Go-Busters Mission 41: Another AbarePink -_____-

GB 41 (15)
THIS?! This is what we get for a 6th Buster?!

Instead of getting a Go-Buster that is based on Tategami LiO (basically a Buster whose Zord is LiO), TOEI decided to throw another AbarePink and call it a day. And what’s more, this Pink Buster is a female Kamen Rider DiEnd!

GB 41 (1) GB 41 (2) GB 41 (3)

Okay, why I said that she is DiEnd is because she’s a phantom thief, and in Japanese it’s Kaito. Kaito is the name of Kamen Rider DiEnd. Even if I said thief you would know that it’s DiEnd. Anyways move on the episode. Because EMC cooperate with the media, an eyewitness has found and keeps a Messiah Card. Problem is he demands for a payment of 10 million yen, because he heard that EMC would pay a reward, and because he’s a d**k.

When the Busters tried their best to persuade the guy to hand the card, PinkBuster appears, and takes the card away. A chase ensues, and the Go-Busters can barely catch her until the Buglars came. Even with the Vaglass intervened she hesitated to hand over the card. RedBuster went after her. One thing that I am so confused is that when the Go-Busters chased her it’s night, and when RedBuster chased her after fighting Buglars  it’s daylight. I don’t know if they want to make it look like they were chasing her all night long until morning, but it just bothered me ever since I watched The Dark Knight Rises when Batman rides the BatPod in the tunnel.

GB 41 (4) GB 41 (5) GB 41 (6)

RedBuster lose her, and then a woman walks by. This woman is actually the PinkBuster, and she is actually a rich and noble lady! I thought she’s yer good ol’ Catwoman but no. She only steals “the most valuable thing in the world”, which is equivalent of Kamen Rider DiEnd’s treasure. And my, she’s attractive!

When our heroes heard rumors about this PinkBuster, a MetaRoid is born. This MetaRoid, LoupeRoid, is probably my most favorite MetaRoid. Why? Because he collects data of greedy people, and the victim turned into a kindhearted donor! I mean you take away someone’s soul, and then he turns good and hands all of his valuables? I’m thinking that this MetaRoid shouldn’t be destroyed, but he’s still evil. Oh well.

GB 41 (7) GB 41 (8) GB 41 (9)

When Hiromu searched for the fleeing MetaRoid, he encountered PinkBuster again, who planned to gave him the card she stole. It appears that LoupeRoid is born from a different card. Hiromu recognizes PinkBuster as the girl before, and she steals Hiromu’s Morphin Brace to force him to help her in her work.

Meanwhile, LoupeRoid tried to gather data from a painter, but the Bug Duo arrived. Before they fight, J.Stag discovers that the painting is a gold beetle and a silver stag, and he marks that no wonder why this is valuable. As usual, Masato knocks his head for being J.Stag. But the fight with LoupeRoid is cut short when he retreated.

GB 41 (10) GB 41 (11) GB 41 (12)

As for Hiromu, PinkBuster convinces him to disguise as a rich woman and her butler, and because we all know that Hiromu is a spy, this job is pretty easy for him. One thing that I wanna note is that Hiromu’s butler disguise is actually his best and serious, if I may say, choice of disguise. You see usually in undercover missions Hiromu would dress up ridiculously, like a clown. It’s good to see that he disguised into someone that’s not weird. However instead of stealing, PinkBuster just did window shopping and while waiting for something.

Meanwhile, Masato decided to figure out what the enemy is after. As we all know a Messiah MetaRoid is born to gather data so that Messiah will grow. After reviewing the past Messiah MetaRoids, Masato and co. figure out that the MetaRoid ‘attacked’ people who collect things, and that the data it gathered is materialism. As for know we know that this data is used to Messiah, which is probably to make Messiah stronger by having the human data.

GB 41 (13) GB 41 (14) GB 41 (16)

Back on Hiromu, PinkBuster finally revealed that LoupeRoid is created from the card that she stole, and her card is actually a fake. Even if it’s a fake, how the hell can she create a fake copy of it?! The reason why she asked Hiromu to accompany her is because she feels responsible for all the trouble caused by LoupeRoid. Even though she’s a thief, she actually steals from bad people. Well it looks like our PinkBuster here is totally different than Nolan’s Catwoman. I thought they were gonna pay homage to her or something.

Unfortunately LoupeRoid attacked the two, and PinkBuster gave Hiromu his morpher back. Because she is a Pink Ranger, she can change clothes in a blink of an eye, a tradition for the Pink Rangers in Sentai. Changing into PinkBuster, she fights alongside RedBuster. Funny thing is that RedBuster didn’t even hesitate to let her fight, even considers her a teammate! The fight itself is okay, there’s nothing special to it, really.

GB 41 (17) GB 41 (18) GB 41 (19)

The MegaZord fight however in my opinion, is great. Because the MegaZord can steal, it steals Buster Hercules’ weapons, basically he stole StagBuster! This leaves Buster Hercules bare handed, and its pretty much Go-Buster Beet with Hercules’ head and chest gun. I missed seeing Beet though. And one thing that I’m kind disappointed is that why didn’t BeetBuster change back into Beet and let the SJ-05 part reconnect so that it can get away from LoupeZord’s grip? And then form Buster Herculse back? I find that way is more creative. Well good thing is that since Buster Hercules is used in this MegaZord battle, it’s nice to see the Bug Duo destroying something, instead of just providing backup.

Back to RedBuster, he demanded that if they destroys LoupeRoid, PinkBuster must quit stealing. She agreed, and then RedBuster assumed Powered Custom and blows the enemy into oblivion. That’s just it. There’s nothing really special actually. After that, PinkBuster takes her leave.

GB 41 (20) GB 41 (21) GB 41 (22)

After all was well, Hiromu receives a letter from PinkBuster telling that she won’t stop stealing, because she wanted to steal something, which is Hiromu’s heart. Ouch, Hiromu just got an admirer! I wanna note that when Hiromu read the letter and the scene focuses on PinkBuster looking at the moon, the scene is reminiscent of Kamen Rider W‘s opening when the titular hero looks on the city while the muffler is blowing.

One more thing, Enter and Escape didn’t appear in this episode, even though the former is mentioned. How surprising. I wonder if they even noticed this card?

Overall, a boring episode to me. It’s just not really that “ummph” to me you know.And the lack of Enter didn’t really make it. But it’s still fun to see a fake Ranger but this time she’s serious, and not goofy unlike AbarePink. I still don’t get it why Bandai wouldn’t make a real 6th Buster…..


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