Go-Busters Mission 37: Yoko Getting Married

Escape..... you're so sexy....
Escape….. you’re so sexy….

The title is meant to reference the movie Rachel Getting Married that starred Anne Hathaway. Well I’m not gonna talk about that movie, because I’m gonna talk about this episode! This episode features a MetaRoid who ruined every wedding, and unfortunately one of the wedding is Yoko’s teacher’s wedding! In order to protect him, Yoko goes undercover and plans a fake marriage with her teacher!


This episode is basically the episode for girls, as the protagonist is Yoko, and Escape is involved, and the MetaRoid itself is a female! Usually the girl episodes are weak or not that impressive, but I assure you that this episode is a must watch. This is thanks to the male characters namely Kuroki, Ryuji and Usada. Why? Because in this episode they learned that Yoko actually has a first crush, and she’s invited to her wedding. Even though her first crush is her teacher during elementary school and will marry someone else, the aforementioned three guys smells something fishy about the teacher! For crying out loud they’ve started to become your usual overprotective father!

As for Escape, she’s irritated that they keep losing the Messiah Cards thanks to Enter’s ‘game’. But even though she wanted to question Enter by force, she can’t because Enter is different now. Luckily she founded a Messiah Card ‘hatching’ into a MetaRoid. This MetaRoid is called TiaraRoid, and her purpose is to gather data about love, and to do it she must ruin every wedding. So basically this MetaRoid is a female Owen Wilson. Just to note, TiaraRoid is voiced by Aki Toyosaki, who was known for voicing Yui Hirasawa in K-On!

When the Busters cornered her, their fight is interrupted because of Escape’s meddling. It appears that Escape is guarding this MetaRoid to allow her to gather more data. Because of this, the Go-Busters had a hard time catching her, due to the fact she ruined the weddings rather quickly and there’s a lot of wedding. Kuroki has contacted a higher up, possibly the government, to suspend the weddings until the MetaRoid is defeated. Man, I can’t believe they would do that. I mean suspend an entire wedding until the target is eliminated!

As for Escape, she is intent on protecting the MetaRoid because she wanted Messiah to grow. Enter came, demanding to destroy the MetaRoid since gathering data of love is pretty much useless. However Escape refuses, even showed Enter something that causes Enter to give her another chance.Enter’s role is pretty much minor in this episode, and he makes a cameo in the previous episode too. Guess that they need to focus a bit on Escape and they had to ‘forget’ Enter for a while.

Because of this, Yoko is worried about her sensei, Hasegawa who is about to get married the next day. Hiromu devises a plan to use Hasegawa’s wedding as a bait to lure TiaraRoid. The next day, they meet Hasegawa, who surprised the hell out of me because he was portrayed by Gong Teyu! You don’t know Gong Teyu? He’s the Utopia Dopant in Kamen Rider W. Seeing Utopia in here freaks me out because Hasegawa is a cheerful guy while Utopia is guy that barely smiles because he has no emotions! It’s just funny, and I really mean it. It’s so weird to see Utopia smiling happily……..

As for the fake wedding, Hasegawa volunteers to be a part of it, which Ryuji greatly disagreed. They went through it however. Ryuji really acts like a brother who was worried about his sister getting married. Even though Hiromu, Nakamura, Morishita and even the childish Masato is okay with it, Ryuji and Kuroki are against it, even though this is only a fake wedding. God, this guys are way too overprotective about their little girl! Maybe because they knew that Hasegawa looks a lot like Utopia? Joking.

Even Usada can’t stand seeing Yoko being the bride. As for Kuroki, man, you have to see when he looks at Hasegawa. It’s really hilarious! Unfortunately, they have to redo the wedding several times because TiaraRoid didn’t appear yet. I’m surprised that they had to redo it, since I thought the Vaglass would come straight away. Unfortunately, Escape came, disguised as a black bride!


Apparently Escape knew the plan and thwart the fake wedding. As the Go-Busters went after her, Kuroki, Nakamura & Morishita return to the base while Hasegawa remained behind. It’s weird that they just abandon Hasegawa, at least bring him to the base for protection too. Maybe Kuroki wants him dead LOL.

While Hiromu went after the newly arrived MegaZord, the other four deals with Escape and TiaraRoid. Messiah awakens in TiaraRoid, giving the Bug Duo a hard time to land a blow, and when BlueBuster tries to defeat her, Escape takes the hit. She then transform into a MetaRoid-like form called Escape Evolve. This is the reason why Enter still gave her a chance to act on her own. She had been upgrading herself but the cost of it is her stability. In this form, she’s not stable. Heck even when she transformed she looked like she was taking a crap!

Escape Evolve’s battle style is more aggressive, as she tends to utilize the chains on Gog and Magog and swing them a la Kratos from God of War. As for TiaraRoid, Ryuji punched her to death with his GorilLarge Punch. I really hated that they need to access Powered Custom to defeat Messiah’s MetaRoids. At least give the Bug Duo a chance to defeat them once! The Bug Duo now are pretty much useless if I may say since all they do is holding the MetaRoid so that it won’t get away during the finisher. I really hate it. Because this is a 30 minute commercial, at least give the Bug Duo a new weapon so that they can still shine. Although the fact that they hold the MetaRoid is kinda realistic because usually when they were about to finish the enemy, the enemy would just stand there. But this gives us the impressions that the enemy are getting away, and the Bug Duo holds them so that they won’t run. As for Escape, she retreats not because of the Rapid Kick by Yoko, but rather the strain on her is too taxing.

The MegaZord fight is AWESOME to the max in this episode. Instead of using Tategami LiO or Go-BusterLiO, they decided to utilize more of its bike mode and have a MegaZord fight where Ace rides on the bike (or rather, trike) and does a lot of cool stunts. I feel like I was watching a Kamen Rider show when I watched this scene! Heck they even recreated Hiromu’s pose in Mission 1 where Hiromu rides Nick and jumps and then shoots the MetaRoid while airborne! I’d like to note that they didn’t use CGI or a suit for Ace, but instead they used a figure, or a replica. Seeing that makes me want a Super Robot Chogokin Go-Buster Ace, but because of how ‘unpopular’ Go-Busters is (F you TOEI), I wouldn’t hope too much about it. In fact, they still didn’t announce the SH Figuarts for the Bug Duo!

After the battle, Yoko went to Hasegawa’s wedding and caught the bouquet, which greatly upsets Ryuji. I’m disappointed they they didn’t show us Hasegawa’s wedding, as I was hoping to see Yoko getting jealous and see who’s the unlucky woman who gets to marry Utopia Dopant LOL. Yoko found out that Hasegawa isn’t really her first love, as she cares more about him like a father or a big brother, just like how Escape cares for Messiah. It seems that Yoko has matured a bit, and she’ll wait for the day where she’ll meet her true first love.

Overall, a really entertaining episode. The 3 guys overreacting to Yoko, Ace rides a bike, and the appearance of Utopia Dopant is my favorite part of the story. As for Hasegawa, I really hoped to see him again, be it in this series or other series. Honestly seeing a kind Utopia is really weird…… in a good way! It’s good to see someone that’s so emotionless smile.



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