Go-Busters Mission 40: Unusual J.Stag, Evolving Enter & Masato’s Truth

What the Frank, J.Stag?!
What the Frank, J.Stag?!

In this episode, the title explains it all. This is a Bug Duo episode, so expect the AWESOMEness of the episode, as well as stunning revelations between Enter and Masato!

GB 40 (1) GB 40 (2) GB 40 (3)

This episode is very dark and has the sad aura to it. It starts with the EMC recapping the battle in Hyperspace 10 weeks ago (if each of the episodes of Go-Busters takes place 1 episode a week). Even though the battle isn’t over yet, at least the Go-Busters made the Hyperspace unstable, meaning that Vaglass can’t operate in there, and Masato’s base cannot be attacked.

As for Masato, the real Masato who is resting in his pod, J.Stag calls him to make a report about the autumn, and that the winter is coming soon. Even though Masato never asked for J.Stag to do a report, he wanted to, as well as telling Masato to do a report about his current condition. As Masato reports, we learned the true meaning of how he will be damaged if his avatar takes damage. Everytime the real Masato takes damage, his body will dissolve into data, and because the previous fight with Escape gave him a beating, it costs him too much that only his chest upwards remain. Of course, the EMC doesn’t know about this. But this scene shows us that J.Stag is more than a robot, he has feelings too. He started to worry about Masato. And that’s so cute, in a manly way :P

GB 40 (4) GB 40 (5) GB 40 (6)

As for Vaglass, Escape decides to search for the Messiah Cards by creating a new version of ParabolaRoid. Interestingly the previous incarnation of this MetaRoid is created during an episode that focused on the Bug Duo. But unlike the previous ParabolaRoid, this one is very shy. Is it just me, or that ParabolaRoid 2 sounded similar to Origami Cyclone from Tiger & Bunny?

Because this is a normal MetaRoid, it consumed much Enetron that catches the attention of EMC. While the Go-Busters are busy dealing with the MegaZord, Escape and ParabolaRoid begin their search on Messiah Cards. ParabolaRoid found one, which is Enter. This is when we learn that Enter actually has a Messiah Card inside him, which is why his right eye glowed red that caused Escape to fear him. Enter’s reason of keeping 1 card is very good, which is what we should expect from a psychopath like him.

GB 40 (7) GB 40 (8) GB 40 (9)

The MegaZord fight is pretty boring and stupid. Boring because it has nothing new. Stupid because they keep spamming their deus ex machina, Tategami LiO to defeat a Gamma type MegaZord. It’s okay of they want to use Go-BusterLiO, but the fact that Ace and LiO finished Gamma just bothered me to the point where I assume that they are getting weaker and weaker.

Meanwhile, the ParabolaRoid detected another Messiah Card, but because Escape is arguing with Enter (by arguing I mean they were just staring at each other), ParabolaRoid decided to act on his own. Unfortunately the Messiah Card bonded with him, causing ParabolaRoid to have a jet like gauntlet on his hands. He seeks to gather data of vehicles, which is stupid but that’s fine.

When the Go-Busters confronted ParabolaRoid, they were having a hard time beating him because it’s a MetaRoid that’s been infected with a Messiah Card. Suddenly J.Stag arrived, and instead of joining the fight, he attacked the Go-Busters, claiming to protect the MetaRoid! Before the Go-Busters could make any move, he and ParabolaRoid disappeared.

GB 40 (11) GB 40 (12) GB 40 (13)

When the EMC learned about this, they tried to contact Masato but to no avail because his avatar is not on Earth and only J.Stag can summon him. Kuroki decided to use the same method of contacting Masato when J.Stag first came to Earth. I’m really glad that they remember this tiny thing, which we saw WAY back in Mission 13.

Kuroki reported to Masato about J.Stag’s behavior, and he thinks that it has something to do with Masato. When he offered help of getting Masato back on Earth, Masato refused. He states that defeating Vaglass comes first. Hearing this makes me think of two explanations. First, either the process of getting Masato back will consume time and will affect the attention to Vaglass, or second, Masato thinks that getting him back is impossible, hence they shouldn’t waste time on that.

