TMNT 2012 Ep.15: TMNT Hates Justin Bieber!!!!


Yes. yes, YES! The Turtles hate Justin Biber! Why? Find out in this episode. Also, we get another Leonardo-focused episode in a row! This time it’s the continuation of the Karai debut.

TMNT 15 (1) TMNT 15 (2) TMNT 15 (3) TMNT 15 (4)

Yeah, this episode is the follow-up to the previous episode. In the previous, only Leo & Raph knew about Karai, and this time, it’s obvious that Leo has a crush on her, though not as strong as Donnie to April though. This is because Leo tries to impress Karai who was watching him and the other Turtles fighting the Krang. Yes, the Krang are back. Leo’s impression is a little overreacted, especially because the others obviously didn’t need any help. While Donnie and Mikey are confused, Raph seems to suspect something’s wrong. Leo however refuses to admit it.

Later, Baxter Stockman appears to be creating a machine that will allow the mutated Xever to walk and breathe on the surface. But because Stockman is a dumb genius, the machine couldn’t work, and Shredder is angry with his failure, while DogPound laughs at Xever’s situation. It was then Karai arrived and reports to Shredder about what she just saw.

Karai notes that the robot aliens means there’s something wrong in NYC, heck, Splinter’s ninjas are mutant turtles, and even Shredder’s two henchmen are turned into mutants! There must be something going on in NYC. And I gotta give credit to Karai for finally realizing that there’s something wrong, unlike Shredder who’s obsessed enough with his revenge that he didn’t even care about Bradford and Xever’s mutation. Karai offers to investigate, but Shredder refuses the offer, because she needs to find the Turtles and Splinter so that Shredder will have his revenge on Splinter who ‘ruined’ him and Karai’s life. Interesting to note is that, Karai is rumored to be Splinter’s daughter, and they way Shredder speaks to Karai somehow makes this rumor true.

TMNT 15 (5) TMNT 15 (6) TMNT 15 (7) TMNT 15 (8)

Back to the sewer, Leo and Raph sparred while arguing about Karai. Leo who is loveblind refuses to believe Karai is completely eveil, while Raph tries his best to convince Leo that Karai IS evil. When Splinter asked why are they arguing, both of them refuses to tell the situation.

Meanwhile, April is collecting a sample of her DNA to be sent to the Worldwide Genome Organization. The organization then will analyze the DNA, and will reveal the person’s ancestry. Holy shit, WGP has the Animus from Assassin’s Creed! And I loved how Donnie explains to Mikey about DNA while it’s obvious that Mikey wouldn’t understand.

Later, Leo confronts Karai and fights her again. Before that, Karai demands to know more about the Krang, and how stupid of Leo to tell her to avoid the Krang, because it’s obvious that Shredder will one day join forces with the Krang. While fighting, Leo still thinks that Karai is a good person and thinks that she wanted to get out of the Foot Clan. Oh Leo, this is what you get for being loveblind. Leo however warns Karai not to attack his brothers, for he will avenge them. And he thinks that Karai hears him and won’t attack the turtles. The dangerous power of loveblind.

TMNT 15 (9) TMNT 15 (10) TMNT 15 (11) TMNT 15 (12)

The next day, in DAYLIGHT, April went to her school because her DNA sample has been scanned. The woman who informs her however, speaks really strange. It’s obvious that she’s a Krang robot. And because they scanned April’s DNA, they knew that she’s the daughter of Mr. O’Neil, the scientist that got captured by the Krang. April then knew that she’s no ordinary person, and ran away hiding from her.

The Turtles got April’s message, and went to the higshchool, in DAYLIGHT, which overjoyed Mikey to the max. Surprisingly the robot lady is a formidable opponent because of her elbow missile! But regardless the Turtles managed to dispatch her with a short work. And I gotta admit, I love Leo’s “mother-hubbard”!

The Turtles deduced that there’s something fishy with the WGP because of the involvement with the Krang. Because of this, the Turtles decides to sneak into the WGP for more answers. Oh I just loved the Mirage comic-style reference in this series! But unbeknownst to them, Karai is following them to WGO.

TMNT 15 (13) TMNT 15 (14) TMNT 15 (15) TMNT 15 (16)

Breaking in using Raph’s way (because Donnie’s way is too damn annoying and time-consuming for them. Poor, poor Donnie), the Turtles realized that WGP IS the Krang, and they are collecting DNA samples of all species on Earth! Whatever it is, they’re planning to mutate the sample, and possibly creates an army to invade Earth.

Raph managed to detect Karai and quickly engages her in battle. Leo however blocks both of them, confusing Donnie and Mikey who’re already confused because they don’t know who Karai is. During the skirmish, Leonardo accidentally alerted the Krang, forcing the Ninja Turtles and Karai to ‘team up’ against the Krang!

TMNT 15 (17) TMNT 15 (18) TMNT 15 (19) TMNT 15 (20)

Karai however, triggers a button that fuses all of the living organism on Earth’s DNA with a pool of mutagen, creating a monster that Mikey would name: JUSTIN! I couldn’t help but to think that they are mocking Justin Bieber and he FUCKING deserves it! Oh how I wished that this monster is named ‘BIEBER’! Heck, this monster is WAY better than Beiber’s face! Yes, this monster should pwn Bieber! And to prove that he can pwn the scrawniest Bieber, he easily defeated all of the other Turtles! With Donnie being electrified by it. Poor, poor Donnie.

As Karai takes her leave, Leo admits that all of this is his fault, because he believed in Karai when the fact is that she’s the bad guy! Or bad girl. Interestingly, the Turtles are ‘teamed up’ with the Krang this time! Angered, Leo takes Bieber all by himself, and defeats it by using the same method that they used to defeat SnakeWeed. Only this time, Bieber is completely destroyed. Oh how I wished that the real Bieber is destroyed in this one, not the monster Justin……..

Escaping the burning WGP building, Leo finally tells the truth to everyone about Karai. He admits that he had feelings for Karai and he thinks that she could still be a good person. Donnie and Mikey are shocked and disappointed, April and Raph tried to warn him all this while, and Splinter tells him that Karai is an expert on deception, and Leo should treat her as an enemy instead of vice versa.

TMNT 15 (21) TMNT 15 (22) TMNT 15 (23) TMNT 15 (24)

Manwhile, as Stockman fixes Xever’s equipment again, Karai brings back home a body of a Krang robot, with the controllers. Because how perfect the controller is, Stockman might be able to use it to prefectize Xever’s legs. Shredder, though angered at first, is proud with Karai, and plans to find out more about the Krang and seeks to work with them to defeat the Turtles.

Overall, a great episode. The highschool and the WGP fight scenes are fantastic, not to mention the second one is pretty hilarious actually. And the ending marks that the series is on the turning point, as it foreshadows the evil joining forces to beat out heroes………….


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