TMNT 2012 Ep.3: Anger Management


In this episode, after causing the team to fail during the mission to foil Kraang’s plot twice, Raphael is suspended from the team because of his temper. Will Raphael overcome his anger and win his teammates’ trust back?

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Despite not appearing in the episode, April is the one who told them one of the Kraang’s whereabouts. When the Turtles went to check it out, they got bored of waiting and Mikey decides to pick on Raph. Raph is annoyed by it and slams Mikey, causing a fuss at the rooftop, which caught the attention of a middle-aged fat guy. Instead of freaking out, this guy insults the turtles, even went as far as calling them ‘frogs’! Because of this, Raph is seriously annoyed and decides to beat the guy, which caught the attention of the Kraang nearby.

The fights with the Kraang are good, and this time the Turtles are able to beat them single-handily without much trouble. By this episode I would think it’s logical for them to be able to beat the Kraang, because this takes place after the 2-parter pilot, which would take place a week or so before this episode. So by then the Turtles should’ve been able to defeat this vitches.

However, the fat guy recorded the fights with his phone, and the Turtles failed to retrieve the phone from him! Back at the sewer, everybody blames Raph for his temper being the cause of the failure. In order to overcome the temper, Splinter asked the others to shoot Raph with arrows and Raph has to avoid it. The first wave is perfect, as Raph manages to evade every single arrow. But for the second wave, Splinter asks the other Turtles to insult Raph while shooting, and Raph cannot fight back. It appears when Raph is angry, he is vulnerable to his surroundings, which could led them to danger. I find the training really cool, and enjoyed when the others mock Raph.

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After testing Raph’s temper, Splinter told him to go retrieve the phone, but using reason, not force. Raph tried his best to reason with the fat guy, while it’s obvious that he’s going to explode any second now. While I do expect that the fat guy will refuse, I didn’t really expect that he would ask the Turtles for a million over the footage! That’s it, this guy’s a jerk and deserves to DIE! He can’t even differentiate kung-fu and ninjas! However, they encountered Kraang again and a fight ensues, but this time the fat guy sneaks into the Kraang’s van and get away with them!

Because the failed two times already, Leo decides to suspend Raph from getting into action. Much to my surprise, Raph didn’t even fight back! Guess even a guy like Raph respects his leader huh? Raph decides to tell his feelings to his pet turtle Spike again, and this time Splinter came to comfort him.

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Splinter’s way of comforting Raph shows us more about his past with Shredder. We get to see how they started to fight over a girl because you know, fighting over a girl is STUPID and trust me, I know what it feels like. But this is not about me, this is about Splinter & Shredder! It was revealed that Splinter got annoyed by Shredder mocking him over that causes him to lose his control and fight Shredder, and cause the death of his wife and daughter! The explanation is good because I wouldn’t really expect a guy like Splinter would fight over a girl!

But Splinter’s point is, words didn’t bring you down. It’s you who makes the words bring you down. And also, even though when we were mad and thinks that we didn’t have any choice, remember this, there will always be a choice. When we’re in those situations, we have two choices, 1) Explode and do irrational things (which we all do, even me), 2) Ignore and let it wash over, like a river over stone (courtesy of Master Splinter, thank you). Point is, now that Splinter had chose the first choice, will Raph choose it as well? Or will he choose the scond choice?

As for Leo and co, turns out that the fat guy thinks the Kraangs are government agents or something like that, so he planned to sell the vid to them! Funny thing is that the Kraang called themselves ‘handsome’ when watching the footage. Unfortunately, the Turtle’s cover is blown after they tried to rescue the man from the Kraang. Like Donnie said, why would they rescue the jerk? This causes a skirmish, and in turn causes a drop of mutagen to spill on the fat guy, and he starts to mutate!

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At this point, I would assume that every drop of the mutagen will cause a human to transform into a random creature, and the turtles is lucky that they transformed into a humanoid turtle. As for the fat guy, he transformed into a spider that can spit acids, but Mikey named him SpiderBytez, with the “Bytez” part is for the phone that the guy used for videotaping the Turtles. The fight without Raph had caused the other three a hard time, because a guy like Spiderbytez could sure use Raph’s beating.

However, Raph came in the nick of time, and here I expected that he would insult SpiderBytez but no, he did it once and then he ignores what Spiderbytez says and beats him to submission, with the help of the others though. Before that, SpiderBytez continues to call them ‘Kung-Fu Frogs’, and this is the first time the team address themselves as ‘Ninja Turtles’. So it appears that when they are together, nothing is impossible and when they weren’t together, everything is impossible! 😛

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However, SpiderBytez got away, which disappoints me since I want them to kill the crap out of him. But because this is a kids show and this ain’t Power Rangers, they can’t do that. I really hope that he would return so that Raph could beat him up again.

With all over, Mikey teases Raph again, and instead of annoyed and bully Mikey, he just bullied Mikey. Well, at least Raph can control his temper now. Or maybe not.

Overall, a good episode. Glad that Raph is the first Turtle who gets a focus episode, since he’s my favorite Turtle. And what a good way to give him an episode that focuses on his temper! And also, Splinter’s lesson is very, very good. For Raphael fans, watch this.

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