Go-Busters Mission 38: WWM (World Wrestling MegaZord)

PewDiePie Brofist!
PewDiePie Brofist!

Yeah, in case you don’t know, I’m a big fan of PewDiePie. For those of you who don’t know, go search it on YouTube. This episode has nothing to do with PewDiePie actually, as it actually has something with WWE! Yes, we get to watch WWE featuring MegaZords!


The series continues to be amazing as this episode delivered the best episode so far, well at least at the time when it is first aired. One of the best things about Go-Busters is the MegaZord fights and having an episode where it’s the main highlight is really great, in addition of debuting the ultimate MegaZord. The MegaZord battles in this episode is the major fight, and even though the Busters makes a ‘cameo’ on foot battles, but the fun in action is completely in the MegaZord fight.

The episode starts with Masato trying to ask everyone to watch a martial arts battle. Suddenly a MetaRoid is detected, this time it consumed much Enetron and is located at East Dome, the very same dome that held the martial arts battle. Nakamura also detected four incoming MegaZords, and as Hiromu goes in Ace, he and the MegaZord is transported into the dome!

Ace was forced to participate in a MegaZord death match, and all of his opponents are the various types of MegaZords. It’s really entertaining to see how the MegaZords do the wrestler pose while entering the arena, and it really lights up the episode. Because Ace is trapped in the dome, the other Busters tried to free him using various ways, such as using Buster Hercules to tear the building apart. But all of the results were unsatisfying. Ryuji marks that the dome is similar to the case when Escape first appeared in Mission 22 where the MetaRoid locks the building, rendering it inaccessible. Glad that they still remember some minor things.

Enter appeared as the commentator, and this time he wants to gather the data on Go-Buster Ace. It seems to me that this data is used so that Messiah will know every single thing about Ace, and also because Enter has an intense rivalry with Ace. Enter being the commentator reminds me of the older playful Enter, and this time it’s a mix between the old playful Enter and the current psychopathic Enter. I really like this.

The first match went very quick, because the opponent is the weakest type, Alpha. It’s cool to see Ace defeating Alpha using a western lariat, as I thought he would be using his Resolution Slash. Maybe it’s because this is a warm up match, and the fact that he had to save the energy as the only way to get out is to defeat all four MegaZords.

The second match features Ace fighting a tag team of MegaZord Beta & MegaZord Gamma. Because both MegaZords are combat specialist, and the fact that Gamma would usually require Go-BusterOh, Ace is going to have a major beat up. As Ace knocks Beta by using a rolling savate kick, Beta tags Gamma. And man, Gamma is AWESOME. He uses muay thai fighting style, and you know how AWESOME muay thai is right?  Because Ace is fighting alone, Hiromu desperately needs the others, and Enter tells him that Ryuji and the others had abandoned him. Poor Red Buster.

Meanwhile, Morishita starts to become a commentator as well, as he comments on how unfair the fight was, that Ace is a lightweight, Beta is heavier than Gamma and the ring is too small. I love that Usada said Morishita had also become a commentator. After that, the fourth MegaZord, which is none other than Delta! Because Delta is transported outside the dome, they Busters revealed that they abandon Hiromu because they want to sneak in by grappling on Delta! However it failed as Delta was transported into the dome. One thing to note, while the Morphin Brace has the grapple function, Morphin Blaster also has it.

Enter did not want the other Busters to interfere, so he sent the Buglers to deal with them. Now the fight with Buglers disappoints me, as they used Powered Custom and the LiO Attache to defeat them. I know, I know, promoting new toys bla bla bla, but seriously it’s lame and makes the Busters looks weak. But it’s really cool to see Ryuji trying to use the LiO Blaster to destroy the dome, but again to no avail.

As Delta makes its appearance, it forms a tag with Gamma, as Beta was destroyed earlier by Gamma when the Ace evaded the attack meant for him. I really, REALLY love on how Delta and Gamma showing off to the audience. It’s like watching Real Steel movie!

Enter decides to spare Hiromu by making him give up. This is because Enter is pleased to know the true meaning of a human limit, and that’s what Enter had been searching for a long time, which is why he started the Messiah Card game. Remember when he was pissed on how Hiromu and the scientists went so far to defeat them? Know that he know the truth, he was very pleased that he considered sparing Hiromu!

But Hiromu refuses, stating that this fight has lasted for an hour, and compare to the fight that lasted 13 years, this match barely feels like a second to Hiromu! This is when Hiromu becomes a truly AWESOME Red Ranger, as he provided a very solid reason of not giving up!

Eventually LiO arrived, piloted by BeetBuster. With the other Buster Machines, they formed Go-BusterKing, an alternate but stronger version of Great Go-Buster and essentially the ultimate final MegaZord for Go-Busters. Now I’m gonna ramble about Go-BusterKinf. First the name. How stupid it is. I mean I know that they put ‘King’ because it’s the strongest and the fact that the king of animals is a part of the combination, but it was really stupid as Go-BusterOh is literally the “King of Go-Busters”. At least try to rename it like Emperor Go-Buster or Hyper Go-BusterLiO or maybe Ultimate Buster.

As for the design, I admit that the design is very cool, and it looks more streamlined than the Great Go-Buster. While Great GB looks bulky, this one looks like Go-BusterLiO having additional weapons. Also the combination itself reminds me of the Mega TigerZord, MMPR S2′s White Ranger’s MegaZord that was adapted from DaiRanger. I mean the strongest combination didn’t involve the Red mecha, so it was a really great reference. Not to mention that Ace is basically a modern RyuuseiOh.

Apparently the found out the MetaRoid is: the dome itself! When its cover is blown, DomeRoid reveals its true form, which is the largest MetaRoid ever, and if you consider him a Zord then it would be a very first MegaZord that didn’t base on any Vaglass model, because it’s a friggin’ MetaRoid!

As for the Go-BusterKing’s first fight, it was very streamlined for a heavy looking MegaZord, which really impressed me. He even move faster than Great Go-Buster, I think. But the best part is that Go-BusterKing throws Ace and then Ace did a flying lariat at DomeRoid! The finisher itself is less interesting, as it was a normal slash using the BusterLance. But judging the fact Great GB’s Demolition Thrust is a drill that strikes once, this Emission Break is basically a Demoliton Thrust but multiplied and used several times in a row. But, I still find Go-BusterLiO’s Ignition Tornado to be the best finisher out of all of Go-Buster’s mecha finisher.

As the day is saved, Hiromu decides to avoid seeing any rings for a while, but then Masato showed him a picture of a martial artist wearing a chicken mask, which froze Hiromu! Because Hiromu broke his hand, freezing caused his hand to move, further causing him pain! Silly Masato!

Overall, I’m just gonna say it once. WATCH THIS EPISODE. It has WWE feat. MegaZords. A large MetaRoid. The debut of the final mecha. And also the MegaZords did a PewDiePie brofist!

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