Kamen Rider Wizard 19: The Redeeming Beast

Also, the debut of these two things!
Also, the debut of these two things!

Following the misunderstandings that occurred in the previous episode, Kamen Rider Beast learns that the true purpose of a Gate as well as finding out that Medusa tricked him. Can he redeem himself before the Gate transforms into a new Phantom?

Wizard 19 (1) Wizard 19 (2) Wizard 19 (3) Wizard 19 (4)

First things first, the opening theme has some new scenes on it featuring, obviously Nitou and Beast! While it’s minor as it’s a tradition, I liked on how they showed Beast’s Mantles one by one, although they used to replace the epic Wizard changing style scene.

Back to the main episode, the Gate Hiroshi realizes that the heroes and the villain are fighting each other, and takes this opportunity to escape. However, Beast notices it and uses Falco Mantle to take him away! Not long after that, the Phantom Hydra retreats as well. Even though the fight is relatively pointless, at the very least they know that Nitou has the Gate.

Back at the Omokagedou, the others bragged about Nitou kidnapping the Gate and how they shouldn’t trust him in the first place. As Koyomi returns, she does what the mysterious Phantom told her to do earlier: give the magic stone. With this, Wajima quickly gets into work to make a new set of Rings. So now not only the Omokagedou gang had to deal with Nitou, but also find out who’s the mysterious Phantom, although they didn’t really do it aside from sighing in this episode. Well that’s to be expected, since this episode focuses on Beast, not the mysterious Phantom!

Wizard 19 (5) Wizard 19 (6) Wizard 19 (7) Wizard 19 (8)

As for Nitou who treats Hiroshi some food, the latter claims that Nitou got the wrong guy if he wanted money, which I found to be noteworthy as he thinks that he’s being targeted is because he thinks the bad guys wants money from him! And Nitou, who doesn’t really know much about Gate, tries to ask Hiroshi how that the Phantom will be born, further confusing Hiroshi.

As Nitou followed Hiroshi to the latter’s home, we finally get to know who is the unseen person whom Hiroshi always spoke with. As expected, it’s Hiroshi’s wife! But unexpectedly, Hiroshi only talked to a painting of his wife, as it was revealed that Hiroshi’s wife died not long ago due to health reasons. After she died, Hiroshi seems unable to motivate himself to draw pictures anymore, and the portrait of his wife is his last work. So now Hiroshi is lonely and he can’t draw anymore. It looks like he’s the type of the guy that already given into despair, but thanks to the portrait of his wife, he still has little hope left.

Meanwhile, Rinko managed to found out about the Gate. Apparently Hiroshi is a famous artist! I am surprised by this fact, even though it’s pretty much minor. Now that they know about Hiroshi, they went to his house and encounters Nitou. Haruto explains to Nitou about what happens if a Phantom is born from a Gate, which shocks Nitou to the point that he suddenly becomes worried to death. This is because he can’t eat some mana and if he doesn’t he will die, but he did eat then Hiroshi will die. One thing that I realized is that Nitou is pretty much human, and I assure you that he is a good person. Also, Haruto tells Nitou that today’s life comes before tomorrow’s. What he meant is it’s okay if you think about your future, but what good is it if you don’t even think about the present? So basically, you need to think about the present first, then the future.

Wizard 19 (9) Wizard 19 (10) Wizard 19 (11) Wizard 19 (12)

While staying at Hiroshi’s house for the night (with Nitou camps outside the house), Rinko confronts Nitou and tells her that the reason Haruto helps Gates who are total strangers are mostly because he’s terrified of the events of the Sabbath, and the fact that only mages can defeat the Phantom. Even though Nitou carries a heavier curse, Haruto carries a heavier burden and he’s willing to do it no matter what. I find that Rinko is really useful in this episode, from discovering about the Gate to giving Nitou a pep talk.

Meanwhile, Hydra discovers Hiroshi’s current location, but with a mage guarding the the house, he was forced to not to take any actions. Also, we get to see how Wajima made the Wizard Rings. I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell that he was able to do the carving on the stone to make it looked like a picture of dragons? Regardless, after all night working, he finished it by the next day and tasks Koyomi to deliver it to Haruto.

Back at Haruto, they decided to move Hiroshi’s painting of his late wife to the Omokagedou, so that they will protect his last hope. Surprisingly, at least in my opinion, Hiroshi allows them to do that. Maybe it’s because he if they moved it he will always stops by at the shop to visit his late wife. When packing the painting, Haruto notices that there’s a letter behind the painting and keeps it for some reason. However, they were ambushed by Hydra, whom Haruto transforms to fight so that the others will run away from him. However again, Hydra reveals that he’s only a diversion, as a squad of Ghouls arrive and takes the painting, before Hydra crushes it.

