Kamen Rider Wizard 17: A Mayonnaise-Loving Wizard

I'm Kamen Rider Beast! MEOW~
I’m Kamen Rider Beast! MEOW~

Wizard’s back on 2013, bringing a new Rider along to fight the Phantoms! Who is he? Meanwhile, the Phantoms have targeted a man, who loves mayonnaise to death. Is he the newest Gate, or something else?

Wizard 17 (1) Wizard 17 (2) Wizard 17 (3) Wizard 17 (4)

The episode starts with Shunpei having a stomachache and begs for Haruto to heal him using magic. Haruto claims that magic cannot cure disease, otherwise he can cure cancer now though. Instead, he told Shunpei to use “Chichin Pui Pui”which makes me glad that they still remember that. As Shunpei is an annoying and clumsy character, he causes trouble to the gang.

Meanwhile, Phoenix is still frustrated that he lose to Wizard twice, and Medusa detects something from a man passing through. Before she could do anything, Wiseman came and calls his own Phantom to deal with the man. Wiseman’s involvement could mean that the Phantoms are getting serious this time. Why not? 16 episodes and they didn’t even gain a new member!

Wizard 17 (5) Wizard 17 (6) Wizard 17 (7) Wizard 17 (8)

As for the man, he starts to get hungry and went to a restaurant to get something to eat. Before the waitress asks what sauce did he wants on his sausages, he takes out his own bottle of mayonnaise and puts it on the sausages, disgusting the waitress. I don’t get it. I did that all the time. And I’m glad that this guy loves mayonnaise to death, because I love it too! Except that I didn’t obsessed over it.

However, before he could eat, the Phantom, Manticore, arrives with his Ghouls to finish the man! But Haruto arrived and much to my surprise, the guy didn’t even get scared of the Phantoms but instead berates Haruto for ruining his meal! Guess he’s not your ordinary Gate after all.

With Shunpei and Rinko taking the man away, Wizard deals with Manticore. The fight is AWESOME as always, and I love it when Wizard swings his sword to Manticore but it didn’t land on him. Manticore is also able to use cards as projectiles, but because Land Style’s Defend, it was pointless. However, Manticore used its tail to strike Wizard, giving him a poison that should kill a normal person but because Haruto is a mage, the pain didn’t kill him instantaneously. Manticore also reveals his human form, a fortune teller, which explains the cards. He gives Haruto a card of ‘Death’ because of the venom.

Wizard 17 (9) Wizard 17 (10) Wizard 17 (11) Wizard 17 (12)

Meanwhile, the guy still berates on Wizard for interrupting his meal. Heck, if I get to eat that load of sausages I would also get mad! But this guys seems to care more about his food than his own life. Why not? We eat to live right? Regardless, in order to prevent him to whine like a spoiled brat, Rinko treats him some doughnuts.

Because of his love of mayonnaise, this guy puts it on the doughnuts, which greatly displeased the owner. However, he asked the Doughnut Duo to try the mayonnaise-topped doughnut, and they fall in love with it instantly! I got a feeling that the owner would make a special mayonnaise doughnut! And if he does the guys will always buy it, except Haruto because of his love on plain sugar.

However, the guy is still hungry, and went off. Before Rinko could catch him, she gets a call from Koyomi who tells that Haruto has been poisoned. Back at the antique shop, I finally know the shop’s name: Omokagedo which literally means ‘Vestige Hall’

Wizard 17 (13) Wizard 17 (14) Wizard 17 (15) Wizard 17 (16)

While the guy searches for something to fill his appetite, the fortune teller earlier confronts him. He offers the guy a free fortune telling, and he gets a card telling ‘Magician’ on the guy! While he’s confused, he tried to dig the guy’s privacy by telling him what’s the thing that is supporting his heart. You know, if he knows that, then he would crush the thing and drove the guy to despair!

