TMNT 2012 Ep.5: A Dumbass Named Baxter Stockman


In this episode, the Turtles are grounded and they disobeyed that rule and went to outside anyways. But, they encountered a genius Baxter Stockman whose pretty much dumb enough for a villain. But something went wrong with him, as he gets stronger. What could this mean? And will the Turtles avoid getting caught by Splinter?

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Splinter was meditating when it was interrupted by Mikey who was preparing to skate across his three brothers, and it fails miserably as Splinter arrives. Because Splinter dislikes the idea of the Turtles skating in their home, he grounds them for a week. Like all teenagers, being grounded, even for a day is like living in a prison. You know, teenage years are the years where they wanted to be free and all that.

Because they got bored of sitting around in the sewer, the Turtles, particularly Raph, forces themselves to see Donnie’s new invention. He invents an MP3 (that Mikey named it as T-Pod because he’s good at naming stuff) that was made from an advance AI microchip, possibly from military. Because it’s an advanced, it keeps downloading new songs every second! Although I want to note at how the heck did Mikey was able to plug the earphones to his head when turtles doesn’t have ears. They don’t right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

As of that, the Turtles sneak out anyways to find a skate spot, assuming that Splinter is asleep when they went out. They encountered a suspicious man wearing a battle armor, although Leo warn them not to attack the guy, until the guy breaks into a warehouse. Before that, they wondered where the man wants to go, and Leo thinks his going to church, a real AWESOME one, as Mikey said. LOL.

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When they cornered the man, Leo started using a stereotypical heroic phrase, which greatly annoys Raph. I laughed at the scene when Raph gets annoyed. As for the guy, he too does the same stereotypical villainous phrase. However, they didn’t seem to care about that.

Regardless, they fight, and the fight this time is interesting mainly because the Turtles uses their skateboards to fight and they really make a quick work on the man. Because the man accidentally triggered an alarm, the police came and in order to finish the fight quickly, the Turtles put the man inside a garbage bin, which appears that this isn’t the first time he’s been there.

However, unbeknownst to the others, Mikey had lost his T-Pod. Back at the man, he stumbles upon the T-Pod and when he plugs it into his armor, the armor starts to upgrade itself! The next day, when they’re training, the Turtles are obviously tired from the last night, and denies it to Splinter. Splinter however, knows that there’s something hiding.

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After that, Leo watches Space Heroes again, and his face is really cute when he watches it, and mimicked the dialogue! However, the show is interrupted by a news showing a tape of the man’s rampage, and now his armor is upgraded to the point where it looks like Iron Monger’s armor! Except shinier. In the footage we also learn that his name is Baxter Stockman, and he appears to be a laughing stock at work, before he was fired.

When the turtles knew that he has the T-Pod, they sneak out again to track Baxter. They found Baxter trying to figure out a name for his villainous alter-ego. Because they failed to reason with him, they attacked him, much to Raph’s joy. The fight itself is like a cartoonish fight, while trying to look badass at the same time. It’s obvious when Mikey tries to fight Baxter.

The fight with Baxter is hard that even with Don & Mikey’s bladed attachment to their weapons didn’t work, and they were forced to retreat when the armor upgrades itself, to the point where it merges with Baxter to become a single entity……….. and Mikey names it the Stockman Pod. Great name.

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Because they barely made it alive, Splinter caughts them, and even though he knows that they went out, the Turtles still deny anything about Baxter. However, they were forced to tell the truth, and Splinter encourages them to stop Baxter, because ninjas aren’t allowed to do harm unless they were forced too, and if they did they have to LOTS OF HARM. Man, is it just me or is Splinter is one bloodthirsty guy?

But because Baxter is too strong, they can’t fight a guy wearing an armor. And they are wrong. Ninjas always deals with armored enemies. Splinter told them in order to win, they must fight not the armor, but the man inside the armor. And knowing that the man inside the armor is Baxter, a dumbass, this should be pretty easy.

The 3rd fight with Baxter is pretty easy, even though they hit him very hard but to no avail. All they did is shove a beehive on Baxter’s head window and after the armor falls, Leo takes the T-Pod and destroys it. And to finish the fight, they throw Baxter in the garbage bin, again.

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Now that they saved the day from a dumbass, Splinter is proud because the Turtles used wisdom to defeat Baxter. Even though they are no longer grounded, Splinter still punishes them by sparring with them.

Overall, an okay episode. It’s really what you consider a filler, although it did affect the plot a bit because this is not the last time we see Baxter. Basically, this is the first episode where the turtles encountered a recurring enemy. And I’m disappointed with the use of bladed attachments on Don & Mikey’s weapons. They barely, if any, get to how they were able to use it badass-ly.


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