Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes [PSP] Review

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes

Released in November 2012, the latest game in the Kamen Rider Climax Heroes series has arrived!!! And I’m late to review it! Back in Fourze’s review I said that CH4 is considered the second sequel, I take my words back. Now I consider Climax Heroes Fourze as a DLC-ish game. And here’s Super Climax Heroes, the official second sequel, at least in my opinion! Check out the review below.

Meteor Storm VS Fourze Magnet
Meteor Storm VS Fourze MagnetEternal using his Unicorn Maximum Drive on WEternal using his Unicorn Maximum Drive on W

First off, the reason why this game is considered a true sequel to the Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO, and the Kamen Rider Climax Heroes 3 overall, is because of the new feature to the game: free-run system. Like in the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series, players can now run 360 across the stage, and most of the older stage had now been upgraded to suit this function. Also, players will automatically lock on to the opponent, so you don’t have to worry about your attacks didn’t touch them unless you’re far away or the CPU is blocking.

This system also allows the game to completely change the controls. The D-Pad and the analog stick now plays the function of moving your character, and you can choose which one you wanted to, and the other one that you didn’t chose will act as a form changing button. The square, X, and the circle button still functions the same as the previous game, but the triangle button is now used for jumping. To activate your Rider Finale, you have to press square & X button at the same time, which I gotta admit that was a little annoying.

Another is the Rider Cancel move. This move is triggered by pressing the R button when you are stuck in a combo. This move is great to prevent you from getting more damage, but it also remove the red bar on your HP bar, so the ability to regenerate your health back to its previous state is cancelled when you trigger this ability. Also, this ability consumes Block Gauges, which means you have a limited use of it and it will recharge once you have used all of it.

Sasword stabbing the hell out
Sasword stabbing the hell outFourze Cosmic States uses the Elek ability to slash MeteorFourze Cosmic States uses the Elek ability to slash Meteor

What  would a sequel be without new characters? Super Climax Heroes took the opportunity to release every leftover Heisei Kamen Riders, namely Gills, Delta, Chalice, Leangle, Zanki, Todoroki, TheBee, Sasword, Drake, Saga, Skull, Eternal & Meteor. These new characters are really well done, as I really, really enjoyed playing them. Out of all the new characters, Sasword has to be my favorite of the bunch just because I have always favored over Sasword and his combos are really deadly in the game.

Two of the Riders have received new forms for this game: Fourze and Double. Fourze is obviously the leftover Switches and the addition of Cosmic and Magnet States, although Magnet States has been design on a character that belongs to a Striker style, because when you play as Magnet States you will automatically assume the form and having a Power Dizer as a Striker. As for Double, they took the opportunity to include Kamen Rider Joker. Kamen Rider Joker is a single style, so you have to choose the same column as FangJoker in order to play as him. Joker is a really, really great addition to the game, maybe it’s because I’m biased towards Joker.

Now for the main character of the game: Kamen Rider Wizard. Unlike Fourze, I really enjoyed playing as him, particularly his Style Changes ability. Wizard is the first main Rider whose in his video game debut also has a final form style: the Flame Dragon Style. Even though the form is not obviously the final form, but so far this will do for a moment until the next installment. His finisher is what I’m disappointed at. He just uses his Strike Wizard. I would prefer the use of the Strike Wizard with WizarDragon’s help, as that might even be more badass and powerful.

Now to the cons of these new characters. While they are perfectly done, two of them suffered from what I call ‘somewhat incomplete’. Gills & Chalice is a single style Rider, but their finisher features their final forms. If they can feature the final forms, why don’t just add it in the gameplay? And Meteor is a relatively weak character. I am disappointed that Meteor is one of the most badass Rider, but here he’s just not that badass compared to Accel or Gills. As for other new characters, they are good in their own way. By good I mean the game makers put a lot of effort to make all of this new characters enjoyable.

