Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS Karate Kid (Mission 39)

GB 39 (7)

Yes, YES! TOEI had finally decided to make a crossover of Go-Busters with a Karate Kid! But because Jaden’s Smith’s price is too high, they had to use another actor! In this special Enter went after Karate Kid because he has a Messiah Card. Will Karate Kid team up with the Go-Busters to put an end to Enter’s scheme?

GB 39 (2) GB 39 (1) GB 39 (3)

Okay enough with the joke. I’ll admit, I usually hate an episode where a kid is featured. But this episode blows the hell out of me. The sole reason is the kid guest star himself, the Karate Kid! I’ll go with that later but first, the EMC had asked for the media’s help to find a Messiah Card. It’s neat to see them teaming up with media to ensure world’s safety, which gives me the impression that even though the Go-Busters are spies, but they are still a public organization, not some super secret organization.

One of the eyewitness is Kenta Sawai, a martial arts student. Even though he’s a white belt, he’s able to beat a bunch of black belts, until it is revealed that the supporters that he wear is infected with a Messiah Card. Now what is awesome about this karate kid is that when he beat the crap out of those seniors, you can clearly see that the kid did the stunt ALL BY HIMSELF!!! And the way he fights is really realistic and brutal, not to mention that it’s just AWESOME. This surprised the hell out of me because this episode is directed by Osamu Kadena, who directed Let’s Go Kamen Riders Super Hero Taisen, which you know how shitty it is. One of the reasons I had problem with the two movies is the action scenes. While SHiT’s are okay, but Let’s Go KR is the worst ever. I’m not gonna ramble about the movie, go see it for yourself.

GB 39 (4) GB 39 (5) GB 39 (6)

Back to the episode, the Busters rushed to Kenta’s aid when Enter went after him. Even Nick gave some support by using his machine guns. Even with the Buglers Kenta still able to defeat them, which surprised Ryuji. As he went after Kenta, Ryuji knew that Kenta was lying when the latter said that he didn’t see any Messiah Card. As Ryuji checked his backpack earlier, he found out that Kenta wants to be an engineer, even commenting that engineering and karate is a strange combination. One thing that I don’t get is that what is the purpose of sending GT-02? I know it was meant to amaze Kenta but other than that, it was pointless.

As for Enter, he found out that the Messiah Card on Kenta hasn’t matured yet. And for Hiromu and co. they learned the truth about Kenta being the worst student and thanks to Yoko’s observation, they were able to find out that the Messiah Card is located in Kenta’s red supporters. I just loved at Yoko when she smirked because Hiromu complemented on her observation.

GB 39 (8) GB 39 (9) GB 39 (10)

Kenta told Ryuji that he didn’t want to practice karate, but his father forced him to do so, even when he said he wants to be an engineer. After receiving a call from Hiromu, Ryuji found out that Kenta did found the Messiah Card. Kenta refused to hand over the supporters, because he wants to beat his father using it so that his dad can approve him. Unfortunately before Ryuji could meddle Messiah possessed the karate kid, and falcon punched Ryuji.

This is when the episode starts to be really interesting, even if it already is. Kenta went to a square, and suddenly possess the civilians so they could fight Kenta. While the civilians fighting Kenta is somewhat hilarious to me (because they were fighting while wearing suits, even Barney Stinson didn’t do that as I remember), but seeing Kenta beats them is really entertaining. Because Kenta is possessed by Messiah, he fights to gather a fighting instict data. Enter is overjoyed by this, because the data collected is so useful.

Ryuji tried to interfere, but Escape blocks his way. Instead of getting another round of BlueBuster VS Escape routine, the Bug Duo fill up for BlueBuster. Even though the Bug Duo had fought Escape before, I’m glad we get to see it again. In case you didn’t know I did state back then that Escape’s rival should be Bug Duo.

GB 39 (11) GB 39 (12) GB 39 (13)

Escape assumed Evolve form, and I’m a lil’ bit disappointed when they still use the same transformation scene of Escape taking a crap. I know that the transformation is painful, but it’s just embarrassing to see Escape’s face like that XD Because they are dealing with Escape Evolve, the Bug Duo received aid from Red & Yellow.

Meanwhile, Ryuji tried to get the card out of Kenta, but he feared that he might hurt Kenta while doing to. I originally wanted to say “just beat the crap out of the kid, because he’s freaking invincible,” but considering Ryuji have super strength I take back those words before I even say it. So he allowed Kenta to beat him, and seeing Kenta beat Ryuji into submission is a lot of fun. It’s like a naughty kid beating up and adult with cool moves.

Suddenly Kenta and Ryuji had those How I Met Your Mother & Young Justice‘s telepathic conversation. I just had to say it LOL. Just when Ryuji is about to overheat, the supporters transformed into KarateRoid. It is revealed that Ryuji allowed Kenta to beat him on purpose so that the Messiah Card would mature, and destroying it in MetaRoid form is easier. This is one of the plans that I thought Ryuji would never do it and usually risky plans like that is usually done by Hiromu. Like Kenta, KarateRoid is a Bruce Lee & Kamen Rider Meteor wannabe, often saying “Watchaa!”.

GB 39 (14) GB 39 (15) GB 39 (16)

Back on Escape, RedBuster & YellowBuster prepare to finish them off, but Enter saved her from oblivion. It appears that Enter did care for Escape, even if he somewhat denied it. Two things that I wanted to point out, first is that before Escape got hit by the Powered Customs, BeetBuster received a lot of damage from her. This will be brought upon the next episode. Second, RedBuster’s PC finisher is actually named VolcaNick Attack, I realized that when I saw the TV-Nihon’s subs. It’s cool that they incorporated Nick’s name in it.

As for BlueBuster who assumed Powered Custom to finish KarateRoid quick, he was on the verge on overheating. It’s funny to see that Gorisaki also feel the heat when Ryuji overheats because the Powered Custom’s armor is basically Gorisaki. But I’m disappointed to see a very short fight of evil Ryuji and KarateRoid. When he turned evil, he just summoned a large boulder and throws it and then faints. I was hoping to see the evil Ryuji beats KarateRoid mercilessly. Instead they make Yoko use the LiO Blaster to defeat KarateRoid.

GB 39 (17) GB 39 (18) GB 39 (19)

Maybe because they put a lot of effort on foot fights, they make the MegaZord fights looked boring. It’s just short because it’s a little slash and BAM. That’s it. But I’m not disappointed by it given on how AWESOME the fights done by Kenta in this episode.

After that, Kenta finally found the courage to tell his father that he wanted to be an engineer. Impressed, Kenta’s father approved him, because he knows that’s want Kenta really wants, he’s just wanted to see Kenta has the guts to say it. After parting with Kenta, Ryuji marked that Kenta will become an engineer and even be Ryuji’s junior, only for Masato to insult him saying that Kenta might be an engineer before he does.

GB 39 (20) GB 39 (21) GB 39 (22)

Overall, this is a great episode because of two things. First this is a Ryuji episode. We get a plethora of Ryuji episode in the series but this one fortunately didn’t have anything to do with his overheating problems! Instead it expands on Ryuji’s dream of becoming an engineer.

Second, the karate kid Kenta Sawai. Honestly before watching this episode back then I thought it would be boring because it’s another kid-related episode, but Kenta’s stunts surprised the hell out of me, even going as far as considering this episode as one of my favorites, solely because of Kenta. I really hope to see him again. Heck, every kid-related episode should feature him!


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