Go-Busters Mission 47:Backups, Chickens, and Kuwagatas

Chickenzillas motha fuckha!!!!

After Enter reveals that he can now creates MetaRoids from organic objects, as well as capable of reviving endlessly, the Go-Busters are desperate to find out the source of Enter’s revival. Also, due to Enter knowing Hiromu’s weakpoint, it’s time for Hiromu to train himself to overcome his fear of chicken!

GB 47 (1) GB 47 (2) GB 47 (3) GB 47 (4)

Picking up where the previous episode left (Enter making the epic bow to Go-Busters), our heroes are shocked as hell on how Enter displays his new ability, with J.Stag shocking even further because his pet kuwagata is now the very first organic MetaRoid (That is, if you didn’t count Escape)! I’d like to note that J.Stag used the Transpod to summon his pet’s cage! Looks like that thing can summon every object huh? I thought they were only compatible with Buster Gears.

Anyways, we learn more about Enter’s real objective. The Messiah we know is now gone, and the remaining Messiah Card will be used by Enter so that he will become the new Messiah himself. Even though the previous Messiah Cards were destroyed, but the data it gathered did not, thus making it clear that the Vaglass are actually having the real upper hand the whole time. Outside of that, Enter claims that one day he will be able to create a MetaRoid from a human, a perfect human, which is Enter himself. What Enter means is that he wanted to become human, but transcends them as well, like a Messiah.

Remember back in Mission 33 where Enter wants to gather RedBuster’s data? Well, he managed to obtained it somehow. This is shown when he mutters the word ‘chicken‘, causing Hiromu to freeze instantly! Much to my disappointment, Enter didn’t laugh like he always did back in the good ol’ days, which means one thing: he’s a complete psychopath now. With Hiromu frozen and Ryuji is too weak to fight (due to events in the previous episode), Masato were forced to make his team retreats. Oh, did I mention that Escape re-introduces herself for the third time?

GB 47 (5) GB 47 (6) GB 47 (7) GB 47 (8)

Back at the EMC, with the creation of KuwagataRoid resulted into the arrival of a MegaZord in 16 hours, the heroes wonder how they can stop Enter now, and more importantly, how to handle Hiromu’s weakpoint. They’ve decided to train Hiromu to overcome his fear of chickens, even though Nick said they’ve done it before and the only result is that Hiromu was able to eat fried chickens. Regardless, they must put him to training, as they had no other choice. Oh and while this happens, J.Stag is sitting in the background, emo-ing because now his pet is his enemy.

Surprisingly the mood changes in this episode. If the beginning is really dark, the part where Hiromu began his training changes it to a cheerful environment. I love how Hiromu’s training puts him into a race where he must race to a short distanced finish line, while exposing to the pics of chicken, which varies from the cute ones to the realistic ones. He managed to finish it, until Masato appears and wears a chicken costume, which causes the LiO Attach to react on Hiromu’s trauma to the max! It’s really cool and funny that they included this functionality, as LiO Attache’s toy are able to detect the Go-Busters’s weakpoints. Now that Hiromu’s chicken reaction to the max, he is froze to the point that he nearly dies, in a comical way!

While Nick and Gorisaki handles the frozen Hiromu, Masato ponders about how Enter knew of Hiromu’s weakpoint. Escape is not forgotten as well, as Ryuji marks that everytime she reappears, she looks like she’s been reset. As for how they were able to revive, this is because they are avatars, and Morishita revealed that in order for the avatar to revive, it needs the original data to do it. Like Masato, his original data is himself in the Hyperspace, so he can continuously revive, even though we know what’s currently happening to him. Basically, the original data acts as backup, as Escape’s backup is the data when she was first created and didn’t meet the Go-Busters yet, hence why she acts like she doesn’t remember anything. But for Enter, Kuroki thinks that his backup might be the final Messiah Card: the 13th Card.

GB 47 (9) GB 47 (10) GB 47 (11) GB 47 (12)

Later that night, Enter walks with Escape, the former notes that because of the backup data, the latter now is very loyal to him. Escape is a little confused, as doesn’t know what is Enter talking about as she has no memory of the previous events, including her competition with Enter. I just loved the current Escape, as she really looked like that innocent sexy woman but has the brains of a kid. Because Escape won’t react to Enter’s attacks, Enter thinks that the current Escape is boring.

