Go-Busters Final Mission: Farewell, BeetBuster

For the last time! Busters, Ready? GO!!!!
For the last time! Busters, Ready? GO!!!!…

Sorry for late post! I’ve been busy with work and barely have any free time to write a review. Anyways, now that this is the real finale to the Go-Busters (The first being Mission 30 & Mission 44), we see that the heroes try to stop Enter in the unstable Hyperspace. To do that, they must also deal with the 13th Messiah Card in RedBuster. However, Masato the BeetBuster has something in his mind…

GB 50 (1) GB 50 (2) GB 50 (3) GB 50 (4)

Yes, this episode is dedicated to our ’6th’ Ranger, Masato Jin AKA BeetBuster. In this finale, he gets sacrificed, making him the first Sentai warrior since AbareKiller to be killed, although to be real honest he is the very first one who killed himself, as others died due to a curse or killed by another. And I don’t really consider him to be ‘killed’ but rather ‘die’. So he’s the first Sentai member that dies, while others before him are killed (Yellow Four gets killed by Silva, Black Condor is stabbed by a mugger and dies shortly after, AbareKiller is killed in an explosion).

Anyways, move on to the finale, while the Busters are trying to regroup in Masato’s hangar, RedBuster & YellowBuster are attacked by Enter, who transforms into CrimsonBuster. Even though that this is the final episode, CrimsonBuster seems to be Enter’s primary fighting form. I’m glad that they used this, given the fact that this is a final episode and they had to feature one of the show’s final suit design as much as possible.

During the battle, Enter reveals that he can now use BlueBuster and YellowBuster’s ability as well, demonstrated by his own version of Rapid Kick. Before Enter could pwn them further, BlueBuster arrived in GT-02 to allow RedBuster & YellowBuster to escape. The attack itself is reminiscent of their first battle with Messiah, where BeetBuster used BC-04 to create a diversion, allowing the Busters to escape.

GB 50 (5) GB 50 (6) GB 50 (7) GB 50 (8)

Meanwhile, at the surface, the EMC found out that the cocoons have stopped, although the people inside are still trapped. Even though they can ensure that the threat will no longer gets worse, but they need to worry about the returning the victims, and the only way to do that is for the Go-Busters to defeat Enter.

At Masato’s hangar, the Core Busters and the BuddyRoids finally see the true Masato, in a pod with 3/4 of his body turned into data. Without further ado, Masato explains his plan of removing the Messiah Card in Hiromu. The process involves extracting the Card from Hiromu and transfers it to Masato’s body. Masato’s body is the most suitable candidate because Enter stole he 7th Messiah Card which contains Masato’s fragment, and it must also be stored as a backup into Hiromu. And because of the data, it will easily be transferred into Masato, like a magnet.

However, J.Stag reveals that putting the card in Masato’s body will make his body highly unstable because of the missing data, and it will result in the body splitting apart, ending Masato’s life. Because of this, all of the Busters and BuddyRoids disagrees with Masato and try to search for an alternative.

GB 50 (9) GB 50 (10) GB 50 (11) GB 50 (12)

Then comes my favorite part of the finale. Masato gives a speech that questions the Busters’ resolve, and aside from the speech being meaningful, I gotta give credit to Hiroya Mastsumoto for giving a SUPERB performance during this scene. I don’t know why, but during this scene, Matsumoto-san’s acting skills really shine, and the fact that others are somewhat stiff makes it shines even more.

Aside from giving speech to the Core Busters, Masato also tells J.Stag that the world is truly fascinating. It is so fascinating that Masato would sacrifice himself to protect it. This is why he wants to extract the card so bad, because he wanted to protect the world. Seeing Masato’s resolve to protect the world, Hiromu agrees with his plan. He wants to protect the world too, and the fact that Masato’s part is crucial in doing so, he’s willing to allow Masato to sacrifice himself.

GB 50 (13) GB 50 (14) GB 50 (15) GB 50 (16)

While Masato and Hiromu prapare to extract the card, Ryuji, Yoko and the BuddyRoids protect Masato’s hangar from the invading Vaglass, led by CrimsonBuster. And just as I expected for a finale, Cheeda Nick do get a fight scene, although it was rather a comedic fight rather than a badass fight. And we also see StagBuster having a new resolve. He will protect the planet, because his creator right now is sacrificing himself to protect it.

As for creator, Masato, he turned Hiromu into a data so that they could extract the card. And the procedure went with a success, and as expected, Masato’s frail body cannot endure the Card and explodes into smaller piles of data. Thus, this marks the end of Masato Jin. However, his avatar is still intact. The reason behind this is that Masato didn’t actually die, but his body breaks down into data, so he’s still alive. But given that the Hyperspace is about to collapse, it would be the same no matter what, with the only difference is that Masato gets an extra time to eliminate Enter.

GB 50 (17) GB 50 (18) GB 50 (19) GB 50 (20)

Back to Enter, we aside that he demonstrates Ryuji’s super strength in battle, all of the Busters and Nick engages him in battle, and I really liked it. I just love how he pummels all of the Go-Busters and they woun’t give up, especially StagBuster because of his newfound mission to protect the world together with his comrades.

Because Masato had succeeded in destroying the 13th Card, CrimsonBuster is rendered unstable because all of the backup data is now gone, and he is now vulnerable. Nick transforms into his bike mode and StagBuster hops onto it and crashes CrimsonBuster outside, ending the battle. Put simply, CrimsonBuster is defeated by StagBuster using Nick to ram him. I’m glad that StagBuster finally rides Nick, given on how he always called Nick “Bike”.

