Kamen Rider Wizard 22: Renegades

Clash of the Titans?
Clash of the Titans?

After raping Rinko, Phoenix decides to follow her advice that is to act on his own, not follow other’s orders. Because Phoenix himself is a rampaging Phantom, it’s sure to cause trouble even for the Chief Phantoms!

Wizard 22 (1) Wizard 22 (2) Wizard 22 (3) Wizard 22 (4)

The best thing about this episode is the involvement of the mysterious white guy who gave Koyomi the Land Dragon stone. The guy, now goes by the name Sora, is basically the mastermind of the events in this episode. Why? You’ll see. Also, while buying groceries, Haruto and Shunpei visits Nitou who ended up camping on a top of a building. Nitou saved a guy earlier and the guy turns out to be the owner of this building, so as a token of gratitude he let Nitou camp on the rooftop! Judging by this fact I’m going to assume that the rooftop will be a recurring scene because Nitou will ended up living there. And also, Nitou is being useless again in this episode. NO Beast at all.

As for Sora, he teases Medusa, whose name is revealed to be Misa and she doesn’t like that name very much. I wonder if we’ll also get a backstory for Medusa? Sora’s interaction with Medusa also suggest that Sora is a powerful and a high-ranking Phantom, though Medusa doesn’t prefer putting him on the job. Regardless, the reason why Sora confronts Medusa is to tell her about Phoenix’s rampage. How did he know about Phoenix?

Oh yeah, I need to tell more about my impressions on Sora. In case you don’t know, Sora is probably my favorite Japanese name, because of two characters namely Sora Takenouchi from Digimon Adventure and Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Also, like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, this Sora also tends to put both his hand on the back of his head while relaxing. And I really, really liked his catchphrase “Hello~”.

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Medusa meets Wiseman, who orders her to stop Phoenix at all cost. Meanwhile, Sora appears before Shunpei, and gives him a bloodied ID of Rinko, which shocks both him and Haruto. Because of this, they knew that there’s something wrong with Rinko. What they don’t know is that Rinko is raped countless times 😛

Before that, we get to see the Hungry Doughnuts duo again after a three week absence! This time Haruto DID ask for a new recipe, but to their disappointment, Haruto only wants to see it, not buy it. And it also seems that Haruto is ‘phobia’ of mayonnaise, shown when the Manager tries to put mayonnaise on his plain sugar doughnut. I gotta admit whenHaruto exclaims something or did something funny it is hilarious. I don’t know, compare to other Riders, Haruto fooling around is funnier than the Den-O jokes.

After seeing Rinko’s bloodied badge, Haruto orders Shunpei to look around for the guy who gave him the badge, while Haruto tries to find Rinko’s current whereabouts. Meanwhile, Sora appears before Phoenix, who holds an unconscious Rinko hostage. This is to lure the ring-bearing mage, Haruto, to fight Phoenix and satisfies him. But how did Sora knew about Phoenix’s plan with Rinko?

Wizard 22 (9) Wizard 22 (10) Wizard 22 (11) Wizard 22 (12)

Because it was Sora who planned for the whole thing! After Phoenix prepares to rape Rinko in his Phantom form, Sora saves her and tells Phoenix to use her as a bait to lure Kamen Rider Wizard. Phoenix, who wants to have a great time rampaging around finds this to be a good idea, because he could show off his enhanced power as well as pwning Wizard big time.

But why did Sora help Phoenix defy the Phantom act when they are fellow Phantoms, they should hunt the Gate, not rampaging around. This is because Sora didn’t seem to like Wiseman’s way of attacking humans, and he prefers to act on his own. Because of this, it’s obvious that Sora is a renegade Phantom, and he helped Phoenix to become one as well. I don’t know why, but maybe Sora looks like a Basco-type villain where he is evil, but he’s not on the main villain’s side. And even though he might be opposing the main antagonist, he’s still enemies with Wizard, though he had helped him on occasions.

Back to Haruto, after having no luck on finding Rinko, he decided to call someone who is connected to Rinko. That man? Inspector Kizaki, and after 10 weeks (10 episodes) of disappearing, he had grown his hair! Though not longer, it’s thicker. But it’s really nice to see him again even though it’s just a cameo, and at this point, he’s officially an ally of Wizard, though he’s still with his attitude. However, even with Kizaki, Haruto still has no clue about Rinko, as Kizaki didn’t really spy on her ever since they gave her permission to investigate the Phantom case.

