Kamen Rider Wizard 20: Abandoned Phoenix

A cheerful Phoenix?!
A cheerful Phoenix?!

In this episode, after a fateful encounter, Rinko decides to investigate more about Phoenix, whom unbeknownst to her, is a regenerating Phantom that caused Haruto a lot of trouble! Meanwhile, Haruto protects a Gate that is somehow abandoned by everyone……

Wizard 20 (1) Wizard 20 (2) Wizard 20 (3) Wizard 20 (4)

It’s raining, and because Nitou is homeless, he has nowhere to go. And because he still considers Haruto as his rival, he thinks that Haruto tricks him and go defeat some Phantoms on his own. Damn, and I though their rivalry is  just friendly but here they seem to be a competing rivals, at least on Nitou’s perspective. Also, the puts mayonnaise on ramen. Ugghh.

As for Haruto, he tries the new Wizard Rings Dress Up and Excite. I wanted to say that this episode marks the return of two things, first the return of Haruto testing the Wizard Rings, and second I’ll cover it later. It’s good to see Haruto testing the new Rings again, because in the previous few episodes all he get is the Dragon Rings, and he tested it during battle. The testing scene is really funny. First, we see Kamen Rider Wizard use the Dress Up Rings and plays piano. Like how Kamen Rider OOO looks cute when he did something stupid, Wizard looks like a dumbass, in a good way. Second, the Excite Ring. The Ring allows the user to get so excited that they’re buffed up! The buffed Haruto is obviously graphical, but I really really laughed at how realistic and unrealistic the body is!

Meanwhile, Phoenix walks in the rain, pissed at how Wiseman abandons him. By abandoned I mean he won’t let Phoenix go around and make some Phantoms or deal with the mages. This is due to Phoenix is the type that always bash around, so having him do the job is really dangerous. During the midst, Rinko encounters him and takes an interest on him after Phoenix beats up a group of drunken men.

Wizard 20 (5) Wizard 20 (6) Wizard 20 (7) Wizard 20 (8)

What I liked about this episode is that it has two running plots. First the main Gate plot, and second the mystery of Phoenix plot. However, the second one is regarded as the subplot for this episode, even though the promotional materials states that this is the main plot. As for the main plot, the newest Gate is a married woman called Shiho who always cares about her connections rather than herself. She seems to be willing to do anything to be with her friends, husband, etc. But the problem is she’s annoying as hell. I really wondered how her husband would marry a woman like her. Love is freaking complicated.

As she was attacked by the Phantom Beelzebub, Haruto and Shunpei arrived. Beelzebub is probably my favortie MotW Phantom so far. This is because he ‘s lazy as hell, because he lets the Ghouls do the dirty work themselves, while he’s standing in the background, conducting music! Because the Phantom is a music conductor, the music used is a standard orchestras that you listen frequently inLittle Einsteins. Also, the second return that I mentioned earlier is Wizard’s flip n’ kick style is back! I didn’t remember when was the last time he used it, but I do remember that he didn’t use it recently that I consider the fighting style is back. As always, it’s really good to see Wizard’s fighting style back.

However, Beelzebub retreats, and Haruto confronts Shiho. Apparently Shiho doesn’t even care about her life being threaten by a monster, and all she cares is to see her friends! Haruto and Shunpei decides to follow her, while being watched by a music conductor who happens to be Beelzebub! I wanted to note that Beelzebub design is actually similar to Phoenix, and it’s visible if you silhouetted both of the suit using Photoshop or something. And even though Beelzebub is lazy as hell, he has one special ability: distort space, causing anyone who attacks him fails to land a hit on him.

Wizard 20 (9) Wizard 20 (10) Wizard 20 (11) Wizard 20 (12)

Meanwhile, Rinko investigates about the mysterious man. After a while, a flower shop owner tells her that he knew the man, but cannot believe that the person that Rinko is looking for is the same guy. The man, named Yuugo Fujita, is a hardworking man who aims to open his own flower shop one day. Contrary to Phoenix, Yuugo is actually a kind hearted man and is a very cheerful guy. It’s really nice to see Phoenix actor acts nicely, instead of his current role as a brash and dim-witted guy. We learned that Yuugo disappeared during the solar eclipse, so it’s official that’s Phoenix is the reincarnation of Yuugo. Unbeknownst to Rinko, Yuugo is actually the Phantom that nearly caused Haruto to be afraid!

As for Haruto, he uses Dress Up to enter a high class restaurant, and they found out that every of Shiho’s friends ignores her, causing Shiho to become very hopeless. However, she gets a call from another friend who invites her to go dancing in a studio, only to find them ignoring her as well. While Shiho thinks everybody ignores her because she’s annoying, Haruto suspects something else. Haruto’s suspicion turns out to be true as Shunpei tries to convince Shiho that she’s not alone, only to shove her aside not long after. Because of the way Shunpei looks, Haruto knew that Shunpei is under a certain spell. Could this be the Gorgom’s plot?! 😛

Wizard 20 (13) Wizard 20 (14) Wizard 20 (15) Wizard 20 (16)

Back to Rinko, now that she gathered information about Yuugo, she went to his home. The scene is absolutely scary to the point that I feared if Rinko would encounter any Ju-On ghost! But the only thing she encountered is Phoenix, who is standing right behind her. Holy crap. Phoenix is gonna rape Rinko.

Back to Haruto, Shiho went to her husband’s office, and tells him that her friends had been ignoring her, only for the husband to do the same as well. Surprisingly, as Beelzebub reveals himself, Shiho didn’t fall into despair yet. Either she has a strong will or they just delayed it until the next episode.

Regardless, now that Haruto knows that it’s not a Gorgom plot but rather a Phantom plot, he transforms into Wizard again. And again, Beelzebub summons Ghouls to do the job. As usual, Wizard VS Ghouls is always fun to watch. Just by the flip n’ kick style. I gotta praise Seiji Takaiwa for being able to do a stunt where he didn’t even require wire works!

Wizard 20 (17) Wizard 20 (18) Wizard 20 (19) Wizard 20 (20)

And then it’s time to use the Excite Ring in battle. Unlike MagiGreen, the buffed up Wizard is not a suit, but rather a CGI. I honestly prefer the CGI, as the buffed suit makes it look pretty weird, and really, really off. But Wizard’s Excite’s CGI is pretty good, and I praised the CGI team for able to make a good rendition of it.

Just about then, Nitou appears! Honestly, during the entire episode I forgot that we actually had a secondary Rider now. Nitou himself is pretty much useless in this episode, as he fights some Ghouls while berating that Wizard should give Beelzebub to him for meal. Aside of that, his Chameleo Mantle also displays a new ability. Not only it allows Beast to camouflage himself, but the mantle also acts as a whip. And I gotta admit, Beast’s fighting style is pretty boring compared to Wizard’s flip n’ kicking style.

As Wizard assumes Flame Dragon, he went to attack Beelzebub. But because of Beelzebub’s space distortion ability, every of Wizard’s attacks fail to land on Beelzebub, only to land on Beast instead! And I’m surprised that this episode ends during the battle, with the cliffhanger being Wizard shocked about Beelzebub’s ability. Well, at least this is a good episode, and the comedy aspects did a good job to make me laugh.


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