TMNT 2012 Ep.7: Missing Monkey

Oh great, another King Kong story!
Oh great, another King Kong story!

Like Superboy in Young Justice, I hate monkeys. And this episode is another Donatello’s episode! Lucky dude he gets two focus episodes, in a row! This time, Donnie goes out with April to search for the clues that might help them locate Mr. O’Neil’s whereabouts.

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Aside from wooing with April, which we’ll get to later, Donnie has trouble fighting because he keeps thinking too much that he can be tricked easily, as evidenced by Splinter beating him. It’s okay if you have intelligence but it can be a nuisance sometimes. And sometimes, you just need to be like Michelangelo, BRAINLESS.

Regardless, the things that I liked the most in this episode is Donnie’s master plan, a board containing tips on how he would ask April to hangout with him. Basically the master plan provides Donnie every single details that he can use to ask April on a date, and counter everything what April said that might not get him on a date with her. For example, if April wants to study, Donnie can just ask to help her study! That is a very, VERY brilliant plan I tell you. Man I wished that I have that master plan!!!

After explaining the master plan, April came and gives them information about a missing scientist, Dr. Tyler Rockwell. She believes that the disappearance might be related to the Kraang and to an extent, April’s dad. Only Donnie volunteers to go with her, saying that others is busy, and it appears that it was part of his master plan, and it surprises the others!


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At Dr. Rockwell’s abandoned lab, Donnie and April encountered a mutagen tube, as well as Dr. Falco, Rockwell’s colleague who tries to attack them. They managed to calm him down, and asks him some questions regarding Rockwell and the mutagen. It is revealed that the Kraang payed a lot of money to Rockwell to do a research about the mutagen, hence why Rockwell has one. Falco says he doesn’t want to get involved with it, as he thinks that the mutagen will bring havoc.

As they leave, Donnie reveals that he had snatched a flash drive from the lab. Suddenly, a mutant monkey attacks Donnie, and a fight ensues! Because Donnie is the weakest of the Turtles, he easily lose against the monkey. With Donnie beaten, the monkey prepare to rape April, until April calms her down. Man, is she willing to let the monkey rape her?! Just kidding. This is a kid’s show, you can’t do inappropriate things! Because of April’s touch (God, that sounds so wrong…), the monkey is calmed down and ran away.

Back to the sewer, the Turtles quickly tend to Donnie’s wounds. And as I HALF expected, they laughed at Donnie when April said he was beaten’ up by a lab monkey! Half expected because Donnie is badly injured so they couldn’t help but to worry, and because they were brothers, it’s a natural thing to do when you heard your brother is getting beaten up by a lab monkey!

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Because of the fight with the monkey has caused a shame on Donnie, he seeks answer. This is when Splinter says that ninjas didn’t need to use their brains while fighting. Although it sounds weird, what Splinter means is that in fighting, we need to prioritize our body, and our mind/intellect comes second.

Through the flash drive, April was able to found out Rockwell’s experiments. It turns out that the mutagen can be turned into a neuro-chemicals that will give a person psychic abilities once injected. Fearing this, the Turtles decides to look for the monkey because the monkey did display a psychic ability when he was about to ehem April. But in order to keep in touch, Donnie presents them the T-Phones, which is a turtle shell-shaped phone. And Mikey is sad because he’s usually in charge of naming things.

When they managed to caught the monkey, after a lengthy chase of course, April finds out that the monkey is actually Dr. Rockwell! They send him back to Dr. Falco, and Splinter is amazed on how April was able to tell that Rockwell’s a monkey. As for Donnie, he thinks there’s something wrong because Rockwell never had a pet monkey like Falco said and curious about the broken cage on his lab. Because Rockwell is a monkey now, it could mean one thing: Rockwell was put into the cage by Falco!!

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Now that Falco is the enemy, he tries to get the sample of mutagen from Rockwell to get the psychic powers! He succeeded, and when the Turtles cornered him, he has no trouble of beating them into submission. Heck, even Raph who is the toughest gets beaten hard in this episode! Maybe the other three turtles getting beaten up badly is a payback to their laugh on Donnie’s beating by Rockwell.

Because Falco is a psychic and can read other’s thoughts, Donnie is in for a challenge when Falco fights him. Falco is amazed on Donnie’s intelligence, and mocks Donnie by saying that April will never be with him. Maybe it’s because of the insult, Donnie decides to do what Mikey did and stop thinking, and just beat the crap out of it.

Donnie’s brainless fight with Falco is amazing, particularly the scene where Donnie is flying-punching Falco. It reminds me of Ultraman’s transformation sequence! I really don’t know how Donnie did it, I mean fighting without thinking. The closest one I can think is that you just let out everything at once and fights wildly.

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With Falco defeated, the Turtles releases Dr. Rockwell and lets him roam the streets, because people won’t really be terrified of him than the turtles. As for Dr. Falco, he disappears, meaning that maybe this won’t be the last time we see Dr. Falco………. and I got a feeling that he might be joining the Kraang……..

As for April, Splinter discovers that she has a gift, a sensitivity that Splinter himself has to train hard for years to achieve it, and because of April’s natural talent, Splinter offers to train her to become a kunoichi, a female ninja. Yes, now April can defend herself from getting raped!

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Now that she’s a kunoichi-in-training, she doesn’t have time to hangout with Donnie. But, Donnie used his master plan and asks to train with her, and she agrees! Man, that thing is AWESOME, and is the thing that Donnie created so far that works well. By well I mean really, REALLY WELL.

Overall, a decent episode. Despite this episode has something to do with the Kraang, they are not involved with it. This episode is just meant to expand Donnie’s character and his journey to win April’s heart. Oh, I really, REALLY want that master plan. Make it happen, please!!!!

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