AkibaRanger 1 Retro Review: The Official Beginning of the Unofficial!!!!

Pain is Strength!!!!
Pain is Strength!!!!

Because AkibaRanger has been announced to return with season 2, I’ve decided to do the review of the first season, because I’m gonna do season 2 as well. I will only review the 12 episodes of S1, because episode 13 is essentially a review of the series, and if I reviewed it it’ll be a review-ception. Anyway kids, it’s best if you stay out of this, because this review is not for 16 years and below!

Akiba 1 Akiba 1 (1) Akiba 1 (2) Akiba 1 (3)

The very first thing we see in the episode is a scene of DekaRanger calling for duty!……. Until it is revealed that it was all a delusion by our hero, Nobuo Akagi. He pretends that’s he’s DekaRed and works for Special Police DekaRanger, while in fact he’s actually a deliveryman working at Sasaki Pompoko Delivery, Akihabara. His manager complains that Akagi keeps stopping by at shops and having delusions while making deliveries, which he did! He saw a deluxe Great Five from Maskman, and just when he’s about to buy it, he saw Aoi-tan’s merchandise, a fictional anime in this series. Nobuo himself is a fan of the said anime, so he was on fence to choose one of the merchandise. All he can do now is run away, while being watched by an attractive woman……..

Akagi’s first delivery is a place where sweetheart, Sayaka works. I am impressed that a Sentai otaku like Akagi has a girlfriend!!!…… Until it is revealed that it’s also a delusion. Sayaka is actually Akagi’s crush, and Akagi is scared to admit that he likes her because he feared that Sayaka will reject him because he’s a Sentai otaku.

After the delivery, Akagi witnesses a thief snatching a woman’s handbag. Because Akagi is a Sentai otaku, it would be natural for him to try to be a hero and saves the day! I’m really, really impressed at how Akagi was able to stop the snatch thief by just using his bicycle to stop the thief’s bike and kicks him!!!!……….. until it’s revealed that Akagi is having a delusion, AGAIN. As for the thief, the woman throws (?!) Akagi’s bike at him and reclaims the handbag.

Okay, before we go any further I would like to talk about Akagi. I have to be honest that Akagi is actually just like me, and to an extent, most of the Sentai otakus out there! But honestly, Akagi is a 29 year old Sentai otaku and keeps having delusions and is still a virgin! And honestly I also suffered from having constant delusion even though I’m about to turn 18 this November, and I’m don’t have a girlfriend yet T_T But regardless, it is REALLY great to have a protagonist that is a representation of us fans!

Akiba 1 (4) Akiba 1 (5) Akiba 1 (6) Akiba 1 (7)

After the bike incident, Akagi was approached by the attractive woman, who asks him to become the new Red Ranger of AkibaRanger, which he gladly accepts, thinking that he was hired for the lead in TV show. He even says that this scene is just like AbareYellow getting recuited in the team in AbaRanger, as she also stop a thief before getting recruited. Great reference! As for the woman, I’m warning you that I might get moe’d while talking about her, because she’s so damn attractive! Well, Mao Ichimichi is still on my top list! Move on, the woman introduces Akagi to a high school girl, Mitsuki Aoyagi, the Blue Ranger. Now all there’s left is to find the Yellow Ranger. Because Akagi and Aoyagi has their respective color on their family name, in order to find the Yellow Ranger they must find someone with a kanji of Yellow on it.

And boy it was fast! While Akagi was having a delusion at what would Red Rangers do, the woman introduces them to the Yellow Ranger, cosplayer Moegi Yumeria, who happens to be at the street! Talk about taking stray cats! But because Moegi is also a female, Akagi marks that AkibaRanger will make a history because for the first time both the Blue and Yellow Rangers are female! Also, because she cosplays as a cat, Moegi tends to say ‘nyan’ everytime, and I like it because it shows her cheerful personality.

The woman brings them into their secret base, which is apparently a Super Sentai-themed maid cafe that the woman works. She introduces herself as Hiroyo Hakase, and because she’s a mentor and they need to call her hakase (which means ‘doc’ in Japanese), she would be called Hakase Hakase, or as I would prefer, Hakase-ception!

Enough with the introductions, it’s time to introduce the team’s henshin item,MMZ-01 a.k.a Moe Moe Zukyuun, which is basically a figure of Aoi-tan. Before that, Aoyagi changes her mind and leaves, because she thinks she was tricked for honing her fighting skills. But after seeing the morpher, she changes her mind again, because she’s also a fan of Aoi-tan! It looks to me that Blue is the cold member of the team, and the least interesting.

