Go-Busters Mission 46: Ryuji Gone Mad!….AGAIN

'sup vitch?
‘sup vitch?

Poor Ryuji, not only he’s depressed because Yoko called him annoying in the episode, but he also has to deal with Escape, who’s been revived by Enter with some modifications! Looks like the battle with Vaglass isn’t over after all….

GB 46 (1) GB 46 (2) GB 46 (3) GB 46 (4)

Hiromu & Ryuji are working out in the gym when the former noticed that Ryuji has motivation at all, judging by him lifting the lightest dumbell. This is because earlier Ryuji had been convincing Yoko to enroll into high school after they finished fighting the Vaglass. But the problem lies both on Yoko and Ryuji. Yoko because she’s lazy, so she wouldn’t think about school so Ryuji needs to remind her. But for Ryuji, he keeps on persuading Yoko to the point where he followed her to the girl’s bathroom. No wonder why she calls him annoying! And even after seeing a depressed Ryuji she doesn’t even want to apologize to him. That’s the Yoko I know.

This episode also features a minor subplot, which is J.Stag’s brief absence because he’s searching for his stag beetle pet. A humanoid kuwagata having a pet kuwagata, this reminds me of TMNT where Raphael who is a turtle, also has a pet turtle. Anyways, the LiO Attache alerts a usage of Enetron, and while Morishita are able to identify the location, Nakamura didn’t detect any MegaZord signal.

When the Go-Busters are called for duty, we see a strange turn of events. By that I mean Ryuji drove the car with Hiromu as the passenger, and Yoko is riding on Nick! Even though this is because of Ryuji’s annoyance, but Yoko acts like they had a bad fight! Well their reaction is just like a quarrel between siblings.

GB 46 (5) GB 46 (6) GB 46 (7) GB 46 (8)

At the designated location, Ryuji points out that something’s wrong. This is because a MetaRoid would be created from a non-living object, so having a MetaRoid created in a forest would be illogical. Suddenly Enter and Escape arrived, and Escape acts like she just met the Go-Busters! It seems that Enter had somehow rebooted her to the point where she didn’t remember anything, and she considers Enter as her ‘Papa’ now. As for Enter, because this time he spots a new hairstyle, he would undergo a change of personality again. But this time Enter is like a mix of the previous two of his personality, while he’s even more psychopath than ever, it seems that he regained his joyful sense. Well I think Enter is getting better and better now, because it’s pretty much confirmed that he’s the main and final antagonist of the series.

Because there’s no MetaRoid created apparently, the Busters are forced to face the Buglars, with BlueBuster facing Escape again. Before that I want to point out that Ryuji used the spy cam that they first (and only as far as I know) used in Mission 1! I just love Escape this time. With the flower on her ear and how she acts looks like she’s a sexy & innocent-looking maniac! Even if she didn’t remember anything, her rivalry with BlueBuster still continues as she picks him for a fight.

The fight in this scene are pretty amazing, and I had to give props to the stuntmen for doing stunts at the bridge! Also, Escape Evolve has a new add on, which is a flower-shaped armor and a flamethrower that is shaped like a petal! Because of this new weaponry, she easily drove BlueBuster to the edge, and by that I mean BlueBuster is heated up easily, giving the evil Ryuji to rise once again. Even when YellowBuster tried to intervene, BlueBuster just shoots at her but thankfully BeetBuster arrives to save her! The fight between BlueBuster & Escape are discontinued as both of them fell into the river.

GB 46 (9) GB 46 (10) GB 46 (11) GB 46 (12)

As for the Bug Duo, only Masato appears most of the time. This is because J.Stag is currently off to search for his missing pet. As the signal is low in the forest, the Go-Busters had to search Ryuji by using the Buster Machines. While RH-03 is needed because it’s an air unit, I don’t see the point of using LiO in here. Maybe because there’s no MegaZord fight in this episode, and they had to promote toys so they had to feature it in here. Damn you 30 minute toy commercial!

Ryuji and Escape are washed ashore at a beach. I couldn’t help but to think that Ryuji and Escape’s scene before they transformed is some kind of lovers whose the boyfriend tries to make his amnesiac girlfriend remember anything. Seriously, Ryuji’s reaction at Escape didn’t remember anything really looks like he was in despair because his love has amnesia! Speaking of love, I’m thinking, maybe in the final episode Ryuji will finally find his bride, and the bride looks a lot like Escape? That’s just my theory, but I’d love to see that happen.

Even though Escape didn’t remember anything, she’s still a baddie, and she overheats Ryuji on purpose! This is the first time where we see the evil Ryuji transform, and boy I loved it when Gorisaki tried to call him but fails because Ryuji tells him to shut up. However Ryuji was able to regain control when Escape pushed him to the sea, using the opportunity to assume Powered Custom. But because Escape is relentless, she continues to assault Ryuji to the point where he overheats again!

GB 46 (13) GB 46 (15) GB 46 (16) GB 46 (17)

Thanks to the use of Powered Custom, the others now knows Ryuji’s location. Hiromu asks Yoko to deal with Ryuji, because of the bonds between the two. Back to BlueBuster, the fight got really intense as Gorisaki was thrown out in the middle of the fight. But because Ryuji is helpless even in his overheat state, Gorisaki went and protect him from Escape! I couldn’t but I almost shed a tear when I saw Escape mercilessly shoots Gorisaki. I mean he looks like a helpless old man getting beaten up! No offense, but I feel that way.

Thankfully RedBuster arrives and takes over the fight, and YellowBuster deals with an overheat Ryuji. As expected, BlueBuster shows no mercy to Yellow, and even Gorisaki! Poor, poor Gorisaki. Because he injured Yoko at the knee, Yoko remembered her past with Ryuji, and realizes that Ryuji is always at her side, in fact he’s on her side even more than Yoko’s mother did. Even though Ryuji acts like an older brother, but when Yoko grow up he started to act like her father. Well what do you expect on a now 29 year old guy?

Because she realized that Ryuji is important, Yoko managed to push him to the sea, rendering him back to normal. Back at RedBuster & Escape, the former is backed by the arrival of the Bug Duo, as J.Stag was able to return even though his business is not finished yet. The fight between Red + Bug Duo & Escape is really cool, and I’m glad to see that the Bug Duo are able to do something that doesn’t involve them holding the enemy and then let the main Buster finishes them. In this case they used the DriBlade finisher to severely weaken Escape.

GB 46 (18) GB 46 (19) GB 46 (20) GB 46 (21)

After Yoko managed to destroy Escape by using the LiO Blaster, Enter arrives and he looks overjoyed. Just when all seems to be over, Enter demonstrates his new ability: Creating MetaRoids from living objects. This is done by using J.Stag’s kuwagata (which he is absolutely furious) and turns him into a MetaRoid, as well as taking Escape’s flower and uses it to revive her, to the point where she didn’t remember anything again! This explains why there’s an Enetron discharge at the forest, because he used it to revive and reprogram Escape! The episode ends with Enter taking a bow to the Go-Busters, which I seriously enjoyed.

Overall, a fantastic episode. The series has gotten into its final arc, so this episode would be the shit! I am surprised at Escape’s revelation, as well as the KuwagataRoid. I got a feeling in the next episode J.Stag will have an epic an emotional battle with his pet.

P/S: Sorry if this is too long. I don’t know why, I ended up rambling too much that one paragraph seems like there’s three.


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