AkibaRanger S1E3 Retro Review: The Adventures Of Being Drunk

And Mack- err I mean BoukenRed appears too!!!
And Mack- err I mean BoukenRed appears too!!!

*WARNING: People under 16 should NOT read this review* In this episode, the AkibaRangers sans Blue decides to train their Delusion Powers by drinking!! Meanwhile, Hakase ponders about the appearance of the official members in the delusional world…….

Akiba 3 (1) Akiba 3 (2) Akiba 3 (3) Akiba 3 (4)

AkibaRanger is an adult parody of Super Sentai, and this episode signifies the meaning of the ‘adult parody’. In this case, this episode heavily featured the term ‘drinking’. Sure, older Tokusatsus did this, but nowadays they seem to watered it down, probably because of the children’s sake. Anyways, move on to the episode, Hakase decides to call Akagi to ask him about the previous meeting with DekaRed in the previous episode. Much to my surprise, Akagi goes out to drink with his friends who are neither otakus or co-workers! Now I can relate myself with Akagi more, and to an extent, all of you toku fans! Like our friends who aren’t otakus, Akagi’s would laugh about him not having any girlfriend.

After explaining to Mitsuki about Black Condor from Jetman always drinks sake and is a womanizer, Akagi encounters Sayaka, who’s also went to the same store to drink with her friends. Akagi stalks her, and overhears that Sayaka doesn’t have any boyfriend! This makes Akagi go all Joujima Yuuki-ish and orders a pitcher of beer! And as the result, he went home being completely drunk! However, when he sees a man trying to ask a woman to join the hostess club, Akagi starts to have delusions, and as a result, the man itself is actually part of the Sutema Otsu! Joined by Blue and Yellow in the forest, Red fights the Sachikus. Before that, we see that Moegi is actually pretty good at drawing doujinshi.

During the fight, they noticed Akagi is a lot stronger than before. This is evidenced by him taking down the enemy all by himself, and Blue and Yellow only helped a little! As the man reveals himself as Kabukichou-blablabla, shorten to Kabukichou, a district in Tokyo that’s filled with host clubs, AkibaYellow is strangely attracted to him! She even said that his voice is like a ‘Green River Light’ which is a nickname for seiyuu Hikaru Midorikawa, who happens to voice Kabukichou! His major plan is to take over raw materials in order to transform them into beautiful night butterflies, or rather takes virgins and transforms them into prostitutes. Or if you prefer a politer way, virgins into hostess.

Akiba 3 (5) Akiba 3 (6) Akiba 3 (7) Akiba 3 (8)

Suddenly, Akagi summons yet another official Sentai member, and this time it’s BoukenRed, wearing his Good Luck attire! To be honest, outside of referencing the episode where he used the suit, I don’t really see the point of him wearing it. Because as of 2013 there are no plans to do any sorts of SH Figuarts BoukenRed Good Luck form, which I hope didn’t happen at all, and also the fact that no other Boukengers are stated to be released despite the other Boukenger’s prototypes are being shown in 2012.

Anyways, the battle with Kabukichou are a good one primarily because of the appearance of BoukenRed. Even though Satoru Akashi or his actor didn’t make an appearance in the episode, he did lend his voice for BoukenRed, which I think is very neat! Because of the imaginary BoukenRed’s interference, Kabukichou are forced to retreat, ending the delusion.

The next day, Hakase reveals that the reason why Akagi is so badass yesterday is because he’s drunk. AkibaRanger’s power is delusion, and when someone gets drunk, their delusions maximizes and if they can transform while being drunk, the AkibaRanger powers will increase! With that, Hakase decides to make the AkibaRangers strengthen their Delusion Powers, by drinking!

Because Mitsuki is an underage, she cannot drink sake. As for Akagi and Moegi (whose attire changes into that of a school boy), becomes so drunk that all they talked is about Sentai, Sentai, and Sentai! Also, we get to see that Moegi tends to like the male villains in Sentai because their design is sexy. But this is the part I liked the most: Mitsuki says that Akagi was able to summon  a DekaRanger, and aBoukenRanger. Akagi, being the ultimate Sentai fan, corrects Mitsuki by saying that Boukenger is the actual name, not BoukenRanger! This trait shown by Akagi is a common trait for us toku fans. We tend to correct every single little mistake by toku newbies and noobs.