As for J.Stag, he protected the MetaRoid because he wanted the Messiah Card on ParabolaRoid. However, watching from afar, Enter marks that J.Stag cannot remove the card after it has been matured and fused, and that the data gathered is pretty much useless. I love that it’s Messiah’s turn to say “Don’t cover me, J!”

GB 40 (14) GB 40 (15) GB 40 (16)

This time we get to see J.Stag acting out of character. He is so desperate to get the Messiah Card that makes me wanna cry when he gets beaten up by ParabolaRoid. It seems like J.Stag’s level of desperation is high that he’s going to cry to get that card. Poor J.Stag. I really can’t stand seeing him getting beaten like that.

Thankfully the Go-Busters arrived, and Masato told J.Stag to summon his avatar. We learn that the Messiah Card has a data fragment that might be the catalyst of bringing Masato back to Earth. This is because Masato’s teleportation isn’t complete. During the teleportation, Masato had an accident that caused his data to be dropped, and combine with Messiah.

However, Masato is intent to defeat the MetaRoid, as he thinks that taking the card is apparently impossible now. Hearing this, J.Stag threatened to kill his avatar, scolding him on how did he give up. It appears that J.Stag is fascinated with Earth, and that winter is coming soon, he wanted to see it with the real Masato, not the avatar Masato. This is the first time where the sidekick has beaten his mentor. Masato tells J.Stag that he didn’t give up yet, he just had to say it. He himslef is pretty sure there will be a way, marking that he is a genius after all. Knowing that Masato didn’t give up, J.Stag takes his leave, which I laughed because he forgot that he needs to deal with the MetaRoid first.

GB 40 (17) GB 40 (18) GB 40 (19)

When Bug Duo joined in, Enter came, and suddenly he transformed. Enter Unite, whose design is pretty cool and looks terrifying. I’d like to point out that his color scheme is the same as BeetBuster, not to mention that he had some clothing on it. This is meant to reference the event where Enter transformed into BeetBuster in a special DVD which I haven’t review yet. Whether it is meant to or not, it’s great that they pay homage to it.

Enter overheard about Masato’s condition, and I liked how he said that he feels sympathy for Masato as a fellow avatar. Granted that they were both avatars, but Enter is not a real person, instead he was created from various things from the scientists in EMC, unlike Masato who is a representation of the real Masato.

GB 40 (20) GB 40 (21) GB 40 (22)

However, Enter Unite’s first fight isn’t that terrifying at all. Sure, he used some wire work to make it look like he’s threatening, but the fights is just simple and short. I also find that his sword is different than the sword that he usually used. Just to note that. The reason why he appeared and show off his new mode is to demonstrate his special ability, which is extracting a Messiah Card even if it’s matured already. Because now he had a chance, StagBuster is still intent on getting the newly extracted card, but he is no match for Enter Unite. Fortunately BeetBuster went to protect him, telling that let Masato cover J.Stag once in a while. This moment really touched my heart.


As Enter takes his leave, the only thing left is to destroy ParabolaRoid. Now I am very, very disappointed that they finished him using the Powered Custom. I mean this is a normal MetaRoid, and this is a Bug Duo episode, so late them take the spotlight and finish the enemy! I really missed the epic DriBlade slash.






GB 40 (23) GB 40 (24) GB 40 (25)

After that, the Busters learned that obtaining the card would help Masato get back on Earth. However Yoko also wondered if there would a data for her mother. Even though it might be, Hiromu and Ryuji considered Hiromu’s parents and Yoko’s mom to be pretty much dead already, and it bothered them a little seeing Yoko still hoping that her mother might return. Who knows, maybe they will?

Overall, a really important episode, as it tells us the truth about Masato’s condition, and Enter becoming a bigger threat than ever. Even though this is a J.Stag-focused episode, he’s out of character, but we get to see a sad side of him, so I recommend you to watch it!


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