Meanwhile, Hiromu wakes up from his state, and Nick claims that there’s nothing they can do to make Hiromu overcome his fear of chickens. But being a hero, Hiromu refuses to give up, as he thinks that there is another way. The next day, as the MegaZord’s ETA is near and the KuwagataRoid starts to call out the Busters, J.Stag decides to fight KuwagatRoid personally. Much to my disappointment, and I mean big disappointment, Masato orders J.Stag to fight the MegaZord instead, because J.Stag has been acting weird lately. Maybe J.Stag will get carried away when fighting the KuwagataRoid, but I’m a sucker for an epic & dramatic fight scene, especially if someone like J.Stag is involved in it. But sadly, that didn’t seem to happen……..

Confronting the Vaglass, the Busters transforms, and I’d like to note that SJ-05 flew over them, to give the armor parts to BeetBuster. It’s a minor thing but noteworthy. And as Escape were about to attack the Busters, she gets attacked by Enter! Enter is annoyed by her attitude that causes him to lose his temper and destroys her, only to recreate her again. Oh and as for KuwagataRoid, surprisingly he has quite an attitude. I would expect that he’s like the typical robotic MetaRoid, but this one like to brag and fight. Maybe it’s because of his nature as an organic life form?

GB 47 (13) GB 47 (14) GB 47 (15) GB 47 (16)

While StagBuster takes on the MegaZord, Red and Beet deals with KuwagatRoid, with Blue & Yellow deals with Escape. Interestingly, KuwagataRoid also wants to fight StagBuster, but because he’s busy, he had to make up with BeetBuster instead. And because RedBuster is fighting him as well, he mutters the word chicken and RedBuster freezes again! But this time, BeetBuster purposely attacks RedBuster, causing him to get back into normal again. KuwagataRoid keeps doing this until he shows a picture of a real chicken, but RedBuster keeps getting attacked by his teammates. It appears that Hiromu actually planned to have his teammates attack him, so that the method of freezing over his weakpoint will be useless. Put simply, RedBuster prefers to hurt on the outside rather than inside. With that, he co-ops with BeetBuster to perform a new attack called Volcanic Beet Slash.

As for Escape, aside from the usual re-introduction and claiming that BlueBuster is a very good fighter for her, she appears to be weaker than ever. This is because Blue and Yellow assumed Powered Custom and just hit her with enough force, and she explodes. I find it weird since they didn’t even use the finisher on her.

As for the MegaZord fight, the only thing that is noteworthy is the reappearance of SJ-05’s Animal Mode. The MegaZord is defeated by Go-BusterBeet’s Catapault Attack, so nothing’s special about it. But what I’m a little pissed is that they included LiO as well. I think the fight would still be the same if LiO and Ace aren’t included. Also, Nick commends on how Hiromu is now willing to ask others for help. In case you don’t know, Hiromu rarely, if ever, asks for any help. And Hiromu admits that the reason he gets the chicken trauma is because he was too shy to ask for help, as he thinks doing that is equal to losing. But when he joined the Go-Busters, he learns that it’s the opposite.

GB 47 (17) GB 47 (18) GB 47 (19) GB 47 (20)

Now that Escape and the Kuwagatas are taken care of, it’s time to deal with Enter. After Hiromu mocks Enter for that he’ll never be a human because of the way he treats his comrade, Enter starts to get angry in a psychotic way, and allows Hiromu to destroy him. Surprisingly, this is when the episode starts to become bad. The execution of Enter’s ‘destruction’ is poorly executed, as they weren’t even a any evil dramatical laugh or something like that. It’s just plain. At least try to include some drama in order to convince the Go-Busters that Enter is defeated, but they didn’t do that, making it seem like they already know that the viewer knows that Enter is not defeated yet. Put simply, they didn’t use the element of surprise here.

Now that Enter is badly defeated, the Busters went home, with J.Stag discovering that his pet kuwagata is actually hibernating on his body the whole time! But before they went home, Enter reappears again, as expected. He notes that he does have a backup in the form of the 13th Messiah Card, and the card is, surprisingly near. Nearer than ever. The location of the card itself is nothing more than inside Hiromu. As long as Hiromu lives, Enter will continuously revive. Because of this, Hiromu breaks down and my God, how poorly the scene looks. They tried to make it look dramatic but it seems off. Really, really off. Regardless, the episode ends with Hiromu’s eye showing the 13th Messiah Card.

Overall, I’m disappointed to say that this episode didn’t live up to its expectations. Judging by the cliffhanger ending in the previous episode, I was expecting an epic episode like StagBuster VS KuwagataRoid, but no, that didn’t happen. It’s still a good episode, but it was disappointing, especially because this is supposed to be a continuation of Mission 46, which is a fantastic episode.


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