Shit just got real.
Shit just got real.

In this episode, April is having a lead on her father’s whereabouts, as well as the whole Kraang’s plot! Can the Turtles rescue April’s dad and put an end to the Kraang? At the same time, Shredder delivers his promise about dealing with the Turtles, HIMSELF.

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First off all, I wanna note at the opening scene of this episode. This is the VERY first time we see daylight in the series so far. IT’S EFFING BEAUTIFUL. LOL. The scene itself shows that April is being targeted by a flying creature, and to be exact, it’s a pigeon! And to be more exact, this pigeon has human parts on him, which could mean that he’s a mutant created from the Kraang’s mutagen! But is he really attacking April?

As for the Turtles, Donatello presents his newest creation: smoke bombs made from egg. Because it’s made from eggs, Donatello tells that it’s very hard and took a long time to prepare it, so they have to use it with caution. But Mikey plays a lot with it, to the point where he even uses it to move just about anytime.

April tells them about the pigeon, Raph laughs about it. I’m surprised that Mikey didn’t laugh at her! After hearing her story, the Turtles decided to catch the pigeon…….. by using April as a bait! Before they go, Splinter warns them to be careful because they don’t know what kind of trouble they are facing, although the Turtles says they’re fine. Well this shows that the Turtles are getting overconfident, and it’s a really bad thing. Hearing the word overconfident makes me 100% sure that the Turtles will lose in this episode.

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Later that night, Bradford tries to cuddle Shredder’s pet dog Hachiko, which I find how original that they took it from the famous Hachiko! Well at least the dog is cute, but he bites Bradford, because Bradford and Xever keeps failing Shredder that he needs to deal with the Turtles himself.

As for the bait plan, honestly, April is a bad bait. And I feel sorry for Donnie who gets shoved away because he complained to April about her bait and argues with her. You know, if you like that girl, it’s best if you don’t argue with her. That aside, the pigeon really came! Based on his design, I got a feeling that he was soaked with a lot of mutagen because his body has some mutagen blobs on it! But thank goodness, the pigeon mutant is actually a pigeon with a human body, not the opposite like I thought it would!

Anyways, the pigeon, named Pete, is actually a messenger for April’s dad. He’s been tracking April in order to give her a message from Mr. O’Neil. He tells that the Kraang is plotting something on New York, and she has to get out of the city quickly. Because April is a teenager, she won’t listen to her father and instead she wants to save him! By using Pete, the Turtles devises a plan to rescue April’s dad.

Meanwhile, Xever and Bradford brought a fish to be fillet, and as Xever touched the fish, they comment on how hideous the fish is. While this doesn’t seem important, keep in mind that this sentence is a foreshadowing to the event that is coming later in the episode….

TMNT 9 (9) TMNT 9 (10) TMNT 9 (11) TMNT 9 (12)

Back on the Turtles, they sneak in to the Kraang base, and while Leo and Raph searches for Mr. O’Neil, Donnie and Mikey hacks into the Kraang’s database to find out their plans. Before splitting up, Leo, Don & Raph argue because each of them doesn’t want Mikey on their team. Poor, poor Mikey. However, thanks to Mikey’s childish curiosity, Donnie managed to hack into the Kraang database, and finds out what the Kraang is planning. Turns out that Kraang is building a water tank filled with mutagen, and then blows it using bomb, so that the mutagen splatters into the city, turning every single living organisms into mutants!

Meanwhile, Raph & Leo encountered Mr.O’Neil, and he tells them the Kraang’s mission. The Kraang’s are beings from other dimensions, and has came to Earth to kidnap various scientists in order to uncover the mysteries of the mutagen! Man, I’m guessing that the Kraang is really dumb huh?

When the Turtles meet up with each other and free Mr. O’Neil, with Donnie acting nice on him, they alerted the Kraangs. However, Mr.O’Neil wants to stay behind, and allows himself to captured once again. Because of this, April is saddened, and Donnie takes the opportunity to hug her! I find that Mr.O’Neil’s sacrifice is poorly executed, because it was sort of a rush, but it was fine because rescuing him isn’t the main part of the story.