Akiba 3 (9) Akiba 3 (10) Akiba 3 (11) Akiba 3 (12)

Irritated, Mitsuki leaves and went to a DVD store for some reason. Later that night, Akagi and Moegi are completely drunk, save for Hakase who doesn’t drink much and Kozkoz who went home after her shift ended. As the store closes, Akagi and Moegi walk the alley pretty much like drunken people. It’s pretty weird seeing Moegi being drunk, mostly because of her current persona, it makes it look like underage being drunk. They noticed Mitsuki, who’ve just went out to the DVD store. However, she was approached by Kabukichou, and after seeing Mitsuki’s panties (which is white LOL), the three of them transforms. Because the two are drunk, Akagi and Moegi’s transformation scene are a bit dwindled.

Before they battle, Mitsuki wonders why all of their battles are in daylight, whereas the real scene before entering the delusion world is night. Akagi points out another trivia, shooting in the mountains are a lot of work, so that’s why you don’t see night action scenes often. And if you saw it, then praise the production crew as filming during the night is really tiring!

The AkibaRangers noticed that Kabukichou has kidnapped another batch of virgins, and this time Sayaka is included in it too! This is obviously a delusion, as Akagi dreamed to save Sayaka. However, when he saved them, Sayaka turns out to be Malshina in diguise! Despaired, Akagi is pwned by Kabukichou.

Akiba 3 (13) Akiba 3 (14) Akiba 3 (15) Akiba 3 (16)

One major thing during AkibaRed VS Kabukichou is that the fight itself contains lots and lots of yaoi theme! The fight almost looks like something of a gay p***. Moegi, being a yaoi fan, goes moe over this and faints. So basically, the two drunken AkibaRangers are being useless in this fight.

Hakase tells AkibaBlue that Yellow is a fujoshi, a girl who likes gay relationships.  Unbeknownst to them, Hakase is enjoying their delusions while drinking sake and squid. I don’t much about that, but is squid and beer are a good combination? Because in Kamen Rider they also did that with IkaDevil.

When Blue saves Red, Kabukichou held Sayaka hostage again. Without further ado, Red saves her, only to be attacked as Sayaka is actually Malshina, again! And again, Kabukichou beats Red with yaoi moves. And as Yellow just woke up, the sight of Kabukichou spanking Red causes her to faint, again! And to makes matters worse, the scene repeats itself one more time! The reason why this happens repetitively is because Akagi and Moegi are too drunk, and that causes them to be carried over by their dreams, further causing them to be fooled easily!

Akiba 3 (17) Akiba 3 (18) Akiba 3 (19) Akiba 3 (20)

Tired of the same thing over and over, Blue asks Hakase to cancel their delusions so that Akagi & Moegi will sober up and fights better. But, Hakase appears to get completely drunk after drinking two bottles of sake by herself! Pissed off, Blue decides to not to attack Kabukichou, but rather Malshina! Just as every female villain, Malshina is a very good fighter, being able to go toe-to-toe with AkibaBlue, the strongest fighter of the team. And like every female villain that have human faces, Malshina’s actress also did some of the fight scenes herself, although the stunts are obviously done by a stuntwoman.

Refusing to give up, Blue quotes the line from Boukenger Task 20. The reason why Blue knows this is because she had been studying Boukengers at the DVD store earlier! After hearing this Red and Yellow completely sobers themselves. Man, guess the tokusatsu otakus antidotes are the tokusatsu itself!

All of the sudden, BoukenRed appears again, and this time he’s on his standard form! BoukenRed, being one of the leaders that I liked the most in Super Sentai (Due to his strict leadership), leads the AkibaRangers in the fight. As he and AkibaRed takes on Kabukichou, Blue and Yellow deals with Malshina. Blue went off to help BoukenRed after AkibaRed is defeated. And before finishing Kabukichou, BoukenRed final form rides himself into a giant scoop called Bouken Scooper. The weapon is my favorite Legend weapons in AkibaRanger, due to the fact that it’s a scoop that acts like a spear, and also justifies itself as a scoop-looking lance. However, the AkibaRangers themselves uses the scoop as a well, scoop!

Akiba 3 (21) Akiba 3 (22) Akiba 3 (23) Akiba 3 (24)

Using the Bouken Scooper to dig and trap Kabukichou, the AkibaRangers prepares to defeat him. I want to point out that Red’s line to Kabukichou “I hate being ‘dug into’, but I love to ‘fill’!” is really, really 18SX, if you ask me. With that they finish Kabukichou off using the standard MMZ-01 finisher. And this episode also lacks MegaZord battles, mainly because of the CGI budget. I should tell you that you don’t have to expect MegaZord fights in this series, and considers them like the Underworld battles in Kamen Rider Wizard. Now that the battle is over, the AkibaRanger returns to the real world, only for Akagi & Moegi to throw up because they’ve been drinking too much!

The next day, Akagi, Moegi and Hakase apologizes for being drunk, and swears never to drink too much again. However, Mitsuki tells them that she won’t transform starting tomorrow. WAIT, what does this mean?!


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