AwesomeTVMsia: AWESOME Comic

We start season 2 of AwesomeTVMsia with this video, which is based on a comic strip that Fadal made back in 2009. Instead of translating, I’m gonna give a summary-like thing to each of the segments to help you understand the video!

Hoi Budak! (Hey Kid!)

A guy calls a boy to come over, and then he asks the boy to turn around, and then shoves a gun into his ass, and when he shoots it, the bullet came through the boy’s mouth, and hits a guy playing a keyboard.

Tak Cukup Hensem (Not Handsome Enough)

Amar (SengalBoy) is crying, and then Fadal asked him why. He tells Fadal that he’s not handsome, and Fadal makes over his face with a couple of whiteboard markers, and Amar’s face has turned into Bradley Cooper’s face!

Botol (Bottle)

A guy riding a bike stops by to pee, and he grabs a bottle and pees in it. The suddenly another guys came, running from a dog. Thirsty, he asked for the guy earlier to have a drink from the bottle. And when he drinks, he throws up and scream, because he just drank a piss.

Yo, Dat’s Ma Moneyh

SengalBoy is playing a homeless man. Fadal came and steals his money, causing Amar to pull out a gun and shoots him.

Awek? (Hot Chick?)

A guy walks over and notices a girl, and when he talks to the girl, it’s revealed that it’s actually a guy. The guy however, runs away in excitement, not frightened.

Hati-hati (Be careful)

Two friends are parting ways, and one of them slaps the guy’s ass, telling him to be careful. The guy then uppercuts him, throwing him in the air while making a wilhem scream.


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