TMNT 2012 Ep.4: Michelangelo Meets Chuck Norris!!

OMG Chuck Norris!!!!
OMG Chuck Norris!!!!

In this episode, Shredder sends his men to deal with the Turtles, as well as reveal the location of Splinter’s whereabouts. At the same time, Mikey befriends a martial artist called Chris Bradford, who is apparently a clone of Chuck Norris!

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The episode starts with a mysterious ninja fighting a smaller group of ninjas, and it’s revealed that the guy is Shredder’s subordinate. Shredder asks him to go track Splinter’s ninjas, whom they are currently unaware that Splinter’s ninjas is the Ninja Turtles. Even though the subordinate prefers to work alone, Shredder insists on pairing him with Xever, a street rat who’s been released from prison. The reason why Shredder would employ a street rat is because Xever knows the streets of NYC, and he can easily track down the turtles. So the subordinate reluctantly works with Xever.

Meanwhile, Mikey tries to return a cat to its owner, but fails because the owner thinks a monster is trying to eat his cat. The others tell him that humans will never accept them. However, Mikey notices a billboard of Chuck Nor- err I mean Chris Bradford, and he aims to be friends with him! He claims that if they’re friends, they will show each other’s secret kata. Mikey demonstrates his secret kata, and I can’t help but notice that Mikey’s doing a Kamen Rider Ichigo/Nigo pose!! I don’t know if they unintentionally did it, but if they did it on purpose, then kudos because it’s very rare to see a show alludes a tokusatsu.

However, the Turtles are ambushed by a group of ninjas, led by the buffed ninja earlier. While they tried their best to fend the ninjas, Leo is very excited to fight them, because they finally get to fight people, instead of aliens, robots or monsters. However, the buff ninja easily beats them.

Back at the sewer, Leo claims that the fight earlier isn’t fair. Leo claims that a fair fight is a fight where both sides could win. Splinter told him to seek victory, not fairness, which is interesting because usually heroes are fair when it comes to fight, and not to play dirty. Basically Splinter encourages them to play dirty.

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As for Mikey, he continues to admire Chris Bradford until April shows him how to use Facebook, but because of the copyright bla bla bla, the had to change it into MyFace. God, they still remembered MySpace? 😛 Nevertheless, Mikey quickly creates his account and befriends Chris Bradford, and surprisingly a well-known person like him responded on Mikey’s request pretty quick! Mikey quickly meets Chris, and the latter is shocked to see Mikey that he throws shurikens at him! Mikey says they’re friends, and Chris quickly accepts him. Judging by the shurikens and how he reacted on Mikey’s friendship, I smell something fishy about this guy.

After hanging out for a while, Chris keeps on trying to know more and more about Mikey, which further causes suspicion. He even went too far by teaching him his secret kata, ‘The Death Dragon’. As Mikey teaches his brothers the move, he went out to hangout with Chris again. When the Turtles are practicing the move, Splinter is shocked that they learned Shredder’s move.

This is where we learn that Chris is indeed Shredder’s subordinate, and his latest hangout with Mikey is to trap him, and using him as a bait to lure the other Turtles to save him, to defeat them all. As for Mikey, he is devastated, because his only human friend, aside from April, betrays him. Funny thing is when Bradford confronts Mikey while wearing a mask, Mikey thought that he was the guy who thinks Mikey stole his cat earlier.

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The turtles went to save him anyway, and manages to take down the Foot Ninjas, and brings Mikey home safely. However, it appears that Bradford & Xever’s plan is to find out the Turtle’s hideout, the sewer. Now that they know the sewer, the went underground to track Splinter. But the Turtles were aware about this, and traps the Foot Clan until there’s only Bradford and Xever remaining.

The Turtles entrance before the fight with Bradford and Xever really reminds me of the Prime Turtles, you know, the first incarnation. This is because the colors are red, and the Turtles having white pupil really adds the feel to it. The fights itself is good, with Leo & Raph takes on Bradford while Donnie & Mikey takes on Xever. Then, after having trouble, they switch targets. Much to my surprise, Xever is able to hold himself against the Ninja Turtles. And Mikey defeats Bradford by using Bradford’s Death Dragon. Then they were able to beat them by using the water to wipe the two away. Even though it seems unfair, but Splinter encourages them to seek victory, not fairness.

After the fight, the Turtles celebrates their victory by eating pizza, although Splinter is wary about it. This is because he knows that Shredder knows that he’s alive, and he knows about the Turtles, so he feared that the fight has just begun…..

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As for Mikey, he blames himself for putting them into this kind of trouble, and Raph, being the unusual Raph, comforts him. He tells Mikey that he doesn’t need a friend like Bradford, because he deserved more than that. Because of this, Mikey unfriends Bradford from Facebo- err I mean MyFace.

Overall, a great episode, particularly because they’re finally fighting a part of their nemesis, the Shredder. After three weeks of fighting the Kraangs it’s nice to see the turtles fighting something else. And because they fought Shredder’s subordinates, the fight has just begun, and the turtles had to deal with two problems, the Kraang and the Shredder. Also, it’s a great episode that focuses on Mikey.


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