Go-Busters Mission 48: Enter’s Scheme

And…….. Escape’s final battle!!!
And…….. Escape’s final battle!!!

After revealing that Hiromu himself is the backup for Enter, the former are facing difficult decisions. Meanwhile, Escape revives again, and seems to be upgrading her abiities……

GB 48 (1) GB 48 (2) GB 48 (3) GB 48 (4)

The reason why Hiromu can revive Enter is because of the 13th Messiah Card is inside Hiromu, and we were shown that the card went to Hiromu during Enter’s battle with Hiromu in Mission 33, just after Enter spreads the Messiah Cards. Also, Enter will revive on anything that Hiromu touches, which is why the pole earlier can manifest into Enter, because Hiromu touched it earlier! And what I liked about this episode is that they keep showing brief flashbacks, and helps the viewers understand everything without the need to rewatch the previous episodes.

Another thing that we learned is that Enter always wants to gather Hiromu’s data ever since the Messiah Card game began, and now it’s revealed that he gathered it all the time! Because Enter is revived from Hiromu’s touch, that explains why he knows Hiromu’s weakpoint, because he came from Hiromu! Put simply, in a weird way, Enter is Hiromu’s offspring, and Enter now seeks to become more and more like his father. That’s weird though O_O

As Enter takes his leave, telling that if they wanted to destroy him, they must kill Hiromu. While the others worried about Hiromu and does every research to extract the card from him, Hiromu himself is faced with difficult situations. He’s bummed that the only way to stop Enter is through killing himself. But when Yoko approached him, Hiromu tries to act like nothing happened, literally meaning that he himself is not worried about his current condition. Finally, I can find something to relate myself with Hiromu. Hiromu is faced with though decisions and he doesn’t want anyone to worry about him, so he acts like nothing happened, although we know that he’s the one that worried the most.

GB 48 (5) GB 48 (6) GB 48 (7) GB 48 (8)

Meanwhile, Enter revives Escape again, and this time Escape attacks Enter without hesitation. Even though Escape has ‘regained’ her memories of competing with Enter, this is not the same Escape as we knew. This is the most f***ed up Escape ever. She is now nothing more than a mere avatar. As Enter leaves her, Escape decides to rape every animals in the city, in order to gain data and eventually combine with animals. I really feel sorry for that Shiba Inu though 😥

Back at the EMC, Masato tries to theorize a way to extract the card from Hiromu. And I loved that he used Jenga to do it! His theory is that they need to use Hiromu for teleportation, and during the process Hiromu’s body will be split into data, and they can eliminate the card during that. But the problem is, they only have one try, as a mistake will result in the loss of Hiromu. But honestly, I think the reason why Masato is suddenly angry is because of the way to retrieve his data from Enter, which they haven’t touched since the battle during Christmas.

Later, even though Hiromu acts like he’s not worried, the others found that Hiromu is trying to commit suicide, and takes off before his teammates can even stop him. Back to Escape, she is finished raping the animals and now appears to use the animal parts for her clothing! I really, really feel sorry for that Shiba Inu for being killed!!! Where the hell is PETA?!

GB 48 (9) GB 48 (10) GB 48 (11) GB 48 (12)

Dawn arrives, and Hiromu is preparing to jump from a tall building. But Enter arrives and prevents him from committing suicide, only for Hiromu to reveal that the suicide act is just for luring Enter! He transforms, and this is the first time where we see the Go-Busters transform directly into the Powered Custom forms. A fight with Enter ensues, although Enter tells him that even though Enter cannot kill RedBuster because he’s Enter’s backup, he can still hurt Hiromu.

While that happens, the other four Busters are confronted by Escape while searching for Hiromu. After ignoring Escape for being amnesiac, the Bug Duo volunteers to fight the woman whose Evolve form is now further evolved to spot a fauna theme on it. Now I get why they named it ‘Escape Evolve’, becaue it keeps evolving! And honestly, Escape’s final form is weird, with the only decent part for me is the headsculpt.

