TMNT 2012 Ep.6: Metalhead

Meet the 5th Turtle!!
Meet the 5th Turtle!!

Whoa, that was fast, we’re already in 6 episodes and there’s already a 5th Turtle?! This 5th Turtle is literally a weapon developed by Donatello after he got fed up with his bo staff. But can he control this machine? Or will it go out of control?

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After two weeks, we get to see the Turtles battling the Kraang forces again. While the other had no trouble dealing the Kraang robots, Donnie is having trouble because he broke his staff and he complains about having to wield a stupid stick. My major complaint in this episode is that Leo & Raph were able to defeat the robots because of their blades, and why don’t Donnie just use his bladed attachment and call it a day? Or are they forgetting that Donnie had one? This is stupid because the bladed attachment is this series-exclusive, and Donnie’s just debuted in the previous episode!

Or maybe it’s because they wanted to sell toys. Because after the fight, after evading the Kraang’s newest laser cannon, Donnie brings over a defeated Kraang robot to do experiments on it. Splinter suggest that Don upgrades his weapons, because ninjas are masters of adaptation. This excites Don, and he tried to impress April, although the latter didn’t seem interested.

Later, April is setting up a message board to track down more information about the Kraang. When she gets one, she went out to the Kraang’s warehouse, despite Leo trying to prevent her from going alone. This is because it’s daylight, and the Turtles can’t go out during that time, and April just can’t wait to save her father.

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Donnie presents the group his latest creation: a robot version of the turtles, and shorter. Even though he’s shorter, he packs loads of badass weapons and even a pair of wings! This makes me think how Donnie was able to create something in a matter of hours! Guess that’s how genius he is. Heck, even one of the weapons is a toaster!

Meanwhile, April track down the Kraang, and she finds out that the Kraang is plotting to pour the mutagen into NYC’s water supply, causing all of the humans to be turned into the monsters. She manages to get away safely though.

Back at the turtles, they call the robot Metalhead, and as usual, Mikey named it. Donnie challenges the Turtles to attack Metalhead, which they failed since Metalhead is indestructible. Although I don’t get it. The robot was made from a Kraang robot, which the Turtles can easily slash, while Metalhead didn’t even have a scratch. Guess that’s what Don means by reverse-engineering huh. And I love how Donnie controls Metalhead with a joystick, even though the way he did is to let Metalhead mimic his moves. Basically, Donnie is playing Wii.

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After Splinter gives Donnie the permission to test Metalhead’s power, this is where Metalhead’s flaws shows up. Because ninjas moves swiftly and silently, Metalhead, being a metal robot, fails at that part because he creates noise and even destroys some objects unintentionally.

When April told them about the Kraang’s plan, Donnie is suspended from the team because Metalhead is just too clumsy. So Metalhead and April watches from far while the other three handles the Kraang. It’s really funny to see Metalhead looking at April, and admiring her while it’s obvious that she can hear Donnie’s voice. The moment is very, very awkward for Donnie.

As for the other Turtles, while they plan to take out the Kraang stealthily, they failed because a beaten Kraang alerts the other Kraangs. This causes the Turtles to take out a horde of Kraangs, and with their blaster the turtles are having a very hard time.



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This is when Metalhead shows off his weapons! Metalhead’s indestructible body proves to be useful against the Kraang’s laser, and then it even demonstrates its own laser blaster! The way Donnie fires it is like he was playing a first-person shooter game! I am seriously amazed at Donnie on how he was able to create an amazing robot. Heck, Metalhead even has Kanzen GokaiOh’s Kanzen Burst attack!!!

However, machines always has flaws and this happens when Metalhead’s antenna is broken, preventing Donnie from controlling it. A Kraang attaches itself to Metalhead, and this time Metalhead turns into the enemy. This is when Donnie realized that he is important to the team even though his weapon is a piece of shit. Regardless, Donnie arrived, with his bo staff! Donnie’s fight with Metalhead is impressive, as he even uses the “Your mother” jokes on the Kraang. Regardless, Donnie manages to defeat Metalhead by using a pillar to smash the Kraang that controls Metalhead.

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After that, Donnie feels guilty about the creation of Metalhead, and prefers to use his bo staff. However, he still can’t get over the ninja adaptation thing, as he tried to make a rocket launching staff, with disastrous results.

Overall, a good episode focusing on Donnie, and to promote Metalhead. Because this is the last time we’re going to see Metalhead, I’ll miss him. And I still don’t understand why Donnie didn’t just use the bladed attachment.


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