Wizard 22 (13) Wizard 22 (14) Wizard 22 (15) Wizard 22 (16)

As for Phoenix, he is confronted by Medusa, and it seems that Medusa’s catchphrase is “Found you”. Medusa, under Wiseman’s orders to stop Phoenix, begins to fight him, which brings us to the very first kaijin VS kaijin in Kamen Rider Wizard! The fight scene between Wizard and Medusa is pretty good even though it’s short, which is sad because this was supposed to be the highlight of this episode. But it’s good because we get to see more of Medusa’s signature ability, the turning people into stone thing. It’s about time and I’m guessing that the move is very powerful as it’s able to stop Phoenix. Or so she thought……….

During his second revival after getting defeated by Wizard, Phoenix’s mana has gone up quite a bit to the point where it gives him some advantages which will be revealed more later. And the fact that his power is rising is logical because during the Manticore arc, Phoenix did volunteer to fight Wizard and Beast, bu Medusa doesn’t let him to. So during that time, Phoenix had been doing nothing but restoring his energy to the max.

Phoenix warns Medusa not to disturb him and tell Wiseman the same thing too. Much to my surprise, Medusa just left without any retaliation. Maybe this is because she’s aware that Phoenix has gotten stronger to the point where Phoenix is equal or stronger than  her now. Back to Haruto, after Kizaki tells him that Rinko has been missing for a day and there’s definitely something wrong, he meets with Sora for the first time. What I didn’t expect from their first meeting is that they had some out-of-suit fight scenes, which impressed me as always. Also, during their conversation Sora states that he doesn’t like to be called ‘Phantom’, further proving that he is a renegade Phantom and that he has an agenda.

Wizard 22 (17) Wizard 22 (18) Wizard 22 (19) Wizard 22 (20)

Sora tips Haruto about Rinko’s location, and without further ado, Haruto rushed to the scene. One thing to note, we see that Haruto summoned his bike using theConnect Ring for the first time in ages! The reason why we see this after a while is because Haruto barely used any magic for non-battle purposes in this episode, so they had to re-introduce one.

Meanwhile, Rinko finally woke up and realized that Phoenix has her. Well girl, that’s what you get for suggesting an idiot to rampage around! Phoenix thanked her for suggesting and giving him pleasure 😛 but before he could rape Rinko any further, Haruto arrived just in time! Without further ado, Haruto transforms into Wizard. And what a good way to start a fight with a hero running while there’s explosions on the background.

The fight, at first seemed like your typical swordfight, until Wizard starts to flip around and does everything that Wizard usually did to look badass. BecauseFlame Style is proven to be ineffective against Phoenix, Wizard assumes the last form that he used to defeat Phoenix the last time: Water Dragon. Just like Phoenix said, the same technique (Which is using the Blizzard Ring, heck, even Wizard barely managed to defeat Phoenix last time) won’t work on him twice. Oh and it’s confirmed that Wizard can assume the Dragon forms directly while in other Styles. I always thought that if he needed to assume Dragon, he would first assume the standard Style then upgrades using the Dragon Ring.

Wizard 22 (21) Wizard 22 (22) Wizard 22 (23) Wizard 22 (24)

Because of this, Wizard tried a different method with Hurricane Dragon. And this is another reason why I loved Hurricane Dragon the most, we get to see a Dragon Style Kick Strike! And when Kick Strike is not enough, Wizard used Slash Strike on Phoenix, quickly defeating him! However, it was revealed that Phoenix’s mana has gone up to the point that his regeneration now didn’t consume much time, meaning that he can revive instantly! A revived Phoenix attacks a weakened Wizard, and even with Land Dragon, Wizard couldn’t defeat Phoenix. And the episode ends with Phoenix using his new flaming-wing attack to defeat Wizard. But the best thing about how this episode ended is that, it ends with fading to black! Now I really liked this type of cliffhanger, because it puts up a lot of suspense because we don’t know what would happen next, although the next episode previews ruined it.


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