Go-Busters Mission 43: It’s Time For Christmas

"Oh, there're two Santa Clauses!" - Beet J.Stag
“Oh, there’re two Santa Clauses!” – Beet J.Stag

13 years ago, there’s a massive accident that changed the lives of Hiromu Sakurada, Ryuji Iwasaki, Yoko Usami. Now for their 13th anniversary, they must protect Christmas so that the same tragedy won’t happen to the other innocent people!, and put an end to Vaglass! Question is, will they succeed?

GB 43 (1) GB 43 (2) GB 43 (3)

One week has passed since Mission 42, and the Go-Busters are still searching for Escape’s MegaZord. Because of its stealth capabilities, the MegaZord is named Zeta, presumably the final type of MegaZord we get, meaning there won’t be anymore new type of MegaZord. However, because Christmas is around the corner, Kuroki decided to postpone the search so that the Go-Busters will have time to celebrate Christmas, and usually EMC will celebrate Christmas at an orphanage.

As our heroes prepare for the party, they realized that this is actually Hiromu, Nick, and Nakamura’s first Christmas party with EMC, as Nakamura is a newbie at the start of the series, and Hiromu officially joined EMC at the start of the series as well. Hiromu plans to dress up as a Santa, which is what I would expect from Hiromu because he’s the type that would dress like a goof when it comes to disguising. He also planned to juggle in front of the orphans, which is his special talent that was expanded in Mission 24. As always, I’m glad that they didn’t forget that stuff. Maybe it’s because Hiromu’s actor is a professional juggler that they tend to incorporate it into the show. Regardless, Hiromu is looking forward to the party.

GB 43 (4) GB 43 (5) GB 43 (6)

Meanwhile, Enter and Escape found out that there are two of Messiah Cards are waking simultaneously, and they are at the same place. Enter decides to use this plan to fuse both of the Messiah Cards to create a MetaRoid that is apparently a Kamen Rider W MetaRoid! Or rather this MetaRoid looks more like W’s CycloneJokerXtreme’s form, because it wields a sword and a shield. It’s name is KentateRoid, which is based on KenRoid and TateRoid, which is SwordRoid and ShieldRoid in Japanese, respectively.

As the Busters wen to the orphanage, they encountered the teacher, who’s apparently the new teacher there. For some reason, seeing her makes Ryuji have a deja vu, as he had seen the teacher before. Could it be that this teacher is Ryuji’s first crush back then? Regardless, the teacher is cute, not to mention that her name is Kawai. Heck, all of the Japanese women are cute, in my humble opinion!!

However because of the creation of the W MetaRoid, the Busters are forced to deal with it first before resuming their Christmas party. For some reason, KentateRoid tends to annoy the Core Busters and everytime they’re annoyed, KentateRoid will gather data from them.

GB 43 (7) GB 43 (9) GB 43 (10)

This is because the MetaRoid is trying to gather data of the Go-Busters’ anger, and to do that they would destroy buildings and annoy Go-Busters. However, the Bug Duo aren’t infected by this. Maybe it’s because J.Stag is a BuddyRoid and Masato is an avatar, so they won’t be affected.

To make matters worse, Enter & Escape appears in black Santa outfit, and I loved at how StagBuster thinks they were Santa. Enter and Escape mocks that ever since the tragedy 13 years ago, the Go-Busters’ Christmas are nothing but black Christmases. This caused the Go-Busters to become angrier, and allows more data to be collected. As you can see Enter has a new hairstyle while wearing the Christmas outfit.

However, the were forced to retreat when Hiromu explodes in anger and managed to damage KentateRoid using VolcaNick Attack. While they were recuperating, Enter refuses to let Escape combine the Messiah Cards. It is revealed that even with just one card Messiah will grown infinitely, the difference is that if all cards are combined the old, Escape’s papa will return. However it appears that Enter actually wanted to create a new Messiah, and he actually wanted to become Messiah himself. This is a massive foreshadowing to the future episodes……

GB 43 (11) GB 43 (12) GB 43 (13)

After that, the other Busters went to deal with the two incoming MegaZords (because there were two MetaRoids created), while Hiromu deals with KentateRoid himself. KentateRoid continues to insult Hiromu, but this time Hiromu didn’t do anything, just stand by and allows KentateRoid to attack him. It is then revealed that RedBuster did that because he’s trying to avoid getting angry, and listens to the jingle bell orgel that he received from Masato. This time we get to see the insides of the RedBuster’s helmet, which is very Iron-Man-ish, the only difference is that Hiromu is wearing another helmet inside. Pretty cool though.

Even when he allows himself to sad on purpose, he still can’t win. However Kuroki deduces that Hiromu isn’t really sad, and the song actually makes him happy. RedBuster tells Enter that he make two mistakes today, first is that anger isn’t the only method of strength (which is why the MetaRoid gathered that data), and second, Enter simply picked Christmas day to cause havoc.

GB 43 (14) GB 43 (15) GB 43 (16)

This is when the episode starts to become really, really interesting. After Hiromu’s AWESOME speech, Nick got bored playing the music, and he started to sing jingle bells! Seeing the Busters fight while hearing Keiji Fujiawara singing jingle bells is really, really, epic, as it lights up the happiness of the episode. Honestly I want them to release this cover song!

RedBuster tells that Enter picks this day to cause havoc is a very bad move, because this is Christmas, a day that everyone should be happy to the max! This makes RedBuster, in my opinion, one of the most badass Reds in Sentai, because he allowed himself to get hit, and he didn’t even result in anger to access greater strength! Heck, because he’s too happy of Christmas it makes him so strong that he was able to beat KentateRoid! This is when the show would debut the very last thing to promote the new toys, in this case the were using the LiO Blaster combined with the Sougan Blade to create a what I would call a Final Buster Combo! The attack is basically firing Tategami LiO’s head at the opponent.

GB 43 (17) GB 43 (18) GB 43 (19)

As for the MegaZord fight, I seriously wished that the MegaZord would also combine but oh well. BlueBuster, YellowBuster, and StagBuster piloting Buster Hercules all by himself destroys Gamma, and it’s nice to see RH-03’s animal mode again! As for Delta, BeetBuster pilots Tategami LiO to destroy it. It seems that BeetBuster is the secondary pilot for LiO huh?

However, Enter takes the two Messiah Cards on KentateRoid before it is destroyed, and then MegaZord Zeta appears and take the cards! This is when Escape decides to betray Enter, or rather, excommunicate Enter because Enter is basically the wildcard. She marks that Enter has no intentions of reviving Messiah, judging by their dialogue earlier. She then kills Enter by crushing him into data, and I’m gonna tell you that even when I first watched this, I know that Enter is pretty much alive because of two things. First,his death scene is pretty simple, something unusual for the guy whose pretty much the cause of everything during the series’ run. Second, Enter is one of the reasons Go-Busters is good, so killing him this ‘early’ is a waste, not to mention stupid. And because I love Enter so much there’s one more, Enter doesn’t seem to surprise that he’s about to die. A guy like Enter would deserve an epic & dramatic death scene.

With Enter dead, Zeta absorbed the other two Messiah Cards. Having three Messiah Card on him, Messiah is pretty much near to revival. Because of this, Zeta unleashed a shockwave that KO’ed our heroes. What would happen next?!


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