Go-Busters Mission 34: BeetBuster Fooling Around

RedBuster VS BeetBuster, Round 2
RedBuster VS BeetBuster, Round 2

Ironically in Mission 33 he said he didn’t appear much for a long time, and now Masato is the main focus of this episode! As the Go-Busters continues to search the Messiah Cards, one got activated and suddenly it took control of BeetBuster who’s fooling around! Will they get Masato back to normal?


Despite not being a two-parter, this episode takes place directly after Mission 33. While they were waiting for the MegaZord, the Go-Busters were ordered to search for the remaining Messiah Cards. Meanwhile Masato is fooling around, even more than usual while J.Stag being J.Stag, as he shoves an Enetron can to Nick’s ‘mouth’. I really liked it when J.Stag asks Nick to drink the Enetron. As for Masato, I feel like there’s something wrong with him that causes him to act goofier than usual.

Eventually another MetaRoid is created from a Messiah Card. While Morishita didn’t detect any Enetron spike usage, it did draw Enetron from J.Stag, causing J.Stag to run out of power after Masato transforms into BeetBuster. The new MetaRoid, PuppetRoid, has the ability to control people like a puppet. Unfortunately Masato gets controlled, and the way he’s being controlled is somewhat similar to Rocky in MMPR Season 2 episode “Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun”. What a coincidence, since the two are goofing around in their respective episodes! Also when BeetBuster fights the Core Busters, he seems to use some of TOEI’s hero moves like Kamen Rider 2′s henshin pose, then GekiRanger/DaiRanger’s martial arts, then Ryutaros’ dance and finally Kintaros’ dosukoi. I don’t know if they were paying homage but it looks like it.

Because of another MetaRoid being created, now there are two incoming MegaZors, although to be honest I think the Go-Busters are grown accustomed to having battle with 2 MegaZords at once. However without Masato around the Go-Busters are at a disadvantage.

Back to Enter and BeetBuster, the PuppetRoid are gathering data of human goofiness, although what Enter wants is the data of the Go-Busters. Even though Masato is being controlled, he still fools around, such as asking Escape out on a date. BeetBuster also finds out that he will get out of PuppetRoid’s control if he got hit. Just when he is about to attack PuppetRoid, the latter quickly regain control over the former. It appears that BeetBuster would only be free if the PuppetRoid is not concentrating on him.

As the first MegaZord arrived, PuppetRoid decides to attack the city, forcing the Go-Busters to split up. It is then J.Stag revealed the true reason why Masato fooling around. It’s because he’s actually sad. Even though Ryuji and Yoko handled the MegaZord fights well due to J.Stag taking control of Buster Hercules, the HourglassZord’s sucking ability and PuppetZord’s puppetry ability puts them at disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Hiromu tries to free Masato from PuppetRoid’s control. This is basically a round 2 of RedBuster VS BeetBuster, as the first occured in Mission 16. Surprisingly, even though Masato is being controlled, when he fights Hiromu it sounded like he turned into the dark side, as he looks like he’s willing to kill RedBuster.

As for his sadness, Masato is sad because he didn’t want the Core Busters to find out the truth behind their parents, and the fact that he is the sole survivor of the people who was trapped there. Although to be honest I think he’s sad because he can’t bring his body back that easily. Thanks to Nick’s interference, PuppetRoid loses control of BeetBuster. One thing that I wanna point out is that PuppetRoid is actually a very weak MetaRoid, as Nick was able to bully him around before he gets destroyed by the Busters. The only thing that makes him compatible for fighting is that the Messiah’s seed on his leg, which gave him offensive capabilities. Speaking on Messiah, he didn’t ‘appear’ in this MetaRoid, like what he did to HourglassRoid in the previous episode.

With PuppetRoid defeated, BeetBuster finally admits defeat as he considered that Hiromu wins the fight. One thing though is that I find that the Bug Duo can barely destroy a Messiah MetaRoid, judging by BeetBuster’s Morphin Blaster Come On Boost (this is what I name it as it has no official name) weaken the MetaRoid. Maybe it’s because the Morphin Blaster is the weakest Buster Gear, but I don’t know really. It sucks if it’s true, because not only the Bug Duo didn’t have an upgrade, but it would also make them useless.

Back on the MegaZord fights, the other Busters are still struggling when suddenly a purple lion came an attack the Vaglass MegaZords. Just then Red and Beet came to their aid, and managed to finish the MegaZords off. The MegaZord fights is same as usual, nothing really interesting. However I want to note that the Hercules Crisis is fired longer to an ALPHA-type MegaZord, while the attack is usually brutal that it defeats a Delta-type easily. I don’t know why, but they really makes the Bug Duo look weak.

Just when they were wondering about the purple lion earlier, the lion attacked them too! What does this mean? Is the lion is actually their enemy? Or that the Go-Busters have new enemy? Or maybe Enter had finally created his own Buster Machine? Whatever it is, the Go-Busters are left in shock as they were unable to get answers as the lion disappears.

Overall, a great episode since they focused on our ‘6th Ranger’ Masato the BeetBuster. Like I said in Mission 33, Hiroya Matsumoto still appeared less and less and then his suit actor would take the job over. Although this time it’s a bit longer due to it’s his episode, but I still demand an explanation on why Hiroya Matsumoto didn’t really appear much. Is he super busy or something?


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