Akiba 1 (8) Akiba 1 (9) Akiba 1 (10) Akiba 1 (11)

Regardless, they transformed for the first time, by shouting “Jou Mosou”, (which literally means “Deep Delusion”) and there you go, the AkibaRangers appears for the first time! The henshin sequence itself is pretty simple, given the fact that this is a parody and they don’t really need to be fancy about it. Anyways the AkibaRanger were admiring their transformed form, and the suit design itself is really amazing. It looks more like a Kamen Rider due to the armors and muffler, and to be really honest, their suit design is even more beautiful than the Go-Busters, who was the current Sentai at the time.

Speaking of the current Sentai, Akagi thinks that they are the 37th Super Sentai, and here’s when Hakase reveals that they are not official Sentai, because their activities are secret! And they don’t have a show. Because of this, the AkibaRangers make their priority: to become an official Super Sentai!

After testing their AkibaRanger powers, the Rangers asks Hakase where is the enemy, and to my surprise, she doesn’t know! This makes me think that Hakase build this superhero stuff, but there’s no enemy for them to fight! And the Rangers’ first task is to locate and neutralize the enemy, the unofficial way.

Akiba 1 (12) Akiba 1 (13) Akiba 1 (14) Akiba 1 (15)

Luckily Akagi managed to find the enemy, who is residing in a bar. The enemy strips their disguise, in a classical-Tokusatsu way, and we saw the major enemy of the series, Malshiina! And accompanying her is two woman cosplaying as Vancuria’s human form, and transforms into the MOTW, which is a male. To be honest that was kinda creepy, for a male monster to disguise as a twin females. It feels like Virgo Zodiarts all over again……

Because of this, the Rangers transforms and do their role call, and I liked how Red and Yellow was able to do it in sync, while Blue doesn’t because she’s not a fan of Sentai.  I want to note that each time they transformed, the scenery changes, as the heroes and villains are teleported. I really liked the background, because it has snow, something’s that’s really rare nowadays. Anyways for AkibaRed’s role call, he tends to mention a member of Super Sentai, so his role call varies each episode. And Blue, hers was just boring because she ain’t a Sentai fan. And for Yellow, she keeps talking about herself, which causes her role call to be incomplete, and forces Akagi to end it quickly by shouting the team name.

Akiba 1 (16) Akiba 1 (17) Akiba 1 (19) Akiba 1 (20)

As for the villains, they are called Sutema Otsu, in which TV-Nihon said it was like “trolling”. As for Malshiina’s action commander, his name is really, REALLY long.  I have to give credit for someone who’s crazy enough to come up with a ridiculously long name. And the foot soldiers are called Sachiku, and they are basically various employees that doesn’t have a face. It’s really crafty to have the foot soldiers each wear a different costume.

And now for the fights. If I find that AkibaBlue is the least interesting of the trio, I’m wrong. In terms of fighting, she’s the one who shines the most! I love her choreography, particularly when she does that choking enemies with her leg and spins around and you probably don’t even understand what I mean! As for Red, his fighting style is pretty typical, and Yellow, she fights like a kid. I don’t mean that in a bad way though, and it’s kinda cute.

Also during the fight Akagi keeps addresses each other by their respective color, which is common in Sentai. And Akagi tends to mention every single friggin’ thing about Sentai while fighting! This is when the chief clerk, whom I’m just gonna call him Aburamushi, beats them to death, and Malshina leaves and tells Aburamushi to take care of things.

Akiba 1 (21) Akiba 1 (22) Akiba 1 (23) Akiba 1 (24)

Which is then Akagi points out that it’s the punchline! In Sentai, it was always, ALWAYS common when the enemy boasts around or the commander leave the rest to the MOTW, THAT is the signal for the enemy to lose! I really like it at how Akagi was able to point out this incredible fact!

And because the bad guy is about to lose, the AkibaRangers suddenly able to beat Aburamushi, although they comment that they didn’t get stronger, it’s just natural. And now for the finisher, they use MMZ-01′s Gun Mode to finish Aburamushi, and the finisher itself is just a special shot, nothing special in particular. And I absolutely love it when everytime there’s an explosion, the AkibaRangers freak out, whether it’s the pose or the enemy dies.

BUT, the fight isn’t over yet. This is because in Super Sentai, the defeated enemy always get revived in giant forms, and they have to fight it using giant robots! But Hakase tells them that they don’t have anything like it, and the AkibaRangers freak out and wait for the enemy to revive in giant form……………………… until they realized at dusk that the enemy didn’t revive at all…………………

Akiba 1 (25) Akiba 1 (26) Akiba 1 (27) Akiba 1 (28)

Regardless, the case is solved, and they are glad that their first battle went great, even though the ending is kinda sad for them. HOWEVER, Hakase tells them that the battles are actually a delusion, as everything about AkibaRangers is a delusion, including the enemy!!! This makes sense as when the heroes transformed, the scenery changes and when they de-transform, the scenery changes to where they were before, because they are having a delusion all this time! Hearing this, Akagi is heartbroken………….


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