Kamen Rider Wizard 18: Typical Rider Rivalries

Damn you misunderstandings!!!!!
Damn you misunderstandings!!!!!

Sorry for the late post! This was supposed to be up on last Tuesday but for some reason I can’t log into Herotaku just when I’m about to publish this post there. Now I can’t even log into the site! Anyways, with the arrival of the new Rider (Or in this case, mage), Wizard tries to seek Beast’s help to fight the Phantoms. But, will Beast fight alongside Wizard? Or will he turn into a foe of Wizard as well?

Wizard 18 (1) Wizard 18 (2) Wizard 18 (3) Wizard 18 (4)

First off all, it’s obvious that Kamen Rider Beast is a ripoff of Kamen Rider OOO. Not only they share the same motif (both were based on animals, but both have different sets of animals, with the exception of lion), but they’re also homeless! But Nitou is more logical as he lives in a tent and carries a large backpack, unlike Eiji whom travels lightweight (only carrying an underwear) but magically has a set of different clothes. We also see that Nitou tends to interrupt someone’s speech by saying his opinions which usually doesn’t make sense. His current camping spot is near a shrine. Because he ‘ruined’ a public place, he was forced to leave by the cleaner.

As for the Omakagedou, they wondered about the appearance of Nitou, more importantly how the hell did he was able to become a mage. Even though he doesn’t make an appearance, Kizaki is mentioned when Rinko says that Kizaki’s section doesn’t even know about Beast. I’d wish that they make a scene for him, but it seems that it’s too much to film a short scene, with the payments and stuff.

Back to Nitou, he was resting at a lake nearby. He notices a man scuba-diving in the lake. I gotta admit, this guy is weird, I mean have you ever seen a man scuba diving in the lake? But because of this weirdness it could only mean one thing: This guy’s a Phantom. And he is! The Phantom Hydra approaches a man who is sketching near Nitou, but before the Phantom could harm the man, Nitou jumped in and tries to get the Phantom to sit still so that he can eat him. Huh.

Luckily, Haruto arrived and Nitou is obviously annoyed by this. They also nicknames Nitou ‘Mayonnaise’ and Nitou tends to say “That’s my line,” a lot in this episode. Because Nitou warned Haruto before that he won’t show mercy next time if Haruto interrupted his ‘meal’, this time he transforms to stop Haruto from destroying the Phantom. Funny thing is while they were arguing, both Riders attack the enemy, and I gotta admit that the argument is actually a decent teamwork!

Wizard 18 (5) Wizard 18 (6) Wizard 18 (7) Wizard 18 (8)

However, because of Beast’s interruption, the Phantom managed to get away, and so does the sketching guy who is the Gate! The Gate, Hiroshi Oikawa, manages to return home safely, and tells his roommate (possibly his wife, they didn’t show who he was talking to) about his experience earlier.

Back to the gang, despite nearly having those mindless fight that are usually triggered by the misunderstandings, Haruto treats Nitou to the Hungry Doughnuts! As expected, the manager has created a new doughnut by using the mayonnaise as the topping. Even though Rinko and Shunpei refused to try it (and Haruto with his usual plain sugar), the doughnut seems to be a hit, as many people line up to buy it. And it’s funny to see Nitou trying to pour some mayonnaise to Haruto’s plain sugar, which greatly annoys the latter.

After briefing Nitou about what’s a Gate, Nitou starts his usual nonsense speech, and much to my surprise, his speech does makes sense this time! Why? Because he thinks that Gate attracts Phantom, so basically Gate is a Phantom lure! I wonder if one day Nitou is evil enough to use a Gate just to lure a Phantom? But more importantly, Haruto demands answers on how Nitou was able to become Beast. Because of this, Nitou sits around and tells Haruto, Rinko and Shunpei a bedtime story: How Kousuke Nitou Becomes Kamen Rider Beast.

Wizard 18 (9) Wizard 18 (10) Wizard 18 (11) Wizard 18 (12)

Kousuke Nitou is a student whose major is archaeology. One day while on expedition, Nitou encountered a strange mark that resembles Wizard’s emblem. When he pushes it, he falls into a cavern and found the Beast equipment. This explains why Nitou is the only one who knows about Beast, despite making a major discovery, he doesn’t tell anyone about this (Because honestly, Nitou must’ve ventured the ruins with his friends). This is because when he puts the belt on his waist, a horde of Ghouls appears and suddenly, a voice tells Nitou to use the Ring.

When Nitou uses the Ring, time stops and suddenly a giant lion appears! This lion is called BeastChimera, a Phantom that’s obviously a chimera. he serves as Nitou’s inner Phantom, and because Nitou puts on the belt, he was forced to form a contract with BeastChimera! The contract itself requires Nitou to fight as Beast do that he could gather mana and feeds them to BeastChimera. If Nitou disobeys, Nitou will simply DIE. Put simply, Nitou’s new discovery is more like a curse rather than a gift, and even more a curse than Haruto is.

