Go-Busters 35: A Purple GaoLion!!

RaToraTah~ Wait, wrong show!
RaToraTah~ Wait, wrong show!

First things first, Happy New Year people!! Hope 2013 will be far better than 2012! Moving on, in this episode we got EMC trying to figure out more details about the mysterious lion Zord that attacked them earlier. Turns out that this Zord is actually a wildcard Zord!


At the command center, Kuroki deduces that Saburo Hazuki might be related to the lion Zord earlier. When asked who Saburo Hazuki is, other than the fact he’s a lookalike of Ichirou Mizuki (I know he potrayed Hazuki LOL), he’s a researcher at the EMC for the Buster Machines. Judging by the flashback, it appears that Hazuki might be Masato’s indirect mentor. And in the flashback you can see that Masato is serious, but maybe it’s because of Hazuki’s attitude changed him into the man he is today. Put simply, Saburo Hazuki is AWESOME.

The Core Busters encountered a girl who was about to be rap-, err never mind. Enter is also at the scene, and after the Go-Busters fends them off, the girl is hostile towards them. It appears that she knows about the lion zord, or rather Tategami LiO, and she’s actually Saburo Hazuki’s daughter, Saburo Mika! But unlike her father, she’s very blunt and cocky.

More about Saburo Hazuki, he got fired from the EMC because of his attitude, which makes me think that his attitude is so extreme that the EMC can’t stand it. Heck, they can’t stand Masato sometimes too, so it makes sense why they fired him! Back to the present day, Hiromu calls out Ace to fight LiO, and the results is bad as LiO proves to be very powerful when he only is in his Animal Mode!

Hiromu is actually testing LiO’s power. Because LiO is more powerful than Ace, having him on their side would increase their defense. But LiO belongs to Mika, and Mika hates the Go-Busters. The reason of this is because Hazuki got fired, and even if he’s fired he still does research. This research is about the BuddyZord. EMC is known for developing MegaZords and BuddyRoids, and when the two are combined they will form a Buster Machine. But Hazuki tried to search the means of creating a Zord that already has the aspects of a MegaZord and a BuddyRoid. Put simply, a BuddyZord is a MegaZord that can act independently, and the result is Tategami LiO.

Just wondering, if Hazuki is fired from work, then how the hell did he build Tategami LiO, as well as its base on the mountain? Well judging the fact that Masato is able to build two MegaZords in the Hyperspace where it’s hard to move and breathe and Masato only has J.Stag to help him, it is possible for Dr. Hazuki, because he’s far more genius and crazier than Masato.

When the Go-Busters came to Mika again, Enter intervened. J.Stag and Yoko fights her, which I find is cool, because Yellow already has a special chemistry with StagBuster, and StagBuster only works well with Masato and Yoko, as he didn’t really have much significant time with Hiromu and Ryuji, excluding the Go-Buster Ace Stag Custom formation. Funny thing is that Yoko is the one doing “Don’t cover me, J!” word this time.

As for RedBuster who fights LiO, it is revealed that LiO isn’t attacking him, but rather he is testing Ace, particularly Hiromu. LiO is designed to link up with Ace, so that its true abilities can be shown. Because he is a BuddyZord, LiO is testing Ace because it wants to see if Ace can be his partner. Just like Nick to Hiromu, LiO is like a BuddyRoid to Ace. I really love this concept. Having a Zord that has another Zord as his ‘BuddyRoid’.

Because RedBuster managed to link up with LiO, which involve riding on top of LiO and taming him like a lion (which is kinda cute but the bad CGI ruined it), LiO’s true form is shown. His MegaZord Mode is really cool, I like the head because it has markings like a BuddyRoid, because this is a BuddyZord.

Back at Yellow and StagBuster, Yellow gains the upper hand after accessing Power Custom and activates her own finisher, which is a Rider Kick called Rapid Kick. At first I thought it was called “Rabbit Kick” but Wiki said it’s Rapid. But before they can finish Enter off, Enter blocks them and disappears. Is it just me or is that Enter is stronger now? The way he blocked Yellow and StagBuster’s attacks are cool.

As for LiO, it admits defeat and becomes tamed to Hiromu to the point that it sits around like a cat. Man when he does that he’s so cute! And apparently Nick can understand his roars, which makes sense since they’re both machines and fellow Buddies.

Suddenly Enter came again with MegaZord Epsilon. Because Ace only have 10% of Enetron left, and because this episode debuts a new MegaZord, it would be natural for LiO to take the central spot. The fight with Epsilon itself is cool as usual, although unlike the usual MegaZord fights this last for a considerable amount of time, maybe because Tategami LiO is the same level of Ace and Beet, and the suit is not that heavy that they can’t use it for too long because of the difficulties of moving. And I’m glad that Tategami LiO has a NAMED finisher, Lion Impact. Maybe ever since the Hyperspace event Hiromu the Go-Busters decided to name all of their finishers. Good.

After the battle, Hiromu holds the case that is used to pilot LiO, and all of a sudden the case projects a hologram of Hazuki, telling his daughter to accept the Go-Busters. With a newfound respect for our heroes, she tells them to keep the case, because she and LiO now approved them. Meanwhile, Masato tells Ryuji that Ryuji now is more mature, and is one step closer to become an engineer. But because we already have the eccentric ones like Dr. Hazuki and Masato, it makes me think that one day Ryuji will also have that personality once he becomes an engineer. I really look forward to that.

I also happened to notice that Masato didn’t transform into BeetBuster at all in this episode. This is great, because you see in the past 2 episode I’ve been whining on how Hiroya Matsumoto didn’t really get much screen time, and now he gets all of it! Maybe the suit actor is taking a break or maybe the producers know that they were ditching Mr. Matsumoto, but I’m glad that he has a longer screen time as Masato rather than appearing briefly and mostly as BeetBuster.


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