TMNT 2012 Ep.14: New Girl? Is it Jess?!

Who's that girl~ Who's that girl~ It's Karai!
Who’s that girl~ Who’s that girl~ It’s Karai!

Yeah, the episode title is called ‘New Girl in Town’, and I couldn’t help but to reference the TV show ‘New Girl’. And also, this episode is the very first episode that’s focused properly on Leonardo! Anyways, a pissed Leonardo passes his leadership to Raphael, and encounters Karai, a foot clan general. Can Raph leads his team better than Leo? And what does Karai want with Leo?

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This episode has two main plot, first one is the debut of Karai and her rivalry with Leonardo which caused Leo to have feelings for her! Second is the return of SnakeWeed from episode 2, and the other Turtles are trying to find his hideout. This is because Snakeweed has been kidnapping people for some reason. During the chase with Snakeweed, Leo & Raph get into a fight debating about Leo’s leadership. Pissed, Leo tells Raph to take the lead and went off.

After that, he fought some Foot Clan, only to encounter a mysterious kunoichi: Karai. I have to admit, I hate the new Karai, particularly the design. I just can’t accept the punk style that she has, and the best incarnation of Karai, in my humble opinion goes to the 2007 movie. I really hate short-haired woman like that, and the blonde part of her hair really bothers me. And to be real honest, Karai looks like a monkey sometimes. But I liked that she shared the same voice actress as Cheshire from Young Justice. Maybe she really likes the female villain role?

After having a brief fight with Karai (Which is actually Karai throwing some blinding powder to Leo, causing him to caught off-guard and lose), Leo returns to the sewer. The other Turtles, now lead by Raph, are discussing plans to find and attack SnakeWeed. Raph leadership is strict like a military general or something like that. And Leo, still pissed, refuses to join the Turtles for the SnakeWeed hunt.

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Watching a Space Heroes episode where Captain Ryan falls in love with a female alien who later betrays him, which interestingly foreshadows the upcoming plot. Splinter notices that Leo is alone and the others are gone, and Leo berates for them not appreciating Leo for leading them all this time. All Leo wants is just a ‘thank you’ from them. Much to my surprise, Splinter disagrees with Leo, because being a leader is not about being appreciated, but rather taking a responsibility to lead others with a heavy burden. And because of Splinter’s word, I know now the true meaning of the burden that a leader carries: leading without asking anything back. But honestly, I get what Leo means. It’s just that you do a lot of work and carry a great burden, but no one seems to appreciate your sacrifice. But like Splinter said, Being unappreciated IS the burden.

Going out to join the Turtles, Leo is confronted by Karai again. Both of them challenges each other to a fight, and I gotta admit, the fight looks more like playing or dancing rather than actual fight, especially ninja fights. It couldn’t help the fact that both of them commenting on each other’s fighting style is just words rather than actual moves. And we also learn that Karai is actually pissed with Shredder’s obsession of getting revenge on the Turtles. As she said, that man needs to get a life.

However the fights starts to get interesting when they moved to the stairway, but it was brief. As the battle ended with Karai holding Leo at bay, she offers Leo to meet her at a tall building in NYC, obviously not the Empire State Tower. They probably couldn’t get the license or whatever. But even though this is obviously a trap, Leo doesn’t seem to ignore the threat. Could it be that he’s interested in Karai?! Oh no, not another Donnie subplot again! Well, if DonnieXApril is for comedic purposes, LeoXKarai would probably be for action purposes. Still, it is interesting to see some relationships on the couple that tends to be enemies. But honestly, why would Leo get interested over a monkey?!

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Meanwhile, the Turtles are close to SnakeWeed’s hideout, and because it’s in a sewer, the smell is stinker than usual. I think either Mikey are dumb like he always is or the Turtles’ sewer is a clean one. Because Mikey is a noob, Donnie whispers to him what are the smells come from. Yes, because of the censorship reasons, they had to make it look like whispering. And it’s really obvious that Donnie said the sewers came from human shits!