Even though CrimsonBuster is no more, Enter is still around. And because of his backup is now gone, he also becomes unstable, proven by his distorted voice which I really liked. As for Masato, Hiromu notices that his avatar is also unstable now, and they know that it wouldn’t be long before Masato Jin truly dies.

GB 50 (21) GB 50 (22) GB 50 (23) GB 50 (24)

Honestly, I really hate that they killed of Masato. I don’t know why they would do that, because Masato himself is AWESOME, and I thought ever since Gokaiger they don’t want to make anymore Sentai member deaths. The only reason I could think is that the producers wants to make BeetBuster memorable, and what a good way to make the character memorable by killing them. Come on, just remember Gai Yuuki being stabbed by mugger after saving the world from evil!

Moving on, as Hiromu and Masato joined the fight, Enter tells them that they cannot defeat him, for that he himself contains Masato’s data. However, because Masato already destroyed his body, the 7th Card is now useless. And the Card itself is Masato’s own trump card, not Enter’s. Getting extremely pissed, Enter assumes Unite form and boards MegaZord Omega.

GB 50 (25) GB 50 (26) GB 50 (27) GB 50 (28)

With this, the Go-Busters transforms with Masato for the last time, and quickly forms Great Go-Buster (This is the 2nd time they form the formation without needing it to be formed in the base, the first being Mission 44). Because this is the final episode, we get to see some cool things on MegaZord fights. I’m expecting that, because Go-Busters excels on making good MegaZord fights compared to the previous series.

The fight itself features Go-BusterAce focusing Enetron into its legs, granting Ace super-speed, just like its co-pilot RedBuster. After making Omega vulnerable by stabbing it with Resolution Slash (How irony, the Go-Busters are resolute and their finisher is named ‘Resolution Slash’), Omega is destroyed by Buster Hercules and Go-BusterLiO’s combo attack of Hercules Crisis and Ignition Tornado. And I honestly didn’t expect that they would use a normal finisher in the final battle. Oh well. In case you don’t know, the MegaZord featured is the one used in Go-Busters VS Gokaiger, with the obvious exception of Gokai-Oh and GoZyuJin.

Now that MegaZord Omega has been taken care of, it’s time to move on to the final battle with our main antagonist, Enter himself. Of course, what would a final Sentai battle would be without a roll call? The fight itself is really, really good. It’s nice to see the Busters coordinate their attacks, and how Enter holds them one after another.

GB 50 (29) GB 50 (30) GB 50 (31) GB 50 (32)

However Enter has the upper hand, as he smashes the Core Busters’ helmet. I still don’t get why they won’t make a shattered helmet for the Bug Duo. My guess is that if StagBuster is smashed, it would have circuits on it because he’s a BuddyRoid, and as for Masato, he’s an avatar and when he’s transformed, the avatar takes the appearance of BeetBuster, not granting Masato a suit armor. So if it would be shattered, Masato would be shattered because he’s an avatar.

But RedBuster refuses to give up and stops Enter. Enter said that this is useless, because Hiromu is human and because of his humanity is what makes Hiromu weak. This is when Hiromu gives us one final lesson, the lesson that we all know:Nobody’s perfect. And we now know why the vaccine program in Go-Busters has weakpoints, because Hiromu’s dad wanted them to realize that with these power, they aren’t even perfect and still need other people’s help. And this is the very reason why the Busters are able to win their battles, because they have comrades that help them, unlike Enter who sacrificed his comrades to win.

Enter challenges Hiromu into one final duel, consisting of each other’s VolcaNick Attack. But because of Hiromu having comrades, all of the Busters steps in and creates an enhanced version called VolcaNick All Busters Attack, effectively ending Enter. Yeah, it might be cheating but hey nobody’s perfect 😛

GB 50 (33) GB 50 (34) GB 50 (35) GB 50 (36)

Enter’s death scene is really, really, absolutely well done. Just as what I expected from an epic antagonist. Now that Enter is defeated, the Go-Busters collapsed with BeetBuster finally disintegrating. However, Hiromu’s dad and Masato appears one final time to tell the Busters to continue living instead of dying in honor. Living in honor is way better than dying in honor you know.

Back to EMC, they found out that the threat has ended, and the people are back to normal. They also heard that the Go-Busters managed to return to the world safely, and went to congratulate them. But before that, Kuroki notices Masato waving goodbye to him, and he knows that Masato is now dead, leaving Kuroki the only original member of the EMC.

In the epilogue, we get to see that Yoko now enters highschool for the first time, Ryuji becoming an engineer rather quickly, and interestingly, Beet J.Stag becomes a forest keeper, because he wants to protect the planet by protecting the green. How cute. As for Hiromu, he tells Nick that he has a lot to do that now the battle with Vaglass is over, and he had sacrificed 13 years for it. With this, he boards Nick once again, and went off.

GB 50 (37) GB 50 (38) GB 50 (39) GB 50 (40)

And thus, marks the end of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It’s been a really great adventure with this series, and I am truly honored to end this review because Go-Busters is the first Toku series that I started to review its weekly episodes. So it’s obvious that it has a special place in my heart.

A review of the overall series will be posted soon on my blog, and I’ll link it after I’ve finished it here. The review contains my pros and cons of the series, and tells why Go-Busters isn’t popular with fans even though it is one of the most AWESOME Sentai due to its realism. Regardless, even though Go-Busters has ended, we still got Go-Busters VS GokaigerGo-Busters Returns, as well as the expected-to-be-crappy Super Hero Taisen Z. And I still need to review its movies an the specials.

And the final pic contains the passing of the torch between RedBuster and KyoryuRed, the next hero in the next Sentai series, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Yes, I will be reviewing the series too. For now, I’m waiting for the TV-Nihon’s subs for it, so stay tuned!


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