TMNT 2012 Ep.8: Pizza Gyoza!!!

Badass entrance is badass.
Badass entrance is badass.

In this episode, Shredder gives Bradford and Xever a second chance on defeating the turtles. And now it’s Xever’s time to take the lead, much to Bradford’s dismay. As for the Turtles, they must protect a restaurant from a local yakuza, the Purple Dragons!

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First things first, I want to note that this is a Leonardo-focused episode, and sadly, the episode mainly focuses on Xever. So poor Leo has to share an episode with Xever! Come to think of it, Leo didn’t really have any specific episode aside from this one. Poor, poor Leo.

That aside, April invites the Turtles to dine at a noodle shop, and the reason why they an dine there is that the owner is blind, so they won’t have to hide anymore. Unfortunately, the store is raided by the Purple Dragons, but the Turtles make quick work against them, with Leo hesitantly sparing the PD’s leader. Raph is displeased with his actions as it makes them looked weak. One thing that I want to note about is that the PDs knows about the Turtles, which could be dangerous because now there are rumors of ninja turtles!

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Regardless, the owner of the shop, Murakami thanked the turtles and treats them to a free meal. Because the Turtles’ favorite food is pizza, Murakami cooks them Pizza Gyoza, a gyoza that is filled with pizza ingredients! Honestly I am craving for one (SengalBoy suffers from hyper-metabolism lately and he’s been thinking about food so don’t mind him) because I wanna know what it tastes like.

Back to the sewer, Raph is mocking Leo for being too soft for letting the PD go without giving them a proper beating, Raph’s way. While Raph says that mercy is a weakness, Splinter disagrees, because mercy shows true strength. But Raph thinks that the PDs won’t understand the meaning of mercy, as they will continue to harass Murakami. Because of this, Leo leads them to track down the PD’s turf and teaches them a lesson so that they won’t harass Murakami once and for all.

In order to track down the Purple Dragons, April goes undercover, as an undercover cop. Real genius. Even a store clerk says that she looked 16. Perhaps due to luck, she was able to maintain her cover, and gives the Turtles a place where the Purple Dragons are usually seen. While they were waiting, Mikey wants to get a tatoo of his face, which is Mikey from ’87 cartoons. He claims that it’s very cool for Mikey to wear a mask of Mikey’s face, in my opinion that’s Mikey-ception!

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They managed to follow the PD’s leader to his turf, and storms in. However, they found out that Bradford and Xever are also in it! What’s more, it’s revealed that Xever is the one who spread the rumors about the ninja turtles! This brings them to a fight, and while handling the Purple Dragons are easy, it’s the opposite with Bradford and Xever. I can understand Bradford because he’s a friggin’ ninja as well as a clone of Chuck Norris, but Xever actually surprised me. He can handle two turtles at once, and all he wields is a tiny pocket knife! What’s more is that it’s Leo and Raph who handles him!

However, Bradford call forth the Foot Ninjas, and this forces Leo to call out for retreat, which disgusts Raph even more because he thinks that they are weak. Honestly Raph is being Raph, the impatient guy. While granted that guys like Xever deserves no mercy, but remember Batman? He never crossed the line, even when his enemies are enough to make him cross the line.

Later, Xever is displeased with the PD’s leader for revealing their hideout to the Turtles. Because Xever is a guy who was released from prison, it would be normal for him to cross the line. And to do that, he just needs to silence the Turtles, by taking what’s precious to them.

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Later, April calls the Turtles because Murakami-san has been kidnapped by Xever and gives them a note, telling them to come over to save Murakami-san. While Raph the impatient guy suggest that they go through, Leo thinks otherwise. He suggests that they need to think like Xever, and because Xever has a hostage, they need a hostage for Xever too.

Much to my surprise, their hostage is Chris Bradford! What’s more, they were able to tie him just by using a surprise attack! What surprises me is because Bradford is a ninja, and he did know that Raphael was going to surprise attack him, but he didn’t even retaliate!

When it’s time to corner Xever, the Turtles demand that they release Murakami or they will hurt Bradford. Half surprisingly, Xever ignores them and even went too far as consider Bradford not a friend. Well actually they weren’t friends at all. But this is because Xever knew that the Turtles is good guys, and I mean the immature type of good guys. He knows that they will never cross the line to Bradford. Point is, he knows that the Turtles were only bluffing. Maybe that’s why Bradford allowed them to attack him in the first place!

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Eventually, the Turtles were forced to fight Xever, and this time the Turtles are forced to fight an army of Foot Ninjas, and boy it looks AWESOME. Maybe it’s because its ninja VS ninja, so there’s a lot of high speed moves going on. One thing that I wanna point out is that Mikey use his bladed attachment a lot in this episode. Probably because the attachment itself transforms Mikey’s weapon from a nunchuck to a long chained-sickle. Well at least they showed that the addition is useful, unlike Donatello’s.

However, they were too many of the Foot Ninjas, and the Turtles lose. But before Xever could kill them, because he did what villains usually do when the good guys are down, boasting. Anyways before he could kill the turtles, the Purple Dragon leader toss Leo’s sword, allowing Leo to gain the upper hand by slashing through a water tank and blasts Xever and Bradford away. Is it just me, or that the duo getting blasted by water is becoming a running gag? Because you’ll see why soon.

Anyways, Mikey managed to save Murakami, and he gives them pizza gyozas again as a thank you gift! And, it appears that Murakami-san knows that they are Turtles! Well because he’s a blind guy, his has other senses right? But gladly, he accepted the Turtles without judging them, which makes him the first human after April to accept the Turtles, and also Mikey’s dream comes true, because someone else other than April befriends them!

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Back to the sewer, Donnie convinces April to try the gyoza, and she finally embraced it. And Splinter congratulates the Turtles because they showed their true strength in battle: mercy. While Raph disagrees, it is revealed that because of Leo’s mercy they were saved, as Leo shows mercy to the PD’s leader, twice! So it causes them to have mercy at the Turtles!

As for Shredder, he is not pleased with Xever and Bradford. Not pleased at all. Because both of them had failed twice, Shredder decides that it’s time to get back in action, by dealing with the Turtles himself.

Overall, a great episode. The events in this episode, particularly the ending, foreshadows what would happen in the next episode. Also, I love that pizza gyoza to death. I hope someone is clever enough to make them! I. REALLY. WANT. PIZZA. GYOZAS!!!!!!!!


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