epic final battle is with some sword fighting. I just loved the fight scenes in this episode. We get to see that both of them clearly has the advantage and disadvantage against the other, showing that both are giving their best.

However, it’s obvious that Flame Dragon doesn’t stand a chance against Phoenix, and Wizard needs to use everything he got on this immortal foe. By everything he got he showed his newest weapon, the Drago Timer and began assuming Boyband Style (Which is basically the Dragon Four-mation, you know, Mahou Sentai WizardRanger?). And now, Wizard is able to gain the upper hand.

Wizard 23 (21) Wizard 23 (22) Wizard 23 (23) Wizard 23 (24)

Taking the fight to a nearby forest, Phoenix began to regain the upper hand again. As it seems that Phoenix is so much powerful, he tells Wizard to give up and let Phoenix send him to hell. Wizard, who is bad with giving up, pulls off a new move to surprise Phoenix. Heh, about Wizard being bad at giving ups, I would like to see if he can fight the Goseiger, because their level of not giving up is OVER 9000!!!!!! LOL

Anyways, the move? Scan the Drago Timer to the WizarDriver, and it causes the Boyband Style to merge into one single form! Yes, this episode debuts the mid-season upgrade, the All Dragon Style!!! The style itself is basically Flame Dragon equipped with all of WizarDragon’s parts, thus allowing him to use WizarDragon’s true potential. For an upgrade, it’s actually pretty cool despite the obvious encouragement of buying the WAP! Drago Styles to create All Dragon. But for a mid-season upgrade, it’s weird. I mean PuToTyra Combo basically has two modes: the standard one and the berserk one which is similar to this. What I don’t like about this upgrade is that it’s half CGI, so expect it to be used less and less often. But because Wizard tends to spam lots of CGIs, I would love to see how it turned out.

Oh yeah, and it’s obvious now that Kamen Rider Wizard is a ripoff of Kamen Rider OOO. Although it was more like another version of it. Come on, the Phantoms are similar to Greeed in a way, Kamen Rider Beast and Nitou being a direct ripoff of Kamen Rider OOO and Eiji, and now the All Dragon Style with OOO PuToTyra. Lots and lots of reference here.

Wizard 23 (25) Wizard 23 (26) Wizard 23 (27) Wizard 23 (28)

Back to the main thing, the fight between All Dragon and Phoenix is pretty cool. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Phoenix’s finisher is basically a Wing Attack with his fiery wings. I just loved how he slapped the Boyband Style. Anyways, I loved how All Dragon also incorporates some elements of other Styles. But because of this, I wished that they create a new suit. It’s just weird that a mid-season upgrade is basically Flame Dragon with CGI attachments. Maybe it’s because I’m getting used to the trend that’s started by Kamen Rider W.

And when he’s about to perform the finisher, I’m surprised at how Wizard was not planning to defeat Phoenix at all. His plan is to send Phoenix to the sun and let Phoenix repeats his cycle of life and death there. I found that this move is really realistic for a fantasy series. Usually in things like this the hero gains tremendous power that he’s able to defeat an immortal enemy, but here they just decided to send the immortal enemy far away so he won’t cause trouble again.

And the All Dragon Strike. It’s a really cool Rider Kick, and it surprises me, as I thought that this Style’s finisher won’t utilize the Rider Kick, but it did! The best thing about the Kick Strike is the usage of the five magic circles, although 2 red circles is really bothering me for some reason.

Wizard 23 (29) Wizard 23 (30) Wizard 23 (31) Wizard 23 (32)


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