Kamen Rider Wizard 21: Wizard’s Magical Boy Band

Mahou Sentai WizardRanger!!!
Mahou Sentai WizardRanger!!!

In this episode, Haruto tries to find a way to stop Beelzebub from making Shiho fall into despair. Unexpectedly, help arrived in the form of the Kamen Rider Gandalf! Meanwhile, Rinko starts to have a ‘date’ with Phoenix 😛

Wizard 21 (1) Wizard 21 (2) Wizard 21 (3) Wizard 21 (4)

First things first, I’m warning you, this review contains some many inappropriate references and I just can’t help but to state the inappropriate things. I even laughed because of my dirty mind. I wish my brain could be rebooted 😦

Anyways, Wizard found out that Beelzebub has the same Connect ability as Wizard. Because of this, he tries to fight fire with fire, or precisely Connect with Connect. The use of the Dragon DeathBreath and the Connect Ring is really good. But because we’re just started an episode, it’s obvious that Wizard’s strategy failed, as Beelzebub reflects the DeathBreath to him! Defeated, Beelzebub was about to finish Wizard when suddenly, White Wizard aka Kamen Rider Gandalf appears, and finally uses some magic! The WhiteWizarDriver, instead of being a palette swap of WizarDriver, is actually another version of it, not just a repaint. This is because it has different sounds and commands. If WizarDriver announces “Please”,  the WhiteWizarDriver announces “Now”, giving the impression that Kamen Rider Gandalf has stronger magical power and can command them at will, compare to Haruto who’s an in-training mage and had to ask for spells.

Kamen Rider Gandalf also appears to know Beast, as he states that BeastChimera will one day devour Nitou. Meanwhile, in the previous episode we see that Phoenix is about to grab Rinko. Surprisingly, he allows Rinko to come in, and closes the door. I couldn’t help but to think that when the door closes, and the fact that the birds are crying really shows that Rinko is being raped by Phoenix. Damn you my dirty mind!

Wizard 21 (5) Wizard 21 (6) Wizard 21 (7) Wizard 21 (8)

After ‘raping’ Rinko, she noticed that Phoenix’s house has a lot of flowers, because Yuugo loved flowers. Much to my surprise, Phoenix quickly reveals to Rinko that he’s a Phantom, even though Rinko already knows that. What she doesn’t know is that Yuugo is actually Phoenix. Unsatisfied, Phoenix grabs Rinko again to rape her! 😛 😛 😛

At the Omokagedou, with Haruto mysteriously disappeared, Nitou takes over for him. I’m glad that he has a bigger role in this episode, even just as a fill-in for Haruto. It’s just that his appearances in the last episode is so short that I forgot that we actually have Kamen Rider Beast already! At least, they know that Shunpei, Shiho’s husband and her friends are under Beelzebub’s control.

Back to Rinko, after receiving the second forced orgasm from Phoenix (honestly, you have to ignore this), Phoenix tells her that Beelzebub has a small minion that allows him to control people like a puppet, and Rinko should search the victim’s body for it. And surprisingly, even though Phoenix knows no kindness, he displayed some because he took Rinko’s bag and gave it to her. Maybe he wants to thank Rinko for that sexy time (oh God…..) 😛

Wizard 21 (9) Wizard 21 (10) Wizard 21 (11) Wizard 21 (12)

As for Haruto, he wakes up realizing that he’s standing on a magical ritual, with his Dragon Style Rings as the materials. This time, Kamen Rider Gandlaf appears before him, and the two met officially after a while since the Sabbath. Back to Rinko, she went back to Omokagedou to check on the Gate, and after Nitou tells her that Shunpei is affected, she undresses Shunpei! Man, is she really that horny?! She finds that there’s a little slug on Shunpei’s body, and smashes it.

It appears that Phoenix tells her the truth, and enlist Nitou, Shunpei and Koyomi to help remove the slug on the rest of the victims, which caused a comedic scene as most of the victims are girls and Nitou and Shunpei are being shoved away because the girls thinks they’re perverts! And when Rinko undresses them offscreen, I couldn’t help but to think of some yuri 😛 😛 😛 😛

After removing the final slug on Shiho’s husband, Rinko takes her leave to see Yuugo. Back to Haruto, KR Gandlaf tells him that Haruto is actually pretty stong, but he lacked the catalyst to do it. The main motive of the ritual is to unleash WizarDragon’s power more from Haruto, in order to create a new catalyst that will draw even more power from WizarDragon. The creation itself is pretty simple. Haruto just have to handle all of WizarDragon’s attacks. One thing worth noting is that WizarDragon did display other three elements, not just fire. And he succeeds in creating a new catalyst for WizarDragon’s full potential: the Drago Timer.