Eventually they found out SnakeWeed’s hideout. What’s more, he’s been kidnapping people to act as fertilizers so that SnakeWeed can grow stronger! As Donnie whispers to Mikey that fertilizers actually comes from animal shits, they managed to get the captive people out. And I liked how they hide themselves when the people woke out. However, SnakeWeed confronts the Turtles, and I gotta say that SnakeWeed has turned into a stereotypical monster, rather than a former crook. Well, maybe it’s because he’s been a monster for months and he gets used to be a monster.

At this point we see that Raph fails to be a leader. Sure, he can be pushy to make others follow his commands, but Raph clearly sucks at planning attacks. All he did is to aim SnakeWeed’s head, even though the method is useless after being used five times. During the fight, Mikey got hit unconscious and Raph suddenly freaks out over a fallen Mikey. Raph maybe a good fighter and can defend his life as well as no problem risking it, but as a leader, Raph cannot stand the burden of seeing others being sacrificed. Now now, Mikey’s not dead though.

It was then Donnie managed to give them time to escape, however, SnakeWeed plants an organic tracking device to the Turtles. Honestly, SnakeWeed is really, really stereotypical right now. Meanwhile, Leo decides to consult to April about Karai, and obviously April disagrees with Leo going to meet her. One thing that I should nitpick is that when April screams “She’s in the foot clan”, they should do it in your typical anime rage style, that would be hilarious. I mean April doing the normal anger expressions is kinda pale though. And to be honest, I think only the Turtles did those anime expressions.

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Karai meets Shredder, and we learned that she is Shredder’s daughter, or adopted daughter. Like every villain who has an offspring, Shredder treats Karai rather harshly, and Karai is obviously scared of him, even though she did insult him a bit. As Splinter treats Mikey’s wound, he explains to Raph that being a leader is truly painful, and know Raph knows Leo’s burden. Donnie informs that Leo is going to the tall building, courtesy of April texting Donnie. For the first time ever, April texted Donnie!!! For those people who has a crush out there (myself included hohohoho) you know how happy you are when she/he texted you!

As Leo went to the building, Karai shows him that she planned to steal a katana from the greatest swordsman in Japan. If the sword belongs to Miyamoto Musashi, then why would it ended up in NYC, not Japan? Well that’s my little nitpick that you have to ignore. Eventually Leo refuses to work with Karai, and just then Raph arrived, shocked that Leo is busy having a ‘date’ while others were working their asses of fending SnakeWeed. Well it is Raph’s fault.

Speaking of SnakeWeed, he confronts Leo, Raph and Karai because of the tracker on Raph’s back. Karai refuses to help Leo even though he begged for her help. But she did throw him a tanto, which makes Leo gain the upper hand. And I really don’t like Karai’s ‘sayonara’. Oh, before that, Raph makes a quick apology to Leo, and I love how fast he apologizes to Leo.

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The fights with SnakeWeed is good, probably because only two of the Turtles engaged him in combat. Because of Leo’s leadership, Raph was able to defeat SnakeWeed by using a freezing gas and then shattered a freezed SnakeWeed. As the two take off, we were shown that SnakeWeed’s heart is still beating. I guess this won’t be the last time we see the stereotypical monster again, and I think they should’ve started attacking his heart next time.

Back to the sewer, after Mikey regains consciousness after smelling pizza, Raph confronts Leo about Karai. Like April, Raph objects Leo’s ‘relationship’ with Karai, and it’s obvious that Leo has a crush on Karai and still has it, as he walks away from Raph’s questions.

Overall,an okay episode. Karai’s debut is good, but I really need to take time to accept her new appearance. And my biggest gripe about this episode is that SnakeWeed’s transformation from a typical crook to a stereotypical monster. Outside of that, the episode is good, and we finally get a proper Leonardo-focused episode.


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