Finishing his speech, Nitou transforms into Beast, and gives us an amazing fight scene! Honestly for introductions I don’t really expect that he get an action scene so quick, but it was very well done. The best thing about this scene is that Nitou barely uses any magic or the Dice Saber to finish the Ghouls, instead he just punches and kicks the enemy and BOOM. Well at least that’s pretty realistic for a guy who’ve just transformed into Kamen Rider, unlike some guy who already knows how to perform the finisher cough*Gentaro*cough.

Wizard 18 (13) Wizard 18 (14) Wizard 18 (15) Wizard 18 (16)

And that concludes Nitou’s bedtime story. And guess what? It’s daylight, so the heroes didn’t fall asleep 😛 But regardless, even though Nitou is on the verge of dying, he doesn’t seem to worry about it. Even though he looks cheerful, I think he’s actually worried, but he hides it so others won’t worry about him. Also, now I know what kind of Rider Beast is. We usually got a heroic Rider like W, OOO & Wizard, an anti-heroic ones like Decade & Kabuto, and some Riders who are desperate for something (i.e. Accel for revenge & Meteor to heal his friend). But Beast here is one of the unique types of Rider. He fights to gain its benefits. Like Date Akira who fights to get money, Nitou fights to get food for his pet chimera. I feel sorry for Nitou whose life is in danger if doesn’t feed his pet. It’s like having a snake as a pet 😥

As for the Phantoms, Hydra is pissed that he had to fight two mages. Wiseman appears and gives us a brief backstory about how the Beast Driver ends up in a ruins. Long ago in the time when magic is studied like science, there is a belt that’s used for a primordial mage that consumes a Phantom’s mana. Because of that, the belt was sealed. It’s good to see that they remember the history of magic that is explained in the first episode.While Phoenix volunteers for help, Medusa rejects the idea, as she has something that’s more interesting in her mind……..

Turns out that her plan is to make Beast and Wizard fight each other. To do this, she lies to Nitou by telling him that Wizard actually devours mana from Phantoms and that a Gate produces Phantom. Because of this, she tricks Nitou into thinking that if he protects a Gate and let it creates a new Phantom, Nitou can just defeat the Phantom and devour the mana for himself. What he doesn’t know is that a Gate dies if it gives birth to a new Phantom. And I liked how Medusa looks when she seduces Nitou. Her cold attitude really blends well with how she seduces Nitou. She looks so sexy while seducing him. Also, is it just me, or that they are referencing Eiji Hino when Medusa said that Nitou might not have a tomorrow? This is because they were zooming on Nitou’s underpants when Medusa said that.

Wizard 18 (17) Wizard 18 (18) Wizard 18 (19) Wizard 18 (20)

Back to the Omokagedou, they tried to search for the Gate whom Nitou tells them about earlier, but to no avail. Koyomi, who volunteers to help them search, splits up and encounters a strange man. She quickly knows that the man is a Phantom, which kinda surprised on how quick it was revealed. But regardless, we’ll know it anyway. Instead of attacking Koyomi, the Phantom asks Koyomi to give a topaz magic stone to Haruto. He also knows that Koyomi is a puppet.

More about the man, I gotta admit, he looks like Enter from Go-Busters, but even more playful than Enter was! Also, even though he wears colorful clothing, he spots a white shirt, which makes me think that this is Wiseman’s human form. But that might not be possible, as Wiseman is a serious maniac.

As for Hydra, he managed to attack Hiroshi again, only to encounter Haruto! Haruto transforms into Wizard and fights him. Hydra’s specialty is fighting underwater and Wizard assumes Water Style to counter it underwater. The underwater fight is really good, especially when Wizard uses his magic, the sound of WizarDriver turning is distorted to match the underwater setting. Now that fighting underwater is useless, Hydra retreats to the ground, and Wizard uses Water Dragon to finish him.

Wizard 18 (21) Wizard 18 (22) Wizard 18 (23) Wizard 18 (24)

BUT, before he can do that, Beast appears and stops Wizard. Under the impression of Wizard devours mana from Phantoms as well, Beast starts to fight him, as well as Hydra to prevent him from attacking the Phantom. Even though the mindless Rider VS Rider has started, Beast is different because he’s willing to demand some answers from Wizard, and not just blindly attacking him. The episode ends with the fight becomes a free-for-all match between Wizard, Beast and Hydra. What could happen?

Overall, a great episode. The best part about this episode is Beast’s backstory, and they handled it pretty well. I couldn’t help but to think the whole discovering a belt in a cavern thing is to refer to Kuuga, who also founds his belt is some ruins. And the main plot isn’t bad either. This is a first part of a two-parter story arc, so you can’t expect to get answers that quickly. Speaking of parts, this is actually a second part to Kamen Rider Beast’s three-parter debut. The first episode shows the debut, then continues in this episode with a new plot, and then concludes in the next episode. So basically this is the very first three-parter that we got in a Kamen Rider series! At least for the Neo-Heisei era.

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