TMNT 2012 Ep.12: Michelangelo Meets Leatherhead!

Mikey's first date :P
Mikey’s first date 😛

In this episode, the Turtles are alerted by the presence of a mutant in the sewer. Much to their surprise, the mutant is also fighting the Kraang! But is he an ally, or an enemy?

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Mikey shows them his latest recipe, Pi-shake, which a pizza that is blended like a milkshake. The food/drink (?) itself is really horrible, as even Mikey pukes it out after tasting it, only to swallow it all back. Urrgghhh. Anyways when they tune in the news, they found out that the news are doing coverage about the appearance of mutants in the sewer. The Turtles are shocked because they thought the media found out about them, until it’s revealed that the mutant is actually an alligator. A mutant alligator.

But because this alligator appears to be dangerous, the Turtles must find him and stop him, or otherwise their home will be torn apart. When they went to the site, they found out that the alligator is battling the Krang! For the first time ever we see the Krang getting beaten mercilessly, even the Turtles feel sorry for them. But the Krang is evil, and they managed to regain the upper hand when they stunned him.

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This is when Mikey decided to help the man, and the Turtles are completely against it, because they don’t know if the mutant alligator is an ally or enemy. Regardless they were forced to help when Mikey just went ahead and fight the Krangs, and make a quick work on them.

Mikey asks them to bring the alligator home, which they are absolutely against it. Mikey even makes those cute face, but Leo still didn’t allow him to bring the alligator home. But because Mikey is not giving up, they were forced to help him carry the alligator. At the sewer, the Turtles allow Mikey to keep him as long as they chained him, and Mikey are against this, until the alligator wakes up and starts to rampage around, and during that the alligator tends to grab Donnie head. Poor, poor Donatello.

When Splinter came, and they already put the alligator back to sleep, Splinter says that Mikey has made a wise decision, which surprised everyone, even Splinter himself! Splinter orders Mikey to befriend the alligator when he wakes up because they need to know more about the Krang, and the rest has to find the power cell that’s the reason why the Krang attacked the alligator in the first place.

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When the alligator wakes up, Mikey tries his best to befriend him by giving him one of Mikey’s recipe, Pizza Noodle Soup, which is a soup with a pizza flavor. Unlike the previous, I find that this one looks slightly better and logical. And the alligator likes the soup, and he instantly becomes tamed to Mikey! Also he tends to go berserk everytime he hears the word ‘Krang’, so basically that word is taboo to him. Because the alligator doesn’t have a name, Mikey, who is a master of naming stuff, names him Leatherhead. Why you ask? It’s because he has a leathery head! For those of you who don’t know, Leatherhead is an recurring enemy AND ally of the Turtles. So this time we get to see whether he’s the ally or the enemy in this incarnation.

As for the other three, they managed to find Leatherhead’s secret lair, and the place contains lots and lots of boogie traps! When they barely survived the traps, they discover the power cell, and Donnie says that the power cell can be used to power up advanced weapons that most of them doesn’t even exist!

Back to Leatherhead, he reveals that he has anger problems, and will always rage on without purpose. When the other Turtles are back, Mikey tells them that he has unchained Leatherhead, and Leatherhead is friendly (and cute LOL) to them, until he saw Donnie holding the power cell. He then goes berserk again, this time Mikey isn’t able to calm him down.

TMNT 12 (14) TMNT 12 (15) TMNT 12 (16) TMNT 12 (17)

As he rampages around, with Donnie getting grabbed in the face again, Splinter came and fights Leatherhead. Man, Splinter’s fight is really, really AWESOME. I love how barely break a sweat when fighting someone twice bigger than him! Because Leatherhead’s rampage has injured the Turtles, Splinter fends him off. Donnie is worried that Mikey would follow him, and Leo points out that only an idiot would do that. But Mikey IS an idiot, so it would be natural if he followed them!

Leatherhead hides on an abandoned railway, and Mikey confronts him. He was disappointed that Leatherhead attacked his family, and he thought they were friends. Leatherhead tries his best to convince Mikey that he cannot have a friend because he is a monster, and no one should be near to him. When the other Turtles arrived, Leatherhead convinced them that he meant no harm. It seems to me that this incarnation of Leatherhead is a good one.

TMNT 12 (18) TMNT 12 (19) TMNT 12 (20) TMNT 12 (21)

This brings us to the origins of how Leatherhead came to be. It’s revealed that he’s a pet alligator when he was an infant (SO CUTE!!!) to a boy. But his parents were against it and one day they flush Leatherhead  to the sewer and that’s when the Krang found him, and then they took him to their dimension to do experiments on him by possibly infects him with a mutagen. However, even though he’s a monster, he could not let the Krang control him, so 6 months ago he broke free and stole a power cell, which is used to power a portal that the Krang used to get into our dimension. This is because Leatherhead doesn’t want the Krang to destroy the Earth, and he swears on his life that he will keep it away from them. This is why the Krang wants him, because they wanted the power cell so that they can open the portal again.

However, the Krang arrives, and the Turtles are forced to hide in an abandoned rail. This scene really looks a lot like those typical zombie apocalypse, with the Krang as zombies and the Turtles & Leatherhead are the survivors. I don’t know if they intended to make it look like it but it’s really, really good.

Because they are too many Krangs out there, Leatherhead entrusts the power cells to the Turtles, because he considers them as friends now, and he went outside to hold off the Krang while the Turtles escape. Donnie decides to use the power cell to power up the rail, and it worked, causing the rail to move extremely fast!

TMNT 12 (22) TMNT 12 (23) TMNT 12 (24) TMNT 12 (25)

The moving train scene is really, really funny, but regardless the Turtles managed to escape and prevents the Krang from getting the power cell, forever. Back at the abandoned railway, the Krang plans to track the Turtles, but Leatherhead appears and says they’re not going anywhere. I think it’s safe to say that this incarnation of Leatherhead is an ally of the Turtles, which I am glad to hear.

Anyways, this episode marks that all of my delayed episodes of TMNT has been completed! Because the 13th episode is scheduled to premiere in January 25th, I’ll see you guys in about a week! Of course, I still need to complete the newly made AkibaRanger reviews, as well as the Super Hero Time weekly reviews. So until then, I’ll be back with TMNT reviews next week!


4 thoughts on “TMNT 2012 Ep.12: Michelangelo Meets Leatherhead!”

  1. Hey. I’m a skeptic of the new turtles series. How do you think that they did with it? I don’t have cable so I can’t really watch the series until it comes out on dvd. But is it any good compared to its predecessors? One thing I don’t like is how the animators tried to include anime style blank white eyes and little exclamation that appear around their heads.

    Is this series geared more like the original animated series or the series in 2003? The first was a lot of silly fun. The second was quite a bit more serious but still held on to its elements of comedy. And why does Donatello have a missing tooth? 🙂

    1. It’s essentially a combination of both. All that I gotta say is that it mixes the previous two series and make a good blend out of it. The reason why Donnie has a missing tooth is because they want to help the viewers differentiate him more than the rest of the Turtles 🙂

      1. Cool. Thanks. I’m glad that the show meets your approval. I have been worried about it. I did see one really funny thing in a commercial. Raph has a pet turtle. I thought that was pretty good. Thanks.

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