Go-Busters Mission 44: MegaZord Wars on Christmas

Time to kick Messiah's ass again!!!
Time to kick Messiah’s ass again!!!

Picking up where Mission 43 left, the Go-Busters are in for a big trouble as MegaZord Zeta evolved. Suddenly, the EMC detected 10 incoming MegaZords! Now the Go-Busters must prepare fight in a war to save Christmas, as well as to shut Messiah down once and for all……

GB 44 GB 44 (1) GB 44 (2)

Remember Mission 38? Where Go-Busters fights 4 MegaZords? This episode basically takes that to the next level, and gives us a really astounding episode that would almost seem like the season finale to Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters! The episode begins with RedBuster using Ace to stop Zeta, but he got damaged badly that they need to retreat. Even though Hiromu refused, he had no choice but to do it. More about Zeta, I really find it weird when Messiah speaks through Zeta. This is because Zeta looks like a feminine robot, and I gotta say that it’s like Virgo Zodiarts all over again. It’s that weird.

As Nakamura detected 10 MegaZords, Hiromu is still intent to go even when he needs to get treatment first. Hiromu in this episode is very different than the previous episode, which is really strange, as this episode takes place directly after the Mission 43. Different in the way that the previous one is relaxed and mature, while Hiromu in this episode is impatient, immature, and desperate. I just find it weird that he suddenly becomes so desperate to defeat Messiah.

Meanwhile, because Enter is gone, Yoko wondered about the card that might be the catalyst for bringing Masato back on Earth. Masato however isn’t worried by it, even saying that it’s destroyed, meaning that it’s impossible to get Masato back. Even though he seems relaxed, I think Masato knows by the time they destroys the Messiah Cards, he will die too.

GB 44 (3) GB 44 (4) GB 44 (5)

We also, rather quickly, learn that Hiromu is desperate because his parents entrusted him to defeat Messiah. Basically it’s a promise that Hiromu must fulfil. Nick says that his parents actually entrusted their lives to Hiromu, so in order to defeat Messiah, Hiromu must not throw his life away carelessly, or that it won’t honor his parent’s death.

As the first batch of the incoming MegaZords is near, we get to see one of the most AWESOME aspect of this episode. I’m talking about Nick’s evolution. He doesn’t gain new powers or something like that, but rather he has more purpose that is very, very helpful to the Go-Busters. Apparently Nick now can pilot Ace and even form Go-BusterOh by himself, which is what I would expect for a BuddyRoid like him. Nick’s ability to control Ace independently is very useful, and it’s fun to see him in action for real. Meanwhile Masato reports that they will receive help from a certain Zord….

GB 44 (6) GB 44 (7) GB 44 (8)

When the war starts, the epicness begins. First off, this is the kind of wars where you would commonly see in Tokusatsu, which I think began in Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders VS Dai-Shocker & Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend (a.k.a the debut movie of Ultraman Zero). What I mean is that in order to progress the story quickly, the heroes are able to defeat the enemies quickly while they were usually take a long time to defeat the enemy, not to mention the use of normal attacks on them. As you can see, Go-Buster Beet pulls a Beta Zord and then destroys it by a shot from his guns. This is what I call “Typical Tokusatsu Wars”. It’s not a bad thing at all, as it makes the fight looks epic, depending on how it’s executed. And I’m proud to say that this MegaZord Wars is very, very good one.

Also, because Nick is piloting Ace, I think Ace this time fights differently. I may be wrong, but he just looks different. And one thing that’s good about this war is that they use EVERY single gimmick featured on the Buster Machines. Yes, we get to see RH-03’s Animal Mode, as well as Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom, whom I thought would only appear once. I laughed when StagBuster still calls Nick “Bike”.

GB 44 (9) GB 44 (10) GB 44 (11)

With the first batch of the Vaglass’ MegaZords destroyed, we learn Escape’s motif of summoning the multiple MegaZords. She wanted to use the MegaZords to combine with Zeta, which would result in the complete rebirth of Messiah. Because of this, the Go-Busters decides to not to let that happen by forming Go-BusterOh and Buster Hercules. I really like that they use every combination one by one on each level. Because they need to conserve Energy, Go-BusterOh used explosion kick on Delta, which destroyed him.

However, the last batch of MegaZords has arrived, and in order to prevent the Go-Busters from destroying more MegaZords, they summoned the Fourze MagnetZords that hadn’t appeared in ages!!! While Zeta has combined with two of the MegaZords, Masato decided to finish the battle quickly by summoning the certain machine: FS-00!!!

For those of you who don’t know, FS-00 is a movie exclusive Zord that has its own BuddyRoid, Enetan. I will review the movie someday for sure. But Enetan’s appearance is what disappoints me. All of her scenes is all the stock footage from the Go-Busters movie, and she didn’t have any new line! Regardless, she formed Go-BusterKero-Oh, and destroys the Fourze MagnetZords alongside Buster Hercules.