Wizard 21 (13) Wizard 21 (14) Wizard 21 (15) Wizard 21 (16)

Back to Rinko, she treats Yuugo some Hungry Doughnuts, to thank him for giving information about Beelzebub’s slug, and also thank Yuugo for giving her a great pleasure (OH. MY. GOD!). She wants to know more about Yuugo, why not? She apparently lost her virginity to him, so it’s only natural if she wanted a relationship with him! (Okay, from “why not” until the last one, just ignore it, honestly).

Meanwhile, Medusa is talking to Beelzebub on his lair. Apparently Beelzebub looks like a high-ranking Phantom, because he even has some Ghouls as a bodyguard. He notes that removing the slug is pretty pointless, as once a person is touched by the slug, the spell will last, until Beelzebub is defeated.

And this proves to be true, as Shiho’s husband drive her, Koyomi, Nitou, and Shunpei to Beelzebub, and in actuality they were only conscious for a while! Now that all of the victims had returned to be a zombie, Shiho, Koyomi, and Nitou retreats into a forest, and Nitou transforms into Beast to fight Beelzebub while Koyomi and Shiho run away.

Wizard 21 (17) Wizard 21 (18) Wizard 21 (19) Wizard 21 (20)

However, the victims cornered Shiho, and tells her that she should just disappear, and Shiho is on the verge of despairing herself! Meanwhile Beast’s having a difficult time fighting Beelzebub because of his  Connect ability. Before that, I admit. Beelzebub is my favorite MotW. I just loved his fighting style. Apparently he himself is actually formidable in combat, and his fighting style involves some music conducting, and even counts in German, which I enjoyed so much that I wished Beelzebub is actually a recurring Phantom!

Back to Rinko and Yuugo again, she suggested that Yuugo acts on his own instead of following orders, just like what Rinko did as she originally weren’t allowed to investigate the Phantom case. Yuugo is convinced by this, and feels refreshed after his rape victim consoles him, and transforms into Phoenix, shocking Rinko because Yuugo is actually a Phantom that Rinko knew! And now that Phoenix is refreshed, he will start to berserk around! Great, what have you done Rinko? Are you really that horny that you thanked him by suggesting him to do what he wants, and he’s a friggin’ Phantom, so if there’s any casualty, Rinko’s the one to blame! ONORE RINKO!!!!!! Now people, this is what you get for being horny. Lesson of the day.

Back to Beast, before Shiho could fall into despair, Haruto arrived in the nick of time, and tags around with Beast. The fight itself is good as usual, and when things get though, Flame Dragon puts on his new armament, the Drago Timer. Now I really liked the design, with the hand holding the stopwatch thing and the fact that the armament itself is actually a Wizard Ring + gauntlet.

Wizard 21 (21) Wizard 21 (22) Wizard 21 (23) Wizard 21 (24)

The Drago Timer allows Wizard to summon all of his Dragon Styles one by one, and I really liked the fight with the Wizard Dragon Style boy band. The fights are different from Super Sentai fights, and it shows that Wizard BoyBand Style (that’s what I’m gonna call him) has a great teamwork. The special armament has no special finisher though, which somewhat disappoints me. However, the quadruple Slash Strike is really great, and the way Wizards executed it looks like they’re the three musketeers with D’Artagnan. Now that Beelzebub is destroyed, everything is back to normal, and Shiho is happy again because her friends didn’t ignore her. As for Beast, he warns Haruto not to use the Drago Timer when they are dueling. LOL

Back to Rinko, now that she knows that Yuugo is Phoenix, the latter prepares to rape her the third time, and this time in his Phantom form! Come one Rinko? Why’re you afraid? Hey at least Phoenix didn’t possess a tentacle rape ability! Regardless, the episode ends with Phoenix preparing to rape Rinko by making her unconscious first 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 8=D


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