Go-Busters Mission 36: The Rebellious BuddyRoids

Oh yeah, and LiO’s new form debuts in this episode!
Oh yeah, and LiO’s new form debuts in this episode!

In this episode, the Go-Busters cuddle their new cat, Tategami LiO, which causes the BuddyRoids to be jealous! And after seeking advice from J.Stag the genius, they rebel like a teenager! Well it makes sense since they are 13 years old…..


The episode starts with Escape rampaging around, because of two things. First it’s been a while since she had a battle, and second she wanted to test Go-Busters’ new power, the Powered Custom. Too bad, the Busters can’t because the BuddyRoids are currently having a maintainence. The fight itself is short, as Escape retreats in disappointment, although she doesn’t disappoint us…….. if you know what I mean :P

As for the BuddyRoids, the usage of Powered Custom drains them a lot, and since they were just newbies in battle, it would be natural to feel tired. Usada suggest that they go in a hot spring, which I found it to be silly, because they are machines and you know how bad it is for a machine to be put into water.

The Go-Busters declined, because they need to know more about Tategami LiO. This caused Usada and Gorisaki to be jealous, and because of Usada’s attitude, they decided to have a board meeting: exclusively for BuddyRoids! The meeting itself consists of 4 board members, Usada Lettuce, Gorisaki Banana, Cheeda Nick and your excellency Beet J.Stag! Because this is a BuddyRoid focused episode, we get to see more J.Stag’s randomness!

When their first board meeting didn’t work, J.Stag suggest to have a strike, which they all followed, even Nick who is reluctant. The strike itself is really like a kid that won’t listen to their parents, and just like kids they even caused mischief by taking the PRECIOUS LiO Attache Case. Honestly even though they are 13 Usada and Gorisaki still acts like a children. Also, LiO Attache Case has the ability to detect an Enetron usage, the location of the MetaRoid, as well as the ETA of MegaZords. This makes Morishita and Nakamura useless, although because they are adults they didn’t form a strike to. Although I wished that they did, I mean the Busters really treats LiO like the only thing that’s precious now.

The MetaRoid, BulldozerRoid, created from Messiah Card #5, is the third of the Messiah MetaRoid to be created. It seems that these MetaRoids still require Enetrons, but the amount isn’t that significant that Morishita wasn’t able to detect it. Put simply the Messiah MetaRoids are good products since they consume less energy! As for BulldozerRoid’s purpose of gathering data, it seeks to gather data of how strong human creations are, by demolishing them using its sheer strength.

BulldozerRoid’s bulldozer-thingy (I don’t know what it’s called dammit), which has Messiah’s part on it (“Messiah 05″ is written on it) did not only have destructive power, but also functions as a shield. This makes the Go-Busters having a hard time just to land an attack on it. Also, Masato returned to what I hated the most: less screen time for Hiroya Matsumoto and more screen time as BeetBuster. Remember the rumor about BeetBuster not having a human form and stays in suit like Shurikenger? I guess this is what they meant. Seriously, poor Hiroya Matsumoto for less screen time.

Because of BulldozerRoid’s toughness, the Go-Busters are forced to use the Powered Custom, but because of the BuddyRoids on strike, they can’t! Even Nick won’t go! Because of their childish behavior, Nick tells them that LiO is the one that suffered the most unlike the little problems that the BuddyRoids faced. LiO has lost his family, and he has no partner, so he deserves all the cuddle that the Go-Busters gave it to him. The LiO Attache can also detect Ryuji and Yoko’s weakpoint, and with that the BuddyRoids decides to ditch the strike and go help the Busters what they needed the most. I love how they mimicked the roll call.

When the BuddyRoids arrived, with Nick using his machine guns again (Yeay!) the Busters now can access Powered Custom. Because of this, Escape interfered, and BlueBuster goes after her while Red and Yellow takes on BulldozerRoid and the Bug Duo just rests around from the damage they’ve taken. BlueBuster VS Escape is good as usual, only this time BlueBuster completely overpowered Escape without having any difficulty. He used his Powered Custom finisher: GorilLarge Punch, which basically turning his hand into Gorisaki’s hand and punch the enemy. Finally we get to see Gorisaki in action! Kinda…..

The attack is so powerful that not only it destroys Gog and Magog again, but also injures Escape to the point where she ‘bleeds’! I love the ‘bleeding’ effect. As for Hiromu and Yoko, BulldozerRoid is so powerful that even when it got struck by RedBuster’s Volcanic Attack and YellowBuster’s Rapid Kick, it can still survive the hit!

Which brings us the the use of LiO Attache in combat. It has the ability to turn into a blaster, and fires a green shot. Still, they don’t name the attack. And the attack itself still suffered from typical CGI blasts. I was expecting for a cool effect or something.

With BulldozerRoid defeated, it’s time for the MegaZord battle. The opponent this time is Delta, although this time Delta also has the ability to incorporate the MetaRoid’s data, giving him a weapon like the MetaRoid had. Now that Delta is stronger, Kuroki dispatches Tategami LiO, but BlueBuster also requests for GT-02 and RH-03, because he wanted to try something new.

Which brings us to the formation of Go-BusterLiO! This formation is simply an alternate, far stronger version of Go-BusterOh. The main difference of the combination is that Ace’s part has been replaced by LiO, and the gorilla and rabbit head on the Buster Machines disappear magically, I think. Everything else is the same. It even used the BoostBusterBlade that Go-BusterOh used, which is why I say that this is an alternate but stronger version of Go-BusterOh.

Thankfully, the finisher didn’t involve the BoostBusterSword, or otherwise this combination would be considered a palette swap for Go-BusterOh. The finisher, Ignition Tornadois basically LiO firing a spiral version of Godzilla’s atomic ray. And they did the spiral thing because they don’t want to be sued. LOL just kidding. But still, the name itself is pretty creative, a tornado that ignites.

Even with an upgraded DeltaZord the Vaglass still failed to defeat the Go-Busters as they have Tategami LiO on their side. Is it just me, or that Tategami is being treated like a deus ex machina? If you don’t know what I mean, try watching Power Rangers Wild Force’s Forever Red. You’ll know how bad it is. Well at least Tategami LiO is more badass.

After the battle, Ryuji, Yoko and their respective BuddyRoid finally make their amend, and call it an even. As for J.Stag, he denies that he’s the one the spark the rebellion, and Nick gets sad on how he was left out on the Go-BusterLiO’s combination. I really love on how J.Stag comments on Nick running like a wimp.


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