Joker VS Eternal
Joker VS Eternal
Wizard's Copy abilityWizard’s Copy ability

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes is also where you consider the penultimate game for the Heisei Riders. By penultimate I mean NEARLY all of the Heisei Riders are playable in this game. The only Riders missing are the movie Riders (Except Eternal & Skull and every movie Rider that’s in the previous game) and Kamen Rider Beast, whom I’m pretty sure that he will be in the next installment.The game also took liberty of adding three brand new stages, which if you’re a true Kamen Rider or Tokusatsu fan in general, you can easily spot that these stages are based on the real places that TOEI frequently used for filming. But TOEI, where is that canyon where you always filmed Toku war scene?!

Oh and I forgot to tell you that Fourze also has another secret form: Meteor Fusion States. To access the form you simply need to beat the story mode, and then in order to select him, use the tag battle column on Fourze then select Meteor while holding the start button. The character itself is really good, you got a mix of Fourze and Meteor’s moves. But the biggest gripe about the character is that the Rider Finale is just a copy of Cosmic States’s Rider Finale, but with the model of Meteor Fusion States.

One thing that makes Super Climax Heroes is super enjoyable is that some of the characters are voiced by their respective actors. Agito, Ryuki, Blade, Garren, Chalice, Leangle, Gatack, TheBee/PunchHopper and W/Joker’s actors return to voice their respective characters, in addition of Wizard, Fourze & Meteor. Hearing the Rider’s original voice is really good and adds the fun to playing them. Honestly, the Blade Riders are the ones that I used the most because all of the characters are voiced by their respective actors!

Ryuki Survive's Rider Art
Ryuki Survive’s Rider ArtKamen Rider Joker's Rider Art featuring Kamen Rider Cyclone!!!!Kamen Rider Joker’s Rider Art featuring Kamen Rider Cyclone!!!!

The last new addition to Super Climax Heroes is the term Rider Arts. The name itself is used for an attack that is akin to the Rider Finale and designed to make it look like the attacks that are executed in the TV show. So basically these attacks are considered as pre-Rider Finale. To activate the Rider Art, simply press the L button. Some characters have unique Rider Arts, like the gun-wielding Riders will dash backwards and shoots the enemy, which I’m disappointed to say that those are pretty stupid. But some Riders, namely OOO TaJaDor and Blade Jack, requires you to hold the L button because their Rider Arts involve them hovering in the air. As for the Showa Riders, their Rider Arts is basically the same move that once the circle button is executed the game will pause and the announcer will narrate the special move.

But sadly, only a FEW characters that actually has Rider Arts. All of the main Riders has the Rider Arts but most of the secondary Riders didn’t have them. Maybe I’m wrong and if I am please comment below. But the lack of all characters having Rider Arts is really a bum, not to mention the shooting Rider Art is pretty stupid.

But out of all the Rider Arts, the best one is Kamen Rider Joker. Using Joker’s Rider Art will initiate a sequence where Kamen Rider Cyclone, a new character, will assist Joker in the fight. Sadly, Cyclone is not playable or summon-able. So in order to see him you must use the Rider Art.

Finally, the Tag Battles. Now I’m very disappointed that they didn’t even upgrade the tag battle system. It’s still lazy as hell. And the Rider Arts will cause the player to summon the partner and attack the opponent simultaneously. It’s just disappointing and I was expecting that they improved the lame-ass Rider Finale.

Saga's Snaking Death Break
Saga’s Snaking Death BreakCosmic States's Rider Super Galaxy FinishCosmic States’s Rider Super Galaxy Finish

Overall, I give Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes 7/10. It’s miles better than the previous Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze, but it still has its own flaws. But I hope these flaws are corrected in the next installment, as I hope the next installment will be greater that I would also consider it as a true sequel. Speaking of sequel, now that this game features nearly all of Heisei Riders, I’m guessing that the next one will feature a new form for older characters like Accel Booster and Rising IXA. And hopefully they will complete the Showa era roster. Regardless, I absolutely recommend this game. Even if you have CH4, this one is necessary to get.


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