AkibaRanger S1E2 Retro Review: Final Form Ride, D-D-D-DekaRed!!!

Passing the official torch to the unofficial!!!
Passing the official torch to the unofficial!!!

*WARNING: The following review contains of what might be inappropriate pictures, and thus children must NOT read this review* After learning that their transformations into AkibaRangers are nothing more than a mere delusion, Akagi decides to quit the team. While Aoyagi and Moegi deals with the Mashina, a heartbroken Akagi encounters Banban Akaza, the official DekaRed! Or is it really him?

Akiba 2 (1) Akiba 2 (2) Akiba 2 (3) Akiba 2 (4)

Now that they knew that they were in a delusion this whole time, Hakase reveals what did they do in the real world while they were Juu Mosou-ing. Turns out that they were shadowboxing this whole time! And it turns out that the cafe did suffer from some trouble but the police arrived and handled the situation, so the girl who thanked Akagi earlier probably thought that Akagi called the police.

Now that not only they weren’t the REAL real heroes, and the fact that they’ve just embarrassed themselves, Akagi decides to quit the team and takes his leave. Suddenly, he notices a familiar figure in a car, and identifies the person as Ban, DekaRed! Meanwhile, Moegi ordered a lot of curry, thinking that the Yellow Rangers loves curry so much. But Hakase corrects her, saying that only 2 of the 36 Yellow Rangers does that. This tells us that even though Moegi is a fan of Sentai, she doesn’t know that much. She’s more like your casual fan.

We also get to see that Moegi is actually a pretty good actor! If her cosplay costume is stripped off, I mean i.e her hat falls off or something like that, she will become a totally different person, her true self, which is pretty weird for a girl. And surprisingly, despite her looks and attitude (which is a fake attitude), Moegi is actually 23 years old! Judging the fact that she’s a cosplayer and seems to change her character every time, Moegi looks like one interesting character.

Akiba 2 (5) Akiba 2 (6) Akiba 2 (7) Akiba 2 (8)

Unlike Akagi, the girls stayed in the team, with Aoyagi claiming that delusioning might be useful for practicing her moves, and Moegi just wants to have fun.  Back to Akagi, he calls Ban, who surprisingly recognized Akagi as a Red Ranger, and went ahead to tell him that all of the Super Sentai members are counting on Akagi now. It looks like the official Sentai seeks to approve the unofficial Sentai now!………..Until it is revealed that Akagi is having a delusion of thinking that Ban acknowledges him as a Super Sentai warrior.

The real thing is, that’s not Ban, but rather the actor portraying Ban, Ryuji Sainei. And the reason he wore the SPD uniform is because he’s currently on his way to a Power Rangers SPD event, which during the time it was dubbed over there. I’m really glad that this series not only referenced Sentai, but also Power Rangers too! Looks like the Power Rangers also exist on this series! Also, I found Ban’s new hairstyle is a bit off, really. And even thought he found Akagi to be overreacting, he thanked Akagi for being a fan of him. See, even though this is a show, this is an example of a good actor, they respected even the most obsessive fan!

Back to the girls, they went to a shop called Otamix to purchase some Aoi-tan’s goods. However, they heard that someone is selling an upcoming limited edition of Aoi-tan’s goods, including a mysterious gift. Thinking that this might be a bootleg, they went to investigate.They found out that the mystery gift is a polka dot sticker that once put on Aoi-tan’s picture, it will make it look like she’s naked. The seller gives the costumers a chance to peel the sticker, and when they did that, the costumer suddenly becomes naked with only a large polka dot cardboard to hide their exposed genitals!

Akiba 2 (9) Akiba 2 (10) Akiba 2 (11) Akiba 2 (12)

Turns out that the seller is actually Malshina in disguise, and this time she is accompanied by Aburamushi again! But instead of reviving, this Aburamushi is actually a different one, with unclear differences. Because of this, the girls transform into AkibaRangers. One thing that I want to note is that Malshina’s transformation is akin to the transformation style of the older Sentai, particularly Goranger.

As for the fight, Aburamushi 2.0’s attacks involves him throwing the polka dot sticker which when inflicted will cause the victim to appear nude. Excitingly the sticker hits Malshina, and she was forced to leave the battlefield because she’s nude! As for how Malshina’s actress is willing to appear naked, she’s a pornstar, so you’ll get it. Damn~

Hakase tried to call Akagi to get into action, but fails because it’s not real fighting, just delusional ones. The fight with the footsoldiers are great, with the Akiba Girls using random items and put ‘Akiba-‘ on it. It really reminds me of the original Kamen Rider where he always uses random weapons (usually in the form of enemy’s weapon whom he stole from). We also learn Sutema Otsu’s plan of world domination, or in this case, Akihabara domination. They were planning to rid Akibahara’s culture and replace it with a second Shibuya. Because Akihabara is a place filled with otakus and that’s what makes it unique, the AkibaRangers won’t allow them to change Akihabara.

Akiba 2 (13) Akiba 2 (14) Akiba 2 (15) Akiba 2 (16)

Sadly, the girls failed to beat Aburamushi 2.0, and causes him to bully them like a pervert harassing girls. Seriously, that part is so perverted. Just when Aburamushi 2.0 is about to kill them, they de-transformed. Hakase is the one that cancels their transformation, although she claims that those are only used for the very, very last resort. Why? Because if they keep using the cancellation ability, their delusional power will be diminished. Imagine, a person who can’t have delusions. Okay that’s scary for an otaku like me.

