Go-Busters Mission 49: Onto the Finale!

The 6th Go-Buster! Close enough…….
The 6th Go-Buster! Close enough…….

So, we’re on the penultimate episode of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters!!! So this time, Enter has absorbed much of Hiromu’s data to the point that he can even morph into a Go-Buster now? So we got ourselves another AbareKiller!

GB 49 (1) GB 49 (2) GB 49 (3) GB 49 (4)

First things first, time to give my first impressions on Enter’s Go-Buster suit. This is what Powered Custom should’ve been, but less evil-looking. I really liked the design, particularly the helmet, which if you put it on RedBuster Powered Custom, that it would look cooler because it makes the PC armor looks like a whole suit upgrade rather than an armor add-on. Also, the suit’s TransPod is replaced by a Vaglass logo. As for the name, official materials calls it Evil RedBuster, but I’m just gonna go ahead and call it CrimsonBuster because it’s fun. Also, I demand that Bandai makes a normal release of SH Figuarts Evil RedBuster, but judging by the fact that the Bug Duo aren’t even announced yet, and Go-Busters aren’t really that popular (damn you TOEI), I don’t think that’s possible.

CrimsonBuster’s first fight is really good, especially when the whole team joins in to beat the crap out of him. All of the Busters used their respective finishers, except Ryuji who just used his Powered Custom special ability. Even though the simultaneous finisher seemed to work, it actually barely scratched Enter, as he has evolved way beyond to the point that he can’t be destroyed that easily!

This is because the data that he gathered from humans, which caused him to evolve further than than what humans should be. Put simply, Enter is closer to becoming a god, a Messiah to be precise. His theory of a human perfection contradicts with the Busters, as he believed that the more data a human has, the closer they are to become perfect. But the Busters believes that humans didn’t run on data, because that’s what makes them humans. Also, during Enter’s fight as CrimsonBuster, I’ve noticed that his psychopathic character has reached its max, and Enter looks like a completely insane psychopath now. Even the way he says “Tres bien” is different, not to mention that I like it a lot!

GB 49 (5) GB 49 (6) GB 49 (7) GB 49 (8)

Enter retreats, because he has other plans to show the Go-Busters. As the Busters are recuperating, Ryuji scolds Hiromu for what he did in the previous episode. Hiromu just doesn’t want everyone to kill him, and rather die by himself, if that’s the only way to defeat Enter. But Ryuji makes Hiromu remember that back when they first fought Messiah in Hyperspace, Hiromu didn’t shutdown Messiah by himself, Ryuji, Yoko, Masato, BuddyRoids and the people trapped in the Hyperspcae helped Hiromu. To put it simply, this ain’t Kamen Rider, so Hiromu can’t act alone. He’s got friends on his side, and they are willing to die too.

Meanwhile, Enter infiltrates an Enetron tank (it’s been a goddamn while!!!!), and transforms it into a cocoon-like object. Because of the transformation drains all of the Entron inside the tank, the Go-Busters are alerted to the situation. Masato however, stands back, as he’s currently brainstorming an idea to extract the card from Hiromu. He and Kuroki marks that the conversation between Ryuji and Hiromu had caused the Core Busters to become way mature that the are resolute now. As expected from a genius, Masato quickly has an idea to extract Hiromu’s card.

GB 49 (9) GB 49 (10) GB 49 (11) GB 49 (12)

The idea? Use Masato’s missing data to take out the 13th Messiah Card from Hiromu, which results in the breakdown of Masato’s data. Wait, WHAT?! No, no, no, no, no, no, just NO!!! Masato couldn’t be planning to sacrifice himself?! I’m absolutely shocked and sad as much as J.Stag was, they can’t just make Masato sacrificed himself, and creates another casualty of additional members in Super Sentai?! Please, just don’t.

Anyways, the Core Busters went into the site, and finds that the people inside are warped by a wire like mummies. They also find two kids, whose parents protected them and gets mummified as a result. The fact that the kids are trapped in a facility mirrors the Go-Busters past as their parents protected them.

Enter intervenes through some magical PA system, and tells them that he has so much power that even he can’t control it at this rate. Regardless, the Go-Busters take the kids out and fends off some Buglars. It’s nice to see out of suit fights after a while, even though out of suit fights are featured prominently, but it was brief. After the fight, Kuroki calls the Busters, and orders them to prepare for the teleportation in Hyperspace again, for they have found a way to extract Hiromu’s card (please don’t make Masato die. Please don’t make Masato die!!!).

GB 49 (13) GB 49 (14) GB 49 (15) GB 49 (16)

They agreed, on one condition. They must bring Enter along to battle him in the Hyperspace. Even though the Hyperspace are unstable and should a battle occurs it will threaten the Hyperspace’s well being and eventually kill all of the people inside, Hiromu notes that way is better than battling in the real world, as it will cause civilian casualties.

The EMC agrees, and the Cores assured the kids that everything will be back to normal. However, they don’t look very happy about it, probably because their experience had caused the death of their parents. Regardless, the Go-Busters form Go-BusterOh (sashiburi daa!) and Buster Hercules. The cocoon however, morphs into a MegaZord called Omega, and supposedly the strongest of Vaglass’ MegaZords. to show how powerful Enter is, he transformed all of the other Enetron tanks into the cocoons, which will create a utopia for Enter. Damn, he was damn serious about being the new Messiah.

GB 49 (17) GB 49 (18) GB 49 (19) GB 49 (20)

The MegaZords battled anyways, but their plan is to move Enter to a hangar which will be the teleportation mark. Holding MegaZord Omega caused the destruction of EMC. As others evacuate, Kuroki orders Morishita and Nakamura to evacuate as well, but instead the two refused! They resolved to stay and make sure the teleportation process went smoothly, as it is their job. Kuroki are forced to allow them to stay because of the two’s resolution. Well this is the penultimate episode, so it’s only natural if the supporting characters gets epic moments.

Moving on, Tategami LiO arrives to help the Go-Busters hold Omega, and as the teleportation process starts to occur, all of the 4 MegaZords are transported. But because of the damage that EMC had received, the teleportation process went a bit off track, causing the teleportation to be similar to the first one 13 years ago. Put simply, the teleportation caused to Go-Busters to land dangerously. The EMC were unable to check on the Go-Busters’ condition, and they deemed the mission a failure.

GB 49 (21) GB 49 (22) GB 49 (23) GB 49 (24)

In the Hyperspace, the Go-Busters are lying unconscious, with J.Stag receiving the most damage as he reverted to his BuddyRoid form. We also get to see the Hyperspace once again, and because it’s unstable, we can see some cracked data on it. As of now, the Hyperspace is actually a virtual dimension. I just knew that LOL. Enter on the other hand, survived the teleportation, and with the Go-Busters apparently ‘dead’ he sets out to engage his final plans………..

Overall, a strong build up to the finale. As any other finales, the supporting characters did get some significant moments, with the exception of BuddyRoids. Hopefully in the finale we will see them shine. And as for the CrimsonBuster, the fights are good, though I expected more screentime for it or else the suit will be a waste. But judging by the previews of the next episode, CrimsonBuster will appear again. Yeay! Regardless, a really great penultimate episode, though not as great as Gokaiger (obviously) but still better than Fourze’s.


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