TMNT 2012 Ep.10: Panic in the Sewer

Also, the debut of this ride
Also, the debut of this ride

After the events in the previous episode, the Turtles are left traumatized by Shredder, but like it or not, they must continue to face him, for he has plans to blow the sewer that is their home!

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We were shown that the Turtles are fighting Shredder again, and when Raph loses I know it was just a nightmare. But what I didn’t really expect that it was actually Splinter’s nightmare, not the Turtles! Because of this, he forces the Turtles to train and until they have improved their skills, they can’t go out. Man, Splinter has become a harsh and strict sensei huh?

This tires the Turtles to the point where they are even weaker than ever. Out of pity, Splinter gives them a temporary rest, and relieve their stress. The Turtles deal with their stress in different ways, as Leo uses it to watch Space Heroes, and the latest episode shows the hero, Captain Ryan losing confidence and is about to give up, until his comrades reminds him that he is the leader. And Raph’s way is to lose his stress is to get angry and beat up everything, even picking a fight with Leo for watching Space Heroes.

Mikey’s method of relieving stress is to pull a prank on the others, and this time he keeps on throwing water balloons. As for Donnie, his way of relieving stress is to use his intelligence to invent something, and this time he invents four custom go-karts for the Turtles, although he calls them the ‘Patrol Buggies”, with detachable side cars that is actually a go-kart.

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Later, at the Purple Dragon’s turf, April is disguised as a pizza delivery girl to give them pizzas, and the PDs didn’t the pizza was taped with a mic on it, as April was able to spy on them using a Man, it sure are weird these days. Remember The Dark Knight Rises where Catwoman says that even a 12 year old kid with a cellphone can find out what you did? I guess she meant by this.

The reason why April spied on the PDs is because they were working with Shredder who plans to kill the Turtles, although they didn’t know what’s the plan. But at least the Turtle knows that the sewer, their home, is the target, and they must go out to face him no matter what, at least to prevent Shredder from succeeding in his plans.

When they trail the PDs into Shredder’s HQ, they are confronted by Chris Bradford, who is now a dog, and I mean a giant-sized dog. Their first fight with Bradford’s mutated form proves to be a failure, as Bradford is invulnerable as well as stronger than ever. The Turtles are forced to retreat by using the smoke bombs, but not before having some difficulties first.

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Because the fight with Bradford, now renamed DogPound by Mikey, the Turtles are even more scared and stressed to go outside. It seems that they have lose their confidence, which is irony, because in the previous episode they were overconfident! But April refuses to let them give up, as she volunteers to spy on the meeting, although the Turtles and Shredder are completely against this. But she hesitated, because she’s a friggin’ teenager and a kunoichi in training!

April’s scene of spying the enemy is really interesting, from failing to use her pizza boy guise to other method by climbing over the rooftop to eavesdrop on the meeting by a secret passage to Shredder’s HQ. When the meeting is about to start, she used her phone and use the loudspeaker function to let the Turtles hear the plan. But thanks to Raph and Donnie arguing and creating a noise, they couldn’t find out what’s the plan. Before April could escape, DogPound notices her and takes her hostage, and I find it funny when DogPund buckles April up, because this is a kid’s show and they need to encourage kids to buckle up in vehicles. Because April has been kidnapped, Leo loses confidence as a leader and freaks out, until Raph quotes a dialogue from Space Heroes telling Leo to act like a leader, although he’s somewhat disappointed when Leo doesn’t slap himself like Captain Ryan did.

This forces the Turtles to chase them, and what a better way to give chase to the enemy by debuting Donnie’s custom go-karts!! Or rather Patrol Buggies. The go-kart itself is AWESOME, mainly because it’s gimmick of detaching the buggy into four go-karts. As for DogPound, it’s revealed that their plan is to steal a tank to pour it into the sewer and blows it up! But when the Turtles cornered them, Donnie founds out that the tank is holding a rare chemical chloroshlfonic acid , which will react violently with water, hence why Shredder wants it.

TMNT 10 (14) TMNT 10 (15) TMNT 10 (16) TMNT 10 (17)

The Turtles split up with Donnie & Raph saving April, and Leo & Mikey handling DogPound. April is impressed at the go-karts, although it is wrecked because Donnie said it wasn’t ready yet, and its weapons fail to stop the tank. Meanwhile, Leo fights with DogPound, and he accidentally stabs the tank, making it leak. Remembering Donnie’s words, Leo asks Mikey to throw the water balloon to the tank, and BOOM!!!!! It explodes, although DogPound survives with no apparent injuries.

As he reports to Shredder, the latter is very, VERY disappoint with DogPound, mostly because he was defeated by go-karts and water balloon. As usual, DogPound promises that it won’t happen again, and to make sure Shredder gives him his last warning.

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Back to the Turtles, the celebrates their victory by eating the pizzas that April throw in the dumpster. I like how Mikey commends that they can’t eat the food while in fact they lived in a sewer. As for Splinter, he is proud of the Turtles, and apologizes to them for being strict and caused fear in the Turtles. The episode ends with the Turtles trying to stop Mikey from throwing water balloon at Splinter or otherwise Splinter will force them to train 24/7 again.


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