The reason why the two lose earlier is because they didn’t notice the flag announcing that they’re about to lose. This appears when Aburamushi 2.0 says that he will send the Rangers to their grave, and that’s the signal signifying its defeat. But because the two are amateur Sentai fan, and the lack of Akagi around, they didn’t noticed that and becomes the very first hero who actually fall for the flag! Looks like they really need Akagi huh?

Speaking of Akagi, he was about to throw away his MMZ-01, then suddenly he notices DekaRed calling into him. What’s more, Akagi is not having a delusion! Thinking that this might be the real DekaRed, Akagi follows him.

Akiba 2 (17) Akiba 2 (18) Akiba 2 (19) Akiba 2 (20)

When he corners DekaRed, the latter mimes to him, telling that the official members are looking forward to the AkibaRangers becoming official. Akagi is still not convinced, thinking that this is all a delusion. But suddenly, DekaRed kicks him, leading Akagi to remember that DekaRed uses the same technique to awaken a depressed DekaBlue in DekaRanger’s fourth episode! Thinking that this might be true after all, Akagi thanked DekaRed, who takes his leave.

With this new resolve, Akagi returns to the Sentai cafe, and happily announces that he wants to return to the team. After watching the news telling that Akihabara is in danger, and Sutema Otsu might be behind this, the AkibaRangers went to their delusional action, but not before Hakase lends them her car key, a special car. But one thing though, how did Hakase seemed not surprised when Akagi tells her that DekaRed appears?

This is because Hakase was behind this all along! She payed some random guy to cosplay as DekaRed to convince Akagi into thinking that he’s the real DekaRed and that he should rejoin the AkibaRangers! This explains why DekaRed doesn’t speak but mimes all the time, he’s a friggin’ random guy who was paid by Hakase! One thing that I liked about this series that even though the entire battle is only a delusion, but it the evil organization seeks to destroy Akihabara, which makes the AkibaRangers not the protectors of the world, but rather the protectors of Akihabara! This is realistic in a way that they focused on one major city, while in the typical Toku series the heroes are regarded as protectors of the world but they only fight in Japan (or America, if you count Power Rangers). It’s funny that a parody series did something realistic that the official series didn’t!

Akiba 2 (21) Akiba 2 (22) Akiba 2 (23) Akiba 2 (24)

Back to the team, they transformed and finds out that the special car is actually a car imbued with Aoi-tan’s prints, making it looked like a car that is used to promote Aoi-tan. Dubbing the car Machine Itashaa, the AkibaRangers considers this as their MegaZord, as it has the ability to transform into a robot! The robot itself resembles the Transformers robot, and it’s a little hideous if you ask me. But I can deal with it since it transformed from a single car. Because the car is a real car, meaning that it’s not a giant mecha, the robo itself is pretty small. But what makes me like about Machine Itashaa is that the CGI looks so good! It’s not really realistic but it definitely looks way better than any CGI that you’ve seen in TOEI’s tokusatsu series!

Using the Itashaa Robo to escape a traffic jam, the heroes confronts Malshina and Aburamushi 2.0. What makes the robo unique is that it tends to use Otagei to fight. For those wondering what’s an otagei, it’s an otaku dance. So, seeing a robo did some funny dances is funny! But before they can use the robo’s finisher, the robo retreats and ejects the Rangers. This is because they didn’t have enough Delusion Power to activate the finisher. Looks like the finisher would require someone that’s basically a delusion king huh?

Regardless, they were forced to fight the evils by foot. The fights are really AWESOME in this series, particularly Blue with her techniques. And I love the way Red uses his headsculpt as weapons! But Aburamushi is tougher than the previous incarnation, and beats the Rangers into submission. But Akagi refused to give up, because he wanted the approval from the official Sentai members. Suddenly, DekaRed appears again! This time it’s the ‘real’ DekaRed, because it has Ban’s voice! By ‘real’ I mean even though that is the real DekaRed, keep in mind that this is all a delusion, so the real Ban, or rather, Ryuji Sainei, wasn’t aware of this at all.

Akiba 2 (25) Akiba 2 (26) Akiba 2 (27) Akiba 2 (28)

DekaRed aids AkibaRed in battle, and suddenly he final form rides himself into a pair of giant cuffs! You know that Super Sentai is a 30-minute toy commercial to gain profits right? But this is an adults’ show, so why would they need to promote toys? Because they are promoting AkibaRanger by using the SH Figuarts! This is all meant to gain more money through AkibaRanger, hence why DekaRed is released as an SH Figuart. As for the weapon, Deka Wappa, I gotta admit that it’s a bit weird of choice, but because they are police, I guess that’s the closest thing they can do other than blasters. But the weapon also doubles as a claw like weapon, so it’s not really that weird.

Anyways, the AkibaRangers defeats Aburamushi again, and celebrates the victory, with Akagi being the happiest one. However, Hakase is shocked by this revelation, as they can’t really summon Sentai members. My theory is that the AkibaRangers are thinking of that Sentai member, and their Delusional Powers caused it to manifest into a physical form, thus creating an imaginary but solid version of the Sentai members!


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