Go-Busters Mission 42: A Denliner MegaZord!!!

And that's Kamen Rider Zeronos' MegaZord!
And that’s Kamen Rider Zeronos’ MegaZord!

In this episode, Enter throws a Messiah Card into a MegaZord and it resulted in the creation of MegaZordRoid! This MegaZordRoid also doubles as a train, and Yoko is trapped inside! Will she meet the DenLiner crew? 😛

GB 42 GB 42 (1) GB 42 (2)

The episode marks the return of the giant MetaRoid concept, and it begins when the Busters are fighting TrainRoid 2. After destroying it by following Yoko’s plan, they went to fight the newly arrived TrainZord. It is then Enter appeared and throws a Messiah Card that he found, and the TrainRoid evolve into a MegaZordRoid, because it’s a MegaZord MetaRoid. Or MetaRoid MegaZord. Dammit.

Because of this newly born Messiah MetaRoid, the EMC detected another incoming MegaZord, and it came very quickly. However, after the countdown is over, nothing’s changed. There’s still only one MegaZord and it’s MegaZordRoid. Is the Vaglass trolling the EMC or what?

GB 42 (4) GB 42 (5) GB 42 (6)

Because the MegaZordRoid is based on TrainZord which is based on a train, it can transform itself into a train, and disappears through a wormhole, somewhat similar to DenLiner. Because this is a Messiah MetaRoid, it seeks to gather data, and this time it’s the data of human depression. In order to do this the MegaZordRoid stops by at a depressed person and forcefully takes the person inside the train. And the MegaZordRoid seems to move rather quickly, making it almost impossible to catch him.However when Yoko is trapped inside the train after trying to save a boy from getting into the train, the EMC decided to lure the train by Nakamura posing as a depressed woman. Before that, the Bug Duo arrived to this situation, and I loved that J.Stag tried to transform in order to save Yoko, even though he didn’t know where Yoko is.

Meanwhile, Enter seems to be happy about the creation of MegaZordRoid, and the data it gathered is so useful that Messiah is growing fast. As for Escape, she is obedient towards Enter this time, because it’s recently revealed that Enter has a Messiah Card inside him, and Escape considers Enter ‘Papa’ as well. And as for Nakamura, she tried her best to act depressed, and the MegaZordRoid prepares to abduct her. Suddenly the train went away, because it knew that Nakamura is pretending.

GB 42 (7) GB 42 (8) GB 42 (9)

Meanwhile, Yoko found out that the people aboard are depressed, and because this train gathers data on human depression, Yoko tried to cheer them up by giving them her chocolates. But one of the people is depressed because she was on a diet. Refusing to give up, Yoko tried to sing a song to cheer them up. I gotta admit Yoko’s singing is really fun and entertaining, not to mention I moved my head when she sings LOL!

Because of Yoko’s singing, the passengers cheered up, and it caused the train to be stopped because the train can’t move if there’s no data to be gathered. Or rather they were stopping because they wanted to sent the passengers into despair. Wait, despair? Where’s Kamen Rider Wizard?! 😛

GB 42 (10) GB 42 (11) GB 42 (12)

Because of this, the Busters now had a chance to damage the MegaZordRoid and free Yoko. It’s very nice to see Go-Buster Beet again after a long while, even though he somewhat make a cameo in the previous episode. And I just loved it when RedBuster & BlueBuster walks on GB Beet’s arm in order to plunge into the MegaZordRoid.

However, the two encountered Enter and Escape inside, and Enter said that the train is so precious because it helped Messiah to gather two sets of data. This explains why Messiah is growing even faster. While RedBuster takes on Enter on the outside, BlueBuster deals with Escape again in the engine room where they could damage the MegaZordRoid. RedBuster also finds out that Enter absorbed a Messiah Card since his right eye glow red when he transforms into Unite. As for Escape, I’m glad that they ditched the taking a crap transformation scene and replace it with your typical Go-Buster-esque transformation scene. Also the scene where RedBuster PC uses his teleportation to fight Enter is really cool, it really looks like Nightcrawler.

Back on Yoko, she runs out of energy after fighting those Buglars, and she didn’t have any more chocolates because she already gave it to the passengers. However the girl on diet gives her a bun, which restores her energy. I like it when she transformed, she was still chewing the food. It’s a minor thing, but it’s still fun to watch, at least to me.

GB 42 (13) GB 42 (14) GB 42 (16)

Because BlueBuster holds Escape, YellowBuster is able to damage the MegaZordRoid’s heart, thus allowing the train to stop and free the passengers. Just before Escape is about to escape (I swear I’m not putting a pun there), Messiah called her, telling her to remain. However when Buster Hercules destroyed the MegaZordRoid, the card remained and suddenly MegaZord Delta appears in the explosion. It is revealed that the previously missing MegaZord is Delta, and it transformed into a symbiote to hide from the Busters. It’s cool that they remember this stuff, because this is MegaZord Delta’s special ability, and I myself had forgotten that he had these abilities!

Because the card remains intact, it merges with MegaZord Delta, creating a new MegaZord that is piloted by Escape. This is because the card itself has gathered two sets of data, first is the human’s weaknesses, and second it is actually the spirit of recovering from those pains, which Yoko unaware that she caused it to happen. If the MegaZord is gathering data on human weaknesses, why don’t they gather data on Yoko’s weakness to? That way it would help the Busters win next time they fight Messiah.

GB 42 (17) GB 42 (18) GB 42 (19)

The MegaZord itself is basically a giant Escape, as its fighting style is similar to Escape using her chains a la Kratos from God of War. Even Tategami LiO has a hard time defeating this bastard. However, because the MegaZord is like a toddler who just learned to walk, it’s still unstable, forcing Enter and Escape to retreat, ending the episode on a high note.

Overall, a good episode that gives us the impressions of shits getting real. Yeah, with the creation of the new MegaZord, it appears that the Vaglass is winning even though they have lost most of the Messiah Cards. And you should watch Yoko’s singing, it’s really that entertaining. It’s like the Hayabusa song from Fourze but less annoying because it’s not Yuuki.


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