TMNT 2012 Ep.11: Return of Baxter Stockman

Sounds scary...... and cute :P
Sounds scary…… and cute 😛

In this episode, the Leo & Raph argue with Mikey & Donnie because they are a better team than those two, literally A-Team. Even though Don & Mikey has their flaws, but will they have what it takes to be the A-Team as well? Also other than that they have to reclaim April’s phone from the Purple Dragons, and encounter and old friend along the way……..

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Splinter scolds Raph and Leo for always arguing who is better between the two, and he tells them to team up to fight Donnie & Mikey, which Leo & Raph laughed because they think they are better than those two. And it’s proven right, as they were able to beat those two!

As for Shredder, it appears they are working together with the Purple Dragons, by working together I mean the Purple Dragons are now their pawn, as they agreed to let Shredder take 80% of their gain. Why not? Shredder himself is badass enough to take all of them, and he even has DogPound too! But don’t forget Xever, who is now a mutant fish. His role is simply being a pet fish, nothing special. Poor, poor Xever.

Back to the Turtles, Leo tries his best to comfort Donnie & Mikey who was regarded as the B-Team, and even Space Heroes has their own B-Team too, only to act as the meat shield to the heroes. Basically Leo & Raph has become arrogant to the point where they disrespected even Donnie, as they always disrespect Mikey. Poor, poor Mikey 😦

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April came in looking all sad, because the Purple Dragons have snatched her phone. Even though it’s just a phone, the Turtles are determined to take it back, claiming the Purple Dragons are a piece of cake and even the B-Team can stop them. While they make a go for it, April trains with Splinter, and I’m a lil bit disappointed because they didn’t show how April trains with Splinter.

When the Turtles fight the Purple Dragons, the A-Team (Leo & Raph) keeps stealing the show, attacking every enemy that’s meant for the B-Team (Donnie & Mikey). Eventually they managed to persuade the PD leader to surrender April’s phone. BUT, before they could retrieve it, a strange, robotic dinosaurs came in and steal the things that the PD stole! But the PD leader managed to run away holding April’s phone, and the B-Team is assigned to chase him much to their dismay, while the A-Team destroys the robots.

The PD leader approaches DogPound, and informs him that the phone they stole belongs to a friend of the Turtles, and DogPound plans to hack it in order to find out more about the Turtles. The B-Team, who secretly watches them, is worried because DogPound is there. Mikey tried to call the A-Team for help, but Donnie refuses, because the A-Team will always call them the B-Team if they ask for help. So they decided to take care of this themselves, which is a little stupid, because they are too arrogant to ask for help.


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As for the A-Team, after destroying the robots with no sweat, they found out that the robots are controlled by Baxter Stockman!! You know, the dumbass who caused the Turtle a hard time due to his armor is infected by a military AI chip. I’m not surprised at how he was able to build those advanced robot, because probably when he dons the suit armor he gets to study them and it helps him to develop this robots: M.O.US.E.R.S!

Despite it was named after a mouse, they are shaped like a dinosaur, and its screech sounds more like a cat’s meow! And what funnier is that the Turtles forgot Baxter Stockman’s name, or at least mixes it up! But as bad as his surname is, he reveals that created thousands of MOUSERS, and sprays something at Raph & Leo, causing the MOUSERS to chase them.

While destroying the MOUSERS are relatively easy, but the A-Team can’t stand getting chased by thousands of them, but they have no choice but to run away! Even when they tried to wash off the effect by water, the MOUSERS still chased after them!


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However, Baxter was captured by the PD’s and after finding out that they have a common enemy, DogPound asks his help to hack into April’s phone. But before Baxter could begin hacking, the place was having a blackout, and the B-Team takes April’s phone in the shadows. However they failed, because DogPound was able to catch them. Basically Baxter was able to hack into the phone, even with the B-Team interfering. Because April’s phone has a GPS, Baxter will soon find out where the Turtles’ lair is.

Back to the A-Team, after failing to call the B-Team because DogPound took their T-Phone earlier and Donnie was forced to self-destruct it, they realized that the MOUSERS will never stop, and they went ahead to DogPound’s lair in order to take them all out! But question is, how did they know that the Purple Dragons went to DogPound’s place earlier?

Regardless, now the Turtles are reunited, Donnie tells them that the spray earlier is radioisotopes, and in order to stop making the MOUSERS chase the Turtles, they must spray it at someone else, for the newly sprayed ones emit a stronger radiation. When they managed to spray it at Baxter & DogPound, the two were forced to run away from them. The Turtles achieved victory again, and Raph renames the B-Team the ‘A Minus-Team’, still arrogant even though he was almost died from exhaustion.

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Back at the sewer, Donnie gives April her own T-Phone after her phone was destroyed in the fight with the enemy, and she’s about to get another new one because Mikey unintentionally commands it to self-destruct. As for the Shredder, DogPound somehow manages to survives, and hands Baxter over to Shredder because he was the one who failed them. However, instead of executing him because this is a friggin’ kids show, Shredder spares him, as Baxter might be able of their use………..


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