My Top 5 Cartoons in 2012

Best of 2012!!!

It’s a week late, but better late than never! Even though I’m 17, I still watch cartoons. In fact, 2012 is the year I re-watched cartoon after a long while! I also love anime but the problem is I don’t have much time to watch much anime to make its own top 5 list. The last one I watched is Tiger & Bunny, and now I’m currently searching for torrents of Sword Art OnlineJoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. Anyways, here’s my own personal favorite list of cartoons in the year 2012!! I hope some, if not all, of my list is your favorite too!

5) Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man

This is one of the series that you tend to love or hate, but for me, this is my favorite. First off is the total of humor in the series. Granted some people didn’t like the concept of Spidey breaking the 4th wall, but that’s not my concern. What I loved about this series’ humor is that it looks a lot of the humors from the animes, and my favorite gag of this series is the angel & demon Spidey who appeared when he needs to make a decision. Not to mention Drake Bell voicing Spider-Man is pretty good.

This series tends to make it look like it takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, although to be honest it takes place in the Ultimate Marvel universe. The actions are pretty great, although I do have some cons about the series. First, the Venom episodes. I just didn’t like it because it’s the boring type of a dark episode. Second, it’s not really a con, but I feel that the appearance of the other 4 heroes isn’t really needed here.

4) Tron: Uprising

Tron Uprising

When I first heard that this series is going to take place before the Legacy movie, I thought we were getting the same storyline of the game Tron: Evolution, which featured how Clu begins his reign, and all that stuff involving Tron’s characters. But no, while this series takes place during Clu’s reign, it takes place on the perspective of Tron, before he turned into Rinzler.

The main reason why I liked this series is that the graphics, and the maturity of the series. Seriously, in one episode shows that the supporting characters went to a nightclub. Even though they’re adults, but for a cartoon it’s rarely done, unless it’s Family Guy or Simpsons. As for the graphics, like Legacy, it’s so damn beautiful. Tron is one of the reasons why I decided to take the Multimedia course when I attend university, as I seek to master this beautiful graphics.

3) Ben 10: Omniverse

Ben 10 Omniverse


I stopped watching Ben 10 after season 2 of Alien Force ends. It’s just that the dark theme doesn’t fit well, and really seems off. Thankfully, Omniverse returns the show to its former glory, which the theme is lighter, and similar to the original series. At first I hated the redesigns, but after watching the series it really looked good, and captures the style of the original series, even though the art is different. Also because the series is lighter, there’s a lot of humor-themed episodes, and instead of annoyed by it, I’m entertained by it. Especially the episode where Ben and Rook had to prevent the apocalypse.

The inclusion of Rook and Khyber is pretty good. Khyber is like new version of Vilgax, since the second arc we seen him keen on getting revenge on Ben, put simply he gets character development. Meanwhile Rook is far better than Kevin and Gwen. He plays the role as the sidekick, and I really, really like him. Not to mention his Upchuck form is cute! The only con that I have for this series is that I wished that this is actually a rebooted sequel for the original series, since I really don’t like Alien Force & Ultimate Alien. And one of the things that I loved in this series is the return of the accidental transformations and Ben keeps on spamming his aliens to goof off!

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

TMNT 2012

I’m reviewing this series is basically the reason why this cartoon is my favorite. The show had a mix of the 1987 & 2003 cartoon series’ elements, as well as the CGI that I think was meant for a reboot of the 2007 movie. I’m not gonna ramble much about this series, check the reviews that I made to know them further. Also, this series has this mature feeling, and it’s really good. Honestly I can hardly find any cons about this series, other than April being a teenager, but I can deal with that. Actually the absence of Casey did it, but it’s been reported that he will appear in Season 2.

1) Young Justice

Young Justice

Pretty much the best cartoon that’s ever made in the 2010’s. What made me first hooked to this series is because of the ‘new’ Teen Titans series, and the fact that Robin is in it. And instead of being your usual action cartoon where you have to omit some things for the sake of the kids, Young Justice featured a very, very mature setting of the series. Heck, this series usually use the words “kill’, “death” and other similar stuff that is usually omitted in other cartoons! Also the amount of teen drama in this series makes it look like I’m watching this on FOX instead of Cartoon Network! While the series lacks some lighthearted theme, but Kid Flash and Impulse’s sense of humor makes up for it.

The characters are pretty likable. For the first four members of the Team, I found Aqualad to be the least interesting. Boy, that turned out to be one of my greatest mistakes, as Aqualad is one of the reasons why I love the show to death. I really, REALLY liked his calm personality, and his water-bearers. Honestly, this incarnation of Aqualad is the best Aqualad ever, even beating his comic counterpart, Jackson Hyde. Also, Aqualad is one of the figures that inspired me to become a better person. Honestly I hope I could be like Aqualad, calm, mature, respectful, as well as badass.

Honestly, I would also do a review of this show, but given that the series had reached 36 episodes, I can’t really do it. But if the opportunity arrives, I’ll do it. But I can’t promise. Overall, for those cartoon fans, Young Justice is not the one you should miss.


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