GB 44 (12) GB 44 (13) GB 44 (14)

However, it’s too late, as Zeta had already fused with all four types of MegaZord, and even consuming an Enetron Tank. This results in the creation of Messiah Reboot. Messiah Reboot looks closer to the one in the Hyperspace, aka Vaglass’s base. This means that this is Messiah’s true form. After receiving his treatment, Hiromu went to battle, but not before getting approval from Kuroki, who tells him that he didn’t carry this burden alone, all of the EMC staff carries this burden.

In order to fight Messiah Reboot, the Go-Busters form Great Go-Buster. There’s two things that I noticed in this scene. First, how did Enetan disappear?! Don’t tell me that she was destroyed?! Second, the Busters are able to form Great GB without requiring to form it in the hangar, like it usually did. Maybe it’s because their experience, plus the combination with Tategami LiO has upgraded the Buster Machines to the point where they don’t need the hangar anymore. It also maybe explains how Nick was able to pilot Ace by himself now.

GB 44 (15) GB 44 (17) GB 44 (18)

However, Great GB failed to damage Messiah Reboot, since this is what we should expect from a guy called Messiah. Fortunately, the EMC’s  deus ex machina, Tategami LiO arrived with RedBuster! Using LiO’s Trike Mode, RedBuster works together with Nick in Ace to attack Messiah, which apparently worked! This means more reason to say Tategami LiO is the deus ex machina of the series. And it’s very cool to see Hiromu and Nick working together like partners, making it seem like Nick is also a Go-Buster himself.

However, the attack costs Ace, and the Busters had no other choice but to form Go-BusterKing, with Nick supporting Hiromu in the LiO’s cockpit. Messiah then completes his transformation, which is actually his helmet to open up like Kamen Rider Ixa. The head itself reminds me of SD Gundams, because of those eyes. And those eyes makes him look somewhat cute LOL.

GB 44 (19) GB 44 (20) GB 44 (21)

Surprisingly, the Emission Break attack didn’t even work on Messiah! Messiah then retaliates, causing the Go-Busters to revert to their human forms. StagBuster is the only one who doesn’t as his transformation is actually stripping off J.Stag’s armor. Refusing to give up, the Busters continued their fight with an epic roll call. This scene really reminds me a lot of Shinkenger’s final battle, where they would use the ultimate MegaZord and then takes the attacks until the weakest, or rather the most basic combination remain. In this case, it’s Go-BusterLiO.

Go-BusterLiO managed to stab Messiah’s chest, and the Core Busters with their BuddyRoids use all of their energies to kill Messiah. Remember Mission 20 when I commented that only Hiromu is the one receiving pain while the other did not while executing the finisher? Will this time it is answered. If all of the Busters gets their energy drained while doing the finisher, it will add up the flavor. In this case both Ryuji and Yoko participate in the energy drain, and it’s very cool because I wanted to see that for a long time that I forgotten it. Now the only thing I want is to see them do it again, with Masato and J.Stag in it too. To finish Messiah, they simply used their version of Godzilla’s atomic ray, Ignition Tornado. That proves how deadly Godzilla’s finisher is. And even though this one’s a ripoff, it just proves that Godzilla is really strong. LOL, Godzilla had nothing to do with this actually. I’m talking as if Godzilla was a part of Go-Busters.

GB 44 (22) GB 44 (23) GB 44 (24)

With Messiah defeated again and hopefully the last time, it’s time for our heroes to celebrate Christmas with the orphans! The party itself is very lively, with Hiromu juggling and even Rika, Hiromu’s sister appeared, and Masato tried to flirt with her! But the best thing about this party is J.Stag. J.Stag basically does nothing and he was decorated as a Christmas tree!! I can’t help but laugh SO hard when he said “I’m a tree”!!!

After that, it is revealed that the teacher earlier is actually once an orphan living there, and because of Go-Busters, she likes Christmas and became a teacher so that she will share happiness with the poor kids. Hiromu marked that the tragedy 13 years ago didn’t really cause a trauma to them, but rather allows the other people to receive the happiness. Put simply, if the tragedy 13 years ago didn’t occur, she wouldn’t become a teacher today! See, if there’s a bad thing happen, it mean there will be an even greater good will happen to you! Also it means that Christmas is the time where you should feel happy not sad, and even though the EMC had gone through a tragedy, they still were able to smile!

GB 44 (25) GB 44 (26) GB 44 (27)

While they were having fun watching the snow, J.Stag is the most happiest, because he had been waiting for this moment. However, in the midst of snow, unbeknownst to our heroes, Enter reappears, this time sporting a new hairstyle, and he appears to absorbed the other Messiah Card that’s the catalyst of Masato’s return. I’m really glad that he didn’t die, even though I never think that he truly died. But the way that they pull his return is very neat, foreshadowing the future episodes, as well as making it clear that Enter is the true main antagonist of the show. Oh yeah, Enter is basically another version of Brajira, Goseiger’s main antagonist who appeared as a commander to the villains but in the end he’s the final boss.

Overall, this episode is the second climax of the show. And its epicness beats up the level of Goseiger, Shinkenger and other Super Sentai finales. Even though Gokaiger is still the best, I hope that Go-Busters’s true finale will be even better, and win the heart of the people who hated Go-Busters. Fuck you haters!


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