TMNT 2012 Ep.2: Retaliation

This is not your average movie monster!
This is not your average movie monster!

Picking up where episode 1 left, the turtles tries to discover more about the alien Kraang, as well as rescuing the kidnapped girl, who turns out to be April O’Neil!

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Because of the ooze that splattered during the chase between the Turtles and the sneaky guy, the Turtles demand for an answer. Before that, Mikey suggested them to drink the ooze, because he thinks that if they drink the same formula twice they would be stronger. While Mikey’s logic is Mikey’s logic, it’s kinda logical. And as for the guy, Snake, I didn’t really expect that Raph wouldn’t hesitate to use brute force to get an answer. By brute force I mean threatening to drop the ooze on Snake if he didn’t give the answer. This is because this is a friggin’ kids show, so I thought they would minimize it. This is what makes me love this cartoon so much, even though it’s CGI heheheh.

Snake gives them the answer, the alien (who the three still didn’t believe Mikey’s words that they’re aliens) called themselves Kraang, and they were abducting scientists for unknown reason that even Snake doesn’t know. But all he knows is that they were taking the captives away tonight. As for Donnie, he gets SO excited because the girl’s father is a scientist, and he’s a ‘scientist’, so the girl would like him. But I liked it when Snake thinks that Donnie isn’t her type, because Donnie is a friggin’ turtle. Humanoid turtle.

However, Snake gets away from them, and even though Leo and Raph know where he’s hiding, they decided not to catch him. Instead, they would make Snake thinks that the were planning to use a van to bust the Kraang’s hideout and kicks some ass.

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After Snake is aware of their plans, the Turtles went back in order to prepare for the upcoming battle. Donnie is inventing something, and Leo is devising a plan, while Raph express his feelings to his pet turtle, Spike. It’s nice to see that Raph actually has a soft side within him, although he will deny it if anybody asks about it. While Mikey is teasing Raph, Splinter tells Leo about his past with his archenemy, the Shredder. Back then, before Splinter traveled to New York, he fought Shredder over a woman, who is already Splinter’s wife. Even though Splinter survived, his wife and their baby daughter did not because Shredder burned the house, or their fight had caused the house to be burn. Even though Splinter regretted that he lost everything, but he gained new things, such as the Turtles.

When the time comes, Snake is ready for the Turtles to come. This is when we get to see the Kraang speaks for the first time, and boy, their way of speaking is so weird and annoying. Like seriously. As what Snake expected, the van shows up, although there’s no driver in it. Because of the explosion caused by the van, the ooze mutagen was spilled onto Snake, and he starts to mutate. My question is, how the hell can the ooze be there in the first place? Neither Kraang or Snake holds it.

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Meanwhile, the turtle were sneaking into the base while the Kraang investigate over the destroyed van, and he’s what I want to complain a bit. In the first episode, even without teamwork, the turtles can barely deal a damage to the Kraang, and now they can beat them by using surprise attacks? Maybe it’s because the turtles are working as a team but I don’t really see the difference. But when the robot Kraang without the human skin fights them, we get to see some cool actions, because this time it involves slashing! It appears that the robots without human skins are more vulnerable to attacks, as the Turtles can beat them single-handily. This I can accept. Also during the fight with the robots, the other three turtles finally found out that Mikey was telling them the truth, that the robots had brains in their stomach.

Fortunately, Donnie encountered the girl in a cell, and we get to see a ‘formal’ meeting between the Turtles and April. At first I was confused of why would April tell her name to a bunch of mutant turtles, but then I realized that she knows they’re the good guys. However before Donnie could save her, she gets taken by the Kraangs to leave the compound. When they were about to save her, Snake, who has been turned into a plant monster, confronts them. Just like Mikey, I’m also confused as why he turned into a plant monster when his name is Snake and he should be transformed into a snake monster. Regardless, Mikey named him SnakeWeed, because his name is Snake, and he’s a weed.

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While the others handled SnakeWeed, Donnie went to rescue April. Between the two scenes, I think I enjoyed Donnie trying to rescue April more, especially when he caught April from falling. As for SnakeWeed, because he’s a plant, he can regenerates his limbs, rendering the Turtles useless against him. However, even without Donnie to cook plans, Leo managed to lead his team to victory by luring SnakeWeed into a power conduit, which fried him to death. Like the way that the were able to defeat the Kraangs, the other Turtles, especially Raph were able to understand Leo’s hand signal. I think they were just trying to move on the story without giving a proper explanation to how the Turtles are able to win so easily. Or maybe teamwork is just that powerful.

As for April, because Donnie failed to rescue her father, she lives with her aunt for the time being. I wonder how her Aunt will allow her to live when he don’t know why April’s father was kidnapped. Maybe she told her that her father is on a business trip. Because the police can’t help her since obviously, telling to the authorities that your father is kidnapped by aliens is ‘serious’, the Turtles, especially Donnie vowed to get April’s father back.

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Back to the sewers, the Turtles celebrates their victory until the news telling that the existence of the ninjas in New York. Splinter is not too happy with this, as he tells them to be more careful, because they need it. Because in Japan, someone is watching the very same broadcast, and decides to hunt these ninjas. This guy turns out to be none other than the Shredder, Splinter’s archenemy.

Ramble a bit of Shredder, like the turtles, he seems to be a mix of the 1987 & 2003 cartoons. As his clothing resembles the 1987 version while his persona and sinister appearance resembles the 2003. Because this is our first glimpse of Shredder, I already like this new incarnation of him, although the 2003’s one is still my favorite.


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