Go-Busters Mission 45: Double Marriage Interviews

And he wants to get married too!
And he wants to get married too!

We’re back with Go-Busters, this time kickin’ New Year with a shocking news! Ryuji is on a marriage interview? And Hiromu’s sister Rika too! What could happen? Also, is Vaglass really defeated this time?

GB 45 GB 45 (1) GB 45 (2) GB 45 (3)

First off, the Go-Busters break the fourth wall by saying ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone and tells them that they will protect 2013 too, even though that’s Kyoryuger’s job 😛 While it’s a tradition that we make a wish for New Year, Hiromu doesn’t. He claims that you need to grab it yourself for something, not to wish for it. While there’s nothing wrong with making a new year wish, Hiromu’s way is better.

Meanwhile, the Buglars came across Escape’s iPad. It’s really funny how the two Buglars act like dumb. As the Go-Busters came, they thought it was just a Vaglass remnant, so they still assume that Vaglass is entirely defeated. While they fight the other Buglars, the Buglar duo who was holding Escape’s iPad hides from them. I find that this move is good, because the Go-Busters are fighting the minions, so they wouldn’t notice if one or two of the minions is missing.

GB 45 (4) GB 45 (5) GB 45 (6) GB 45 (7)

After the fight, Hiromu is meeting with his sister Rika, while Gorisaki takes Ryuji for a certain business. By that I mean he dressed Ryuji in a formal clothing, for some reason. As for Rika, her meeting with Hiromu is brief, as she says that she’s having a big fight. Back at the EMC, Yoko notices that Gorisaki said Ryuji’s having a big fight today, and after searching further, it’s revealed that Ryuji is arranged for a marriage interview, with Commander Kuroki’s colleague’s daughter! More than that, Ryuji is completely unaware of this!

As for Hiromu and Nick, because Rika said she’s going to have a big fight, they also think that Rika is having a marriage interview! I find that it’s time for Ryuji to finally settles in, because he’s 29, and as for this era that age could mean that you’re old enough to be a dad. Heck, they even called AkibaRed a virgin because he’s 29 and didn’t get married yet!

GB 45 (8) GB 45 (10) GB 45 (11) GB 45 (12)

As for the date, it was hilarious. Ryuji tries his best to hide the fact that he’s a Go-Buster. And I mentioned this a few times already, isn’t the Go-Busters are a public heroes? By public I mean everyone knows who they are. I guess when they wore other clothing, people wouldn’t notice them. Or Ryuji’s bride-to-be didn’t really care about Go-Busters.

As for Yoko, she stalks on their date to see of the woman is good enough to be her older sister, and the Bug Duo accompanies her. While it’s good to see Masato wearing an afro wig, you HAVE to laugh when J.Stag is disguising as a woman! What’s more is that he even wore a lipstick!

Even Hiromu was there, as he was spying on his sister. I find that these three, four if you count J.Stag, to be really creepy since they tend to be like your average siblings to see if your bride-to-be is good enough. Heck, this episode is like a part 2 of Mission 37!

GB 45 (13) GB 45 (14) GB 45 (15) GB 45 (16)

However, the two Buglars earlier accidentally creates a MetaRoid on a mochi, which is a rice cake and is a traditional food for Japanese New Year. I really want to try it BTW. This MetaRoid, OmochiRoid is not a Messiah MetaRoid, thus his creation consumes a lot of Enetron that Morishita was able to detect it. Because of this, the Go-Busters are alerted to it, and before that, Hiromu asked Morishita to turn off Ryuji’s Morphin Brace’s communicator.

This is because Masato suggest them to help Ryuji and Rika went through for an event that might be the key to their future, as well as repaying Ryuji for all that he’s done to them. However, while the Bug Duo managed to get away, Hiromu and Yoko are caught by Ryuji, and he asked them to help him went through the date! However Hiromu manages to get away by making an excuse that he’s going to a toilet.

Because OmochiRoid is another version of EraseRoid, meaning that it’s small, the Go-Busters can’t see him. I find that this MetaRoid to be unique as this is the first MetaRoid that is a different MetaRoid, yet uses the same mold as a previous MetaRoid. While the concept of reusing mold is present in Go-Busters, most of them are newer versions of the previous MetaRoid. However unbeknownst to them, the OmochiRoid follows Hiromu on his way back, and again only StagBuster noticed it.

As for Ryuji, he introduced Yoko and Hiromu to the woman as his younger sister and brother, and the two had to switch places to investigate the MetaRoid, until both of them are forced to be in action, and cause Ryuji to smell something fishy.

GB 45 (17) GB 45 (18) GB 45 (19) GB 45 (20)

While Hiromu found out that the MetaRoid is another small MetaRoid thanks to StagBuster, he asked Morishita to distract Ryuji so that he won’t suspect everything. As this is a comedy episode, Morishita’s scene is the funniest. He tries to fool Ryuji by saying that he’s Michael, a fill in for Morishita, and in order to cut the conversation, ‘Michael’ says he didn’t know Japanese. I had to rewind the scene over and over because it’s just too hilarious!

As for the Bug Duo, they were forced to deal with OmochiZord, which proves to be a formidable opponent that it requires LiO’s assistance to destroy it, even though it’s an Alpha Type. Because this is new year, they decided to pull off some moves by having Go-Buster Beet riding on LiO’s trike!

Meanwhile, RedBuster & YellowBuster deals with an enlarged OmochiRoid, whose method of enlarging is by cooking himself! Because they are fighting a giant mochi, by giant I mean human sized, the Go-Busters are having a hard time fighting him because all of their attacks didn’t work because OmochiRoid has a soft and impenetrable body. Despite fighting him is a hard thing, defeating him is very, VERY easy as YellowBuster trips him off, rendering him unable to stand up because of his shape, and RedBuster destroys him by using the LiO Blaster after the Bug Duo finished the Zord.

GB 45 (21) GB 45 (22) GB 45 (23) GB 45 (24)

Even when Rika and Ryuji finds out something is fishy, in the end they weren’t aware that there’s a Vaglass attack! And in the end, it turns out that Rika’s interview is actually a job interview, and as for Ryuji the woman actually likes someone else! So in the end the stalking turns out to be a waste of time, and Hiromu finally wants to go to a shrine to make a wish so that people will be safe.

Overall, a fun episode, but it’s a filler, and doesn’t even affect the plot. Also, despite revealing that he’s still alive, Enter didn’t appear in this episode, nor did Escape, even though her iPad appears. But seeing the Busters tried their best to avoid Ryuji getting into battle as well as help him went through the date is really fun. Moderately recommended to watch.


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