Even though this is Escape’s final battle, the main attraction of this episode is the battle between RedBuster and Enter Unite. I just love the battle that originates from the top of a building then move on to the ground. And now it’s official. RedBuster’s Powered Custom superpower is teleportation, not faster speed. During the battle, Nick noticed that Enter seems to use Hiromu’s fighting style, including his battle ready pose! RedBuster and Nick plans to defeat Enter by using the VolcaNick Attack, to see if Enter has that ability as well.

GB 48 (13) GB 48 (14) GB 48 (15) GB 48 (16)

As expected, Enter has that ability! The duel between the two VolcaNick Attacksresults in RedBuster’s defeat. This is because everytime Enter is revived, he becomes stronger, and stronger, which is why he’s able to win that duel. Back to Escape, even though this is her final form, the Go-Busters defeated her rather quickly, and barely had any hard time doing it. But Escape is not destroyed yet, and she uses the same technique that Messiah Reboot uses, and becomes Escape Zeta. I would like to point out that this is the very first time, and possibly the only time in Go-Busters where the MotW grows into a giant monster!

Because they are facing a Zeta-like MegaZord, they must use the the Go-BusterKing. While that happens, RedBuster are preparing to use VolcaNick Attack again, even though that’s pretty much useless now. However, RedBuster only needs the flaming aura on it, which is interesting as I wonder what he will do with it.

GB 48 (17) GB 48 (18) GB 48 (19) GB 48 (20)

Like Escape Evolve’s final form, Escape Zeta’s fight with the MegaZord are rather short, this is maybe because they don’t have much time because the main highlight of this episode is the battle between RedBuster and Enter, which is somewhat disappointing since this episode also marks another highlight: Escape’s death.

The only thing new in the MegaZord fight is the LiO Hurricane attack, which projects an inferno at the enemy. Now that Escape Zeta is defeated, Escape is now on the brink of death, more accurately, derezzed. And what better way to end Escape’s final moments with BlueBuster on her side? At this point, Escape calls Ryuji ‘papa’, which could mean that she considers Ryuji as ‘papa’ and desired to become as strong as him. And to an extent, Escape might remember her previous memories after all. And the reason why this is her final battle is that Enter abandons her earlier in the episode, so Enter won’t result in reviving her anymore.

And this marks the last time we see Escape, until the release of Go-Busters VS Gokaiger. All that I want to say is thank you Ayame Misaki for delivering a great performance as Escape, as well as giving fanboys epic boner, except me (because only Mao Ichimichi gives me that 😛 ). Regardless, we will always remember you as one of the sexiest female villains, and honestly, you are even sexier than the previous female villains, an ironic twist because they are former pornstars and you’re not!

GB 48 (21) GB 48 (22) GB 48 (23) GB 48 (24)

Now that Escape’s been taken care of, it’s time to see Hiromu’s plan. As expected, he plans to commit suicide alongside Enter, and threatens him to take out the Messiah Card from his body or else, Hiromu and Enter will both die and the battle will be over! But honestly, my main gripe in this scene is that the yaoi reference. I can’t help but to think of that when Enter said ‘lover’s suicide’ and suddenly they showed us Hiromu ‘hugging’ Enter, and what makes the yaoi reference are even more solid is that Enter’s hair makes him look like a woman! Man, I bet if AkibaYellow saw this she would go moe to the max…..

Regardless, both of them died as the result of the explosion. But before the others could mourn, it is revealed that Enter’s wire wrapped Hiromu, preventing his death! It’s revealed that suicide is relatively pointless for Hiromu, as the 13th Messiah Card is programmed to protect him from death! And now, Enter revives again, even closer to becoming a clone of Hiromu, shown by him mimicking Hiromu’s face! I gotta admit, Hiromu wearing Enter’s wig is really weird and awkward, especially that evil smile. Anyways, the episode ends with Enter announcing “Let’s Morphin’”, shocking the Go-Busters!!!

Overall, a great episode as they redeemed the qualities of the previous episode. This episode builds up interesting points, and as the series has gotten very close to its end, we can see that there are no humors at all. Which is sad, because usually J.Stag are in charge of the humors, and in this episode, he barely has any lines aside from the generic lines or even did something very much like J.Stag in the background!


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