Meanwhile, Haruto and co. learned about the guy’s whereabouts, and Haruto founds out that he’s with the Phantom! Even though he is poisoned, Haruto refuses to rest as he went to fight the Phantom, because he is the only one who can defeat the Phantom after all………… or is he?

Much to my surprise, the guy didn’t tell him about what’s supporting his heart, because he believed that “pinch and chance are on the same side of a coin”. Confused? What he means is that when you’re in a pinch, that’s when you get a chance. Still confused? Me too! But what he really, really mean is that despair is hope. Basically, if you’re despaired, then you will learn the true meaning of hope, and will have a true hope. Is it just me, or he was inspired by Bane’s words fromThe Dark Knight Rises?

Wizard 17 (17) Wizard 17 (18) Wizard 17 (19) Wizard 17 (20)

Regardless, the Phantom is tired of him and before he could go any further, Haruto appears. Because of this, the fortune teller transforms into his Phantom form and before that, the guy demands an apology from Haruto because Haruto spoiled his meal! Man, this guy really, REALLY loves food.

When Haruto transforms into Wizard, the WizarDriver announces “Error”. This is because the venom in Haruto prevents him from using magic. In a strange turn of events, the mayonnaise loving guys takes out his own Wizard Rings, and transforms into a Kamen Rider! This is when we know that his name is Kousuke Nito, and he’s also a mage, Beast!

On the other side, Wiseman finally founds out who he is. He’s not a Gate, but a mage instead! This is why Wiseman decides to take care of things, because he smelled something from this man! I got a feeling that he will be involved more in the fight now that there are two mages.

Wizard 17 (22) Wizard 17 (23) Wizard 17 (24) Wizard 17 (25)

Beast first fight is fantastic. His fighting style is wild, and you can say that he’s the modernized version of Kamen Rider Amazon, because of the way he jumps at the enemy and all that. But comparing him to Wizard when it comes to fighting with Ghouls, I still like Wizard’s because you can’t deny the parkour epicness.

Amazingly, after dealing with the Ghouls, Beast appeared to ‘eat’ the magical energy from the Ghouls, satisfying him! Now this is why Kousuke keeps getting hungry and tends to use the word ‘eat’ and ‘feed’ when he’s fighting, because he needs to eat a Phantom’s mana!

When it comes to dealing with Manticore, Beast show off his own Styles, but instead of using the word Style, he uses Mantle to change forms! By form changing he literally adds a coat on his right shoulder. The first one is Chameleo, which grants Beast the power of invisibility and thank goodness, he can stay invisible as long as he wants, unlike Fourze’s Stealth Module who only keeps him invisible for 5 seconds.

The second one is Dolphin, but for some reason they call it Dolphi, and it’s ability is to cure poison, because Beast is stuck by Manticore’s venom earlier after showing his Chameleo Mantle. Because of its abilities, Beast cured Haruto, and boasts that he’s better than his rival, Haruto because he cured him!

Wizard 17 (26) Wizard 17 (27) Wizard 17 (28) Wizard 17 (29)

In order to finish Manticore, he uses Falco Mantle to use its power on his Dice Saber. The finisher is really unique, as Beast will summon an animal associated with his current Mantle, and the number of the animals depends on the rolling of the dice on Dice Saber. Because it hits 6, Beast summons six falcons to strike Manticore!

After that, Haruto tries to question Kousuke about everything, particularly on how he ‘eats’ the mana from Phantoms. But, here comes the typical ‘secondary Rider jerk’ attitude. Instead of being a jerk that we hate, Kousuke just brags about him being more AWESOME than Haruto and he found the Phantom first. And he also warned Haruto that he won’t show mercy if Haruto spoils his meal again. After he flies using the Falco Mantle, Haruto, Shunpei, and Rinko watches, confused.

Overall, this debuts the new Rider. Why shouldn’t you watch it? Beast’s personality is great, and the scene that involves his mayonnaise is really funny. And while Beast’s debut isn’t as impressive as Kamen Rider Meteor’s, his Dice Saber makes up for it.


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