TMNT 9 (13) TMNT 9 (14) TMNT 9 (15) TMNT 9 (16)

The Turtles cannot rest just yet, because they need to prevent the mutagen from spilling over New York. After making cool ninja stealth moves on the Kraangs, and by stealth moves I mean shooting the arrows, Donnie had to disarm the bomb using the traditional cutting the wire thing, while the others deals with Bradford and Xever, who suddenly appears! Thanks to Mikey, again, Donnie managed to disarm the bomb by cutting the green wire over the black, because Mikey says green is for the Turtles! Man, Mikey was right! It’s very rare to see Mikey being right!

However, they still need to handle Bradford and Xever. I noticed that Bradford uses his katana this time, instead of relying on hand-to-hand combat. Bradford claims that he will rather die with honor, than to live in shame. And he did a very, very shame thing: crushing the tank containing the mutagen, and it blasts them away. Yes, Bradford and Xever getting blasted is becoming a running gag now.

However, again, the fight is not over. This is when the episode becomes really AWESOME, because Shredder finally appears before the Turtles. However, for the third time, the Turtles failed to retreat because Mikey’s last some bomb is actually a real egg! Well they couldn’t just run away right? I mean Shredder finally appears, it would be a waste if they don’t spar with him for a bit right?

TMNT 9 (17) TMNT 9 (18) TMNT 9 (20) TMNT 9 (21)

All that I can say about the fight with Shredder is that, INTENSE. But what’s amazing in this fight is that it’s a fair fight, even though Shredder obviously has the upper hand. By fair I mean in episode 4, Splinter tells that a fair fight is a fight where both sides could win, at this applies to this fight. You can see that even though the Turtles are being overwhelmed by Shredder, they can still deal Shredder a considerable damage, making the impression that the Turtles are indeed strong and this fight is different from any other protagonist-vs-antagonist type of fight where the protagonist is having a hard time fighting the main antagonist and most of their attacks didn’t really deal a damage to the antagonist.

But it’s different here. Mikey was able to use his other nunchuck mode to pull Shredder’s arm to the point where Shredder is hurt because of the pressure of his arm stretching. But Shredder manages to free himself by using his blades to cut the chains, to the point where it also slashes the word sign on the hotel!

TMNT 9 (22) TMNT 9 (23) TMNT 9 (24) TMNT 9 (25)

Before they could resume their fight, each of them did a dramatic pose, and you can see that the Turtles are badly beaten, WAY beaten that they could ever take from the previous encounter with the Stockman Pod back in episode 5. Because the Turtles are tired, Shredder easily defeats them, and prepares to slaughter Leonardo, but not before asking him where is Splinter.

Before Leo could say anything, Shredder is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a mutant fish and mutant dog, which is revealed to be Xever and Bradford, respectively! Why they are changed into those? Because earlier in the episode Bradford tries to touch Shredder’s dog Hachiko, but he is bitten instead, and Xever touched a fish when they were in the market. Now I know the secret of the mutagen. Maybe people who were soaked by it transforms into the very living organism that they touched before!

So that means Snake from episode 2 must’ve touched a weed, and the fat guy from episode 3 must’ve touched a spider before! And Dr. Rockwell transforms into a monkey because he was doing subjects with a monkey DNA, while Pete the pigeon probably touched a human. And to an extent, the Turtles are touched by a human Splinter, and not long after that Splinter accidentally stomps a rat! So all of this makes sense now!

TMNT 9 (26) TMNT 9 (27) TMNT 9 (28) TMNT 9 (29)

Thanks to Bradford’s interruption, the Turtles barely able to escape, causing Shredder to lose his temper. While they were recuperating at the sewer, each of them, including April, are frustrated with the current event that just happened. The Turtles were frustrated because they lose to Shredder, and April because she can’t save her father. Leo admits that they are overconfident (SERVES THEM RIGHT!) Splinter marks that they were very lucky to survive the fight, and he tells the Turtles that they are forced to prepare themselves, because now it is official, they are at war with Shredder.

Overall. The title explains everything. Honestly at first I thought this was the episode where Kraang is the MOTW, but no. In fact, this episode shows the first time the Turtles getting beaten up real bad, and also this episode marks the turning point of the series, as it progress the plot. The ratings on this episode is high, there’s no way you can’t say no to this episode!


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