Wizard 19 (13) Wizard 19 (14) Wizard 19 (15) Wizard 19 (16)

Because of this, Hiroshi falls into despair, and luckily Nitou arrived! He seeks to redeem himself by saving Hiroshi, as well as live properly for the present as he will think about the future later. With Wizard busy handling the Phantoms, Beast volunteers to stop Hiroshi’s Phantomization process, and proposes him in the process. So this is the first time where someone proposes that is not Haruto doing the proposal thing. Still awkward if you ask me.

When Wizard is still having a hard time fighting Hydra, even when assuming Land Style to counter it, Koyomi arrives and toss the new Rings to Wizard. With this, Wizard upgradesLand Style into Land Dragon. With this, all of the basic Styles have been upgraded, and the mysterious Phantom who was watching nearby, claims that Wizard cannot turn back anymore. What could this mean? Meanwhile, Beast is having trouble fighting the giant Phantom so he must summon BeastChimera to even the odds.

First impressions about Land Dragon, I gotta admit that it is the least favorite of mine. Mostly because I didn’t really dig the lego head and the yellow used is just too bright, it reminds me of yogurt everytime I saw this form! Also, while the chant of this Style has different sets of words “dandendon” and “zudogon”, it is announced by the same tune as Land Style. As for the BeastChimera, like WizarDragon, he doesn’t speak when summoned, only growls. Unexpectedly, his growl is basically the same growl as WizarDragon but added with a low-noised roar. And because Beast has no bike of his own, he uses BeastChimera as his bike-of-sorts, riding him like a horse.

Wizard 19 (17) Wizard 19 (18) Wizard 19 (19) Wizard 19 (20)

Back to Wizard, even though the visual appearance is ugly, but its abilities makes up for it. The Gravity Ring is really cool, as it allows Wizard to freely control gravity by using the magic circle. Areas that are invaded by the circle will allow Wizard to freely control its gravity, overwhelming Hydra.

Back to Beast, the fights with the Phantom is good. I love how the Phantom was able to split up from a winged centipedes to smaller bats. But because of the splitting, it becomes even harder to defeat the Phantom. So BeastChimera utilizes its special attack, which is a beam fired from all of the animals present on BeastChimera. But its finisher is the most impressive. BeastChimera basically rushes forward to the enemy while projecting a bigger lion head and the head will crush the Phantom, making it as if BeastChimera eats the Phantom directly.

Back to Wizard, again, it’s time to demonstrate Land Dragon’s Special ability. The Special Ring conjures WizarDragon’s claw to Wizard’s hand, giving me the impression that Land Dragon will be used frequently due to the claw is actually a prop rather than a CGI, so they will use it as much as possible. But the finisher is just, simple. Wizard basically launches a projectile from the claws twice than BAM! Seeing that Wizard is winning, the mysterious Phantom takes his leave silently, and we see that he doesn’t seem to be happy much about that.

Wizard 19 (21) Wizard 19 (22) Wizard 19 (23) Wizard 19 (24)

Now that both of the Phantoms are defeated, Hiroshi is still heartbroken over the crushed painting of his late wife. However Haruto hands him the letter earlier, and it’s revealed that it was from Hiroshi’s late wife. In the letter she encourages Hiroshi not to give up, and continue painting for her sake. Now that he knows what his late wife wants, Hiroshi is cheered once again. But it’s a little disappointing that they didn’t show that Hiroshi was able to paint again. That’s a bum for me.

Now that the case is solved (LOL this ain’t Kamen Rider W), the gang thanked Nitou for his help, although Nitou was only redeeming himself. Shunpei suggests that Haruto ‘proposes’ to Nitou so that Wizard will defeat Chimera on the inside, therefore freeing Nitou from the curse. As Haruto was about to put the ring to his new ‘fiance’, Nitou declines, saying that he’s not into guys putting rings on him. Finally, somebody makes sense about Wizard’s gay proposal LOL! Nitou decides to keep BeastChimera, and promises that he will have a proper duel with Wizard one day. I look forward to the duel, if it’s just a friendly spar, not some misunderstanding fights or betrayal.

Regardless, the episode ends with Nitou forming a new, friendly rivalry with Haruto. This means that the two aren’t enemies anymore (if they even were which is hardly), but would still compete to see who gets the Phantom first. So overall, this episode is really fantastic, with BeastChimera’s fight debut being the main dish o the episode. As for Land Dragon, all that I gotta say is that, MEH. But it